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Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and Social Media Tools explained.


2. Hi Im @EricTTung Social Media Manager [email protected] Recently ranked #33 SocialMedia Professional in theWorld by Forbes! I Blog! In a few places, everyso often...#[email protected] 3. What Were Noodlin Why Optimize Web and Graphics forSocial? Designing for Social Profiles & Posts Social Widgets for Web Design Using Facebook & Twitter OpenGraph & Cards Using Social Media Tools to increaseEngagement.#[email protected] 4. A brand is no longerwhat we tell theconsumer it is it iswhat consumers telleach other it is.- Scott Cook, co-founder Intuit,Board Member Ebay, P&G 5. Social Networking isHUGE.World PopulationsChina 1,360MIndia 1,241M1,060M560M400MUSA 317MIndonesia 249M240MBrazil 201MPakistan 185MNigeria 173M150M 6. 6Whos on Social?55-64: Fastest growth onTwitter (79%)45-54: Fastest growth onFacebook (46%)and Google+ (56%) 7. 794%increase in web click-throughwhen search &social [email protected] 8. Tweets withphotos are94% morelikely to beretweeted.Dan Zarrella, Hubspot 9. 9Photos onFacebookGenerate53% MoreLikes.Rebecca Corliss, Hubspot 10. Besides.. It Just Sucks WhenThis Hap[email protected] 11. Facebook Page Graphics851x315180x180(displays as160x160) 12. Facebook Feed Graphics1200x627 1200x1200 13. Twitter Updated April 22!1500x500400x400 14. Tweeted Images880x440 recommendedIf Square Will Take Middle 1/2 15. How Can You Keep Up WithSo Many Sizes? 16. Lots of Canva Options 17. Pick a Layout, Background orUpload 18. Change Text, Colors, AdjustDesign 19. Custom Design Word Art 20. Link or Publish 21. Make More for Other Networks 22. Social MediaWidgets forYour Blog#[email protected] 23. Why Integrate with Facebook? The average media site integrated withFacebook has seen a 300% increase in referraltraffic Users coming to from Facebookspend 85% more time, read 90% more articlesand watch 85% more videos than a non-connecteduser. Outdoor sporting goods retailer Giantnerd.comsaw a 100% increase in revenue fromFacebook within two weeks of adding the Likebutton. 24. Facebook Social Plugins Like Button: share pages and content from yoursite back to their Facebook profile Share Button: share to Facebook, share withparticular friends or with a group or via privatemessage. Send Button: privately send content on yoursite to one or more friends in a Facebookmessage, email address, or group 25. American Eagles Like Button American Eagleadded the Likebutton next toevery product ontheir site.Facebook-referredvisitorsspent anaverage of 57%more moneythan visitors whowerent. 26. Facebook Social Plugins Follow Button: lets people subscribe to thepublic updates of others on Facebook. Comments: lets people comment on contenton your site using their Facebook profile andshows this activity to their friends in news feed 27. Twitter Widgets EmbeddedTimelines: Youcan embed atimeline for Tweetsfrom an individualuser, a user'sfavorites, Twitterlists, or any searchquery or hashtag. 28. Twitter Widgets Favorites: a favorites timeline may be created for any publicTwitter user, and displays that user's favorited Tweets. Tweets from a specific list of users. The header of the listwidget contains the list name, description, and links to the listcreator's profile. Retweets by members of the list are includedin the timeline. Search and #Hashtag: create a search timeline for any queryor #hashtag. You may also choose to enable safe mode,which will exclude Tweets with common profanity and thosemarked possibly sensitive from appearing on your website. 29. Grabbing Code for TwitterWidgets 30. Where Should Sharing ButtonsGo on Blogs? Top or Bottom? Or middle if its a long post? Research shows do both top and bottomfor best [email protected] 31. Using FacebookOpen Graph andTwitter Cards#[email protected] 32. WTF is OG? OriginalGangsta? Facebook Open Graph tags are includedin the HTML and allow the FacebookCrawler to generate previews when yourcontent is shared on Facebook. 33. Hey Big Design, What Gives? Sharing the Big Design Website yieldsnothing on Facebook 34. Nobody Really Likes Radio WebDesign, But they usedFacebookOpen Graphto customizethe image anddescription! 35. Facebook Open Graph Tags og:title The title of your article, excluding any branding. og:site_name - The name of your website. Not the URL, but the name. (i.e."IMDb" not "".) og:url This URL serves as the unique identifier for your post. It should matchyour canonical URL used for SEO, and it should not include any session variables,user identifying parameters, or counters. If you use this improperly, likes and shareswill not be aggregated for this URL and will be spread across all of the variations ofthe URL. og:description A detailed description of the piece of content, usually between2 and 4 sentences. This tag is technically optional, but can improve the rate at whichlinks are read and shared. og:image This is an image associated with your media. We suggest that you usean image of at least 1200x630 pixels. fb:app_id The unique ID that lets Facebook know the identity of your site. Thisis crucial for Facebook Insights to work properly. Please see our Insightsdocumentation to learn 36. Facebook Open Graph Tips Learn what people like to share (if you have aFacebook Page, use Insights) Check Facebook Crawler settings for public andprivate content. Use proper Open Graph Tags. Optimize image sizes to generate great previews(1200x630 preferred, 600x315 minimum) Use Open Graph Debug Tool Encourage Your Content Creators to turn on Follow. Get more info: 37. What are Twitter Cards? With Twitter Cards, you can attach richphotos, videos and media experience toTweets that drive traffic to your website.Simply add a few lines of HTML to yourwebpage, and users who Tweet links toyour content will have a "Card" added tothe Tweet thats visible to all of theirfollowers. 38. Youve Seen YouTube Embedsinto Twitter, Heres one frommy company,BMC Software. Twitter grabs thevideo andembeds into theTwitter Stream 39. Also Works for Flickr, Vimeoand Others 40. And For Your Own Site! All you have to do isadd the Twitter Cardcode. 41. Twitter Card Tags twitter:site - @username for the website used inthe card footer. twitter:site:id - Same as twitter:site, but thewebsite's Twitter user ID instead. Note that user idsnever change, while @usernames can be changed bythe user. twitter:creator - @username for the contentcreator / author. twitter:creator:id - Same as twitter:creator,but the Twitter user's 42. Twitter Card Tips Specify the type of card for your content (summary,photo, gallery, product, app, or player) Each card has built-in content attribution by website orcontent creator Twitters crawlers will respect robots.txt whenscanning URLs When multiple URLs are tweeted, preference goes and, then URLs processed inorder of appearance. Twitters Card Processor looks for Twitter tags first. Ifnot present, will fall back to Open Graph. 43. Using Social MediaTools to IncreaseEngagement#[email protected] 44. Users who tweet between10 and 50 times perday have morefollowers on averagethan those thattweet more orless frequently.The "peakis atabout 22 tweetsper day.- @DanZarrella,@Hubspot 45. As brands tweetmore, the totalnumber of Retweetsonly continues toincrease.Response Scorecontinues toincrease as moreTweets are made. 46. Curate Smarter 1. Build Twitter Lists (Lots of them) 2. Automate Curation 3. Automate (some) Social Interaction 47. Building Twitter Lists Click Add or remove from lists Create lists for industries, subjects,experts,inspiration,quotes, fun,friends Make Lots. 48. Lists ImportedFrom TwitterGroup MembersMost RTed Tweets 49. Free 1 Twitter Profile Business+ ($34.99/mo) 12 Twitter Profiles 4 Team Members Corporate ($139/mo) 20 Twitter Profiles 12 Team Members 50. Automatically Creates Virtual Paper based onTweets of people you follow 51. Then Auto-Tweets the And people love seeing themselves 52. From Dan Zarrella 53. Free Pro ($9/mo) Your Ads Email Newsletters, Export to RSS Custom Branding & Domain Add Collaborators Google Analytics 54. Takes a Social Trigger andcreates another Social Effect 55. Real-World Inputs & Outputs Every time a blog gets a new comment, turn alight on: When different blogs update, change lightcolors: 56. Whats The Difference?Cost Free Free, $15, $49,$99Services 71 Channels 239 Web ServicesRecipes/ZapUnlimited 5, 20, 50, 125sEase of Use Easier More Technical 57. Social ContentDistributionTools#[email protected] 58. 1. Select Schedule Times 59. 2. Write Tweets 3. Tweets Auto-Schedule 60. 4. Basic Analytics 5. Chrome ExtensionAutomatically grabs page title and addsBuffer Retweet 61. Free 10 Posts in Buffer Awesome Plan ($10/mo or $102/yr) Unlimited Posts 12 Profiles (Twitter, FB, FBPage, V 2 Team Members Business Accounts ($50, $100, $250/mo) 25, 50, 150 Accounts 5, 10, 25 Team Members 62. Custom Link Shortener 63. Registered Domain through Add Domain via Advanced Settings 64. Free Business Request a Demo 65. 1. Replacing Tweeted URLs 2. The Share Bar Name, Photo, Social Links, RSS,Follow/Like 3. Analytics 66. Free Real-Time and 14-Day Analytics Influencer ($7/mo) Unlimited Analytics Deep Analytics: Categories, Formats, Timing 67. Measuring SocialImpact#[email protected] 68. Measure Social Impact Smarter On-Blog Social Sharing Promote Cross-Channel 69. Learn the Difference Follow Buttons Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook Sharing Buttons Share This Post on Readers Twitter/Facebook 70. Sharing Buttons 71. Sharing Button Options 72. @EricTTung #SMTulsa 73. Check Social Sharing 74. Scheduling Social Analytics 75. Standard ($39/mo) Social Inbox, Monitoring, Publishing CRM Tools, Reporting Manage 10 Profiles Deluxe ($59/mo) Manage 20 Profiles Premium ($99/mo) Manage 50 Profiles 76. Gauge social influence 77. LOTS of Demographic Data Media Kit 78. @EricTTung #SMTulsa 79. Thank YouSlide Deck: T. [email protected] EricTTung to 50500for an sms business card 80. #[email protected]