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  • Royal T Graphic Design 1

    Tayla Corbett

    S2964332 Tea Packaging

    Final Submission


    I wanted to take aspects from the London Underground tube map and change the stations

    to incorporate them into tea names, such as Earls Court would change into Earl Grey Court and so

    on. I used the popular stations/ suburbs such as Oxford Circus, Piccadilly and Earls Court.

    Royal T

  • I incorporated the tube map but erased the station names so the customer purely focuses on the tea names. Subtly changing station names and adding tea names. Each coloured crown also signifies which tea is in the



    Oxford ChaiEarl Grey Court

    Piccadilly Peppermint

    Royal T

  • LOGO Trying to slightly

    keep the Old English type

    format but just adding a modern

    twist. !

    The top of the box also includes

    a monogram form of our logo.

    Royal T

  • PRODUCT Earl Grey Tea

  • PRODUCT Chai Tea

  • PRODUCT Peppermint Tea

  • PRODUCT Royal T

  • PRODUCT Royal T

  • NETS Royal T

  • NETS Royal T

  • NETS Royal T