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1. Orangutans; Extinct by2020?Researching the causes behind the declining Orangutan population 2. Orangutan Species Headed forExtinctionIUCN red listedDecline thought to be caused by humaninterventionScientists predict extinction within 10years 3. Population&Borneo DistributionOrangutansSub Species:Pongo PygmaeusAbeliiCurrentpopulation:41,000Distribution:Island of Borneo,high distributionin KalimantranSumatranOrangutansSub Species:Pongo PygmaeusPygmaeusCurrentpopulation:7,300Distribution:Restricted toNorth of Sumatra 4. Long Breeding Cycle8 yearinter-birthperiodFactorsContributingto LongbreedingcycleOnlyproduce 1-2 offspringin lifetimeSexualmaturity notreached until15 older Longest breedingcycle of any non-humanprimate Highly vulnerable topopulation decline Key stone species Vital to biodiversityof ecosystem 5. Habitat LossPalm OilPlantationsConversion ofdense forest tomake way forpalm oilplantationsMalaysia andIndonesiaaccount for 87%of global palmoil productionBetween 1999-2007, 83,700sq. km offorest wasclearedIllegalLoggingImpacts theeconomic andecologicalsystems ofoptimal forestmanagement40-55% timberloggedthroughoutIndonesia andMalaysia isillegally sourcedleaves forests lessstable andproductive forOrangutansurvival 6. PoachingIllegal PetTrade 1000-3000 baby Orangutans have been smuggled fromIndonesia and Malaysia for illegal pet trade 3-5 orangutans die for every infant that survives theprocessIllegalHuntingVillagers hunt Orangutans as a source of meat inignorance of the law Orangutans are seen as pests and are often killed if theystumble upon production sitesPlantations Orangutans are considered a threat to profits and may becaptured, injured or killed 7. Successful ConservationSepilok OrangutanRehabilitation CentreFounded in 1964Covers 43 sq. km of protected landSuccessful Rehabilitation programNow home to 60-80 OrangutansSemenggah WildlifeCentreFounded in 1975Situated within the boundaries ofSemenggah nature reserveSuccessful Rehabilitation programSo many Orangutans have beensaved that surrounding forests havereached capacity 8. FindingsThe combined effects of habitat loss andpoaching contributing the populationdeclineConservation efforts have been highlysuccessful, but not enough to combat thesteady declineThe Orangutan is a key stone species; vitalfor preserving the biodiversity of the localforests ecosystemIf current levels of habitat loss andpoaching continue, the Orangutan speciescould reach extinction by 2022 9. Minimising Affects of Habitat LossCOMMITMENTTO RSPOGlobalcommitment toRSPO 100%certified palm oilHIGHCONSERVATIONVALUEASSESSMENT Criteria 7.3 dictates thatnew plantings cannotreplace areas requiredto maintain or enhanceone or more HighConservation ValueCONSERVATIONImplementationwill ensure areashigh in Orangutanpopulation areconserved 10. Combating Illegal Trade & Hunting CITES: All import, export, re-exportand introduction from the sea ofspecies covered by the Conventionand must be authorized through alicensing system CITES enforcement relies ondomestic implementation ofprovisions Indonesia and Malaysia both havelaws prohibiting the killing ofOrangutans but these must beproperly enforced 11. You Can Help Too!If you are personally interested inthe survival of the Orangutanspecies and wish to help butdont know how, please head tothe Orangutan Project website!They accept donations as little as$1 that go towards release sitesand rescues centres, to help makethe most of conservation


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