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Creating an Creating an Inspiring and Inspiring and Engaging Curriculum Engaging Curriculum

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Ombersley's Learning Journey. Creating an Inspiring and Engaging Curriculum. Quote of the Week. If pupils don’t learn the way we teach, perhaps we should teach the way they learn Eppig 1981. Our Background. New Headship QCA Schemes of Work Ready for Change? Arts and Book Weeks. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Creating an Inspiring and Engaging Curriculum

  • If pupils dont learn the way we teach, perhaps we should teach the way they learn Eppig 1981

  • Our BackgroundNew HeadshipQCA Schemes of WorkReady for Change?Arts and Book Weeks

  • What did we do first?Used CPD opportunitiesResearched pedagogy around creative curriculumImplemented Excellence and Enjoyment WeeksPyramid Primary Strategy Learning Network project on creativity Dusted off National CurriculumHad a go!

  • Health and Fitness Week

  • Taking the PlungeMoved away from QCA Schemes of Work2 year rolling plan of topics planned from the NCVisits and visitors organised Emphasis on investigation and skills developmentPupils involved in curriculum planningOpportunities and funding eg Creative Partnerships (Brightspace)Implemented a plan, do, review cycle Evaluated successes and areas for developmentTook learning outside and brought the outside in

  • Learning outside the classroom

  • in the forest

  • and bringing the outside in

  • QCA Co-DevelopmentBecame involved in QCA Co-development Began Pyramid work on joint projectsImplemented Pyramid WeeksJoint CPD and planning Flexible use of time and place taking learning out of the classroom and bringing the outside inUsing GatewaysSustainability

  • Food and Farming WeekLearning Through Enquiry

  • Visits to Broomfields and the Ombersley Allotment

  • Mantle of the Expert:Visitors to the Organic Farm

  • We were fish farmers as well!

  • Ready Steady Cook Celebration Event

  • New National Curriculum Review GroupBegan working with QCA and Sir Jim Rose on the 2011 National CurriculumConsidering the unique nature of the Primary PhaseWorking on Aims and ObjectivesAreas of Learning what would these look like?Essentials of Learning and Life - interwoven and integralTrialling and evaluating aspects with other Droitwich schoolsPlanning activities using the Draft Orders Global Dimensions book Week

  • Our first trialA Pyramid Book Week using a Global Dimensions Gateway and planning from the Essentials for Learning and Life and the English, Communication and Languages Area of Learning

  • Year 2 looked at stories and the culture of India.We tried on saris and shalwar kameeze.We tasted poppadoms, naan bread, chutney and raita.We made Lassi, which is an Indian drink made from crushed ice, yoghurt, milk and mangoes.

  • And more recentlyA Pyramid I Want To Be Week using a Community Cohesion Gateway

  • Learning from experts and having a go!

  • Learning from experts and having a go!

  • What about sugarcraft and cake decorating?

  • We could be designers or vets

  • Busy being archaeologists, fire fighters, farmers and nurses

  • Imagination is intelligence having fun

  • Making learning irresistible

  • both for adults and children!

  • Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.


  • What are the benefits?Children are excited about their learning Parents say their children talk about what they have been doingTeachers plan lessons that they find interestingLearning is personalisedChildren remember what they have doneThere has been a noticeable improvement in confidence, speaking and listening, independence, and learning skills such as research and enquiryLearning is fun

  • If you want the rainbow, youve got to put up with a little rain.Dolly Parton

  • What are the drawbacks?Teachers may find it harder to plan as not prescriptiveIt requires risk taking and letting goNeed to ensure depth of coverageNot time related and requires flexibility of timeIt is harder to measure progress in soft skills

  • In The Words of the ChildrenTo learn it, we actually have to do it and feel itBoy aged 8