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Tea Time with Tayla is an entertaining and educational show for kids ages 2-6. This deck gives details on our demographic and reach so that companies and brands can consider strategic partnerships with our show. Check out the show: Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/teatimewithtayla Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/teatimewithtayla Blog - http://www.teatimewithtayla.com


  • 1. Strategic Partnership Opportunity

2. An entertaining and educational show for kids ages 2-6. Our goal is to not only teach children lessons, but also to captivate their minds and inspire their imagination. Through short videos that include live action and animation elements, little ones are sure to have a ton of fun and learn a lot along the way. 3. Hosted by Tayla Bananas! Whos energy and spunk keep kids engaged as they learn and interact! 4. EPISODES INCLUDENursery Rhymes and Sing-a-Longs 5. EPISODES INCLUDEABCs and Phonics 6. EPISODES INCLUDEColors, Shapes, and Numbers 7. EPISODES INCLUDE 8. EPISODES INCLUDEAnd so much more! 9. PARENT FEEDBACK My son is four years old. I stumbled upon your videos, and he loves them! ...You have helped him in building his vocabulary! Ricky Austin,TXStefan MaltaMany thanks for your fab videos. My 20 month old loves seeing you. Nice to see something real rather than moving pics.My son loves you and your show. He has learned all of your rhymes and colors. He watches your videos every day. Keep up with the good job. My three year old loves your show! I think I know them all by heart myself. ...Youre doing a great job!Sujata IndiaAlan Troy, MI 10. CURRENT STATISTICS Views 25,000,00012,500,00020,344,6969,253,05823,784 0 20112012TOTAL TO DATE: 29,621,5382013 11. CURRENT STATISTICS Average Viewership Across Channel 2,000,0002,000,0001,500,0001,500,0001,625,913 Monthly1,000,0001,000,000500,000500,000375,439 Weekly0*As of Q3, 20130 12. CURRENT STATISTICS Average Views Per Video 12,00012,0009,0009,0006,0006,0003,0003,0002,503Weekly 0*As of Q3, 2013010,012Monthly 13. CURRENT STATISTICS Demographics 5%India5%Hong Kong 5% AustraliaFemale 50.4%Male 49.6%10%Canada15%U.K.61% U.S. 14. CURRENT STATISTICS Subscribers 17,89820,00010,0003,310 230 0 20112012TOTAL TO DATE: 21,4272013 15. Additional Statistics Devices UsedYoutube Interactions 11,497Favorites Added6%TV/Other15,44826%Likes41%ComputerTablet104,81427%Mobile PhoneAnnotation Clicks 16. Current Distribution Platforms 17. Youtube CollaborationsMaple Leaf Learning 18. Existing/Upcoming PartnershipsKids Place App 19. Partnership Opportunities Product IntegrationBrand IntegrationVideo Licensing- Product review video.- Logo & In Partnership with ... credit placed in intro and outro.- Can include new Product/Brand integrated videos, or videos from existing library.(Or use product organically within content - i.e. Learn ABCs with the ABC Adventure Elefun toy )- Totally Tayla Approved status given to product. - Link to product in description.- Brand mentioned and recommended by Tayla.(can also be organically integrated into content, depending on video)- Non-Exclusive or Exclusive options available.- Link to Brands site in description.- A set term or perpetual time frame negotiable.- Optional giveaway contest for product.- Brand will have non-exclusive right to release and distribute video on its own platforms.$400/video$900/video*Discount for multiple videosDependent on terms 20. Partnership Examples Product IntegrationBrand IntegrationVideo LicensingToy Review VideoCan Be Any Type of VideoPlayric Christmas AppProduct: Colorful Musical Inchworm Company: Banggood.com Notes: - Video embedded on product page. - Giveaway contest implementedExpose your company/brand to thousands of viewers, while helping provide original, unique, and valuable content for little ones around the globe. Playric Princess App 21. We are excited to partner with brands that would nd value in reaching the Tea Time with Tayla audience. We look forward to discussing the different creative ways to cross promote, collaborate, and ultimately change the lives of kids around the world.Lets Talk! Dallas Morgan dallasmorgan@brightermoon.com phone. 323-834-9267


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