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Taking Moodle and Totara Course Development to the Next Level to Create Engaging Learning Experiences Grant Beevers 180 minutes of eLearning October 7, 2014 Sydney

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This presentation was presented at the recent 180 minutes of eLearning workshops held in Sydney in October 2014.


  • 1. Taking Moodle and Totara CourseDevelopment to the Next Level toCreate Engaging LearningExperiencesGrant Beevers180 minutes of eLearningOctober 7, 2014Sydney

2. WelcomeWhats ya name?Where ya from?Why are ya here? 3. PremiseThat more effective learningtakes place when you move thelearning experience from one ofpassive to one which is active, indoing so, lifting the level ofengagement of students in thelearning experience. 4. Active versus Passive LearningDales Cone of Learning 5. Active versus Passive LearningSource: Adapted from 6. Active LearningBonwell and Eison describe active learningstrategies as those that involve students in doingthings and (have the students) think about thethings they are doing (Bonwell and Eison, 1991, p.iii).Active learning requires intellectual effort,encouraging higher-order thinking(analysis,csynthesis, evaluation) and provides ameans for the learner to assimilate, apply, andretain learning (Bonwell and Eison, 1991; Harasim,et al, 1997).STRATEGIES TO INCORPORATE ACTIVE LEARNING INTO ONLINETEACHING 7. Engagement1. Engagement through design2. Engagement through technology 8. SAMR Process 9. SAMR ProcessWhile the first intuitive step for using any newclassroom tool is to substitute it for what youalready do, the goal for a teacher in a 1:1classroom is to move beyond thesubstitution and augmentation levels(Enhancement) and toward the modificationand redefinition levels (Transformation). 10. TPACK Frameworkwww.tpack.orgTechnological Pedagogical Content Knowledge(TPACK) is a framework to understand anddescribe the kinds of knowledge needed by ateacher for effective pedagogical practice in atechnology enhanced learning environment.The TPACK framework argues that effectivetechnology integration for teaching specificcontent or subject matter requires understandingand negotiating the relationships between thesethree components. 11. TPACK Activity Types Social Studies 12. TPACK Activity Types Social Studies 13. TPACK Activity Types Social Studies 14. Design Worksheet 15. Moodle and Totara Open source LMS Over 55,000 registered sites worldwide Used by over 229 countries, translated intodozens of languages Focuses on student/teacher, student/student Totara Moodle for corporates Based on Moodle core code Focuses on manager/employee relationship 16. Philosophy and PedagogyIn Moodle, pedagogy andsoftware design are closelyintertwined to support asocial constructivistexperience. 17. Social Constructionism as a Referent1. All of us are potential teachers as well as learners -in a true collaborative environment we are both.2. We learn particularly well from the act of creating orexpressing something for others to see.3. We learn a lot by just observing the activity of ourpeers.4. By understanding the contexts of others, we canteach in a more transformational way.5. A learning environment needs to be flexible andadaptable, so that it can quickly respond to theneeds of the participants within it. 18. Activities+Hundreds ofOthersContributedBy theCommunity 19. Resources 20. Blocks 21. So what does this all mean?You have a soundpedagogical environment andthe tools at your disposal tobuild far more engaging,effective and innovative onlinelearning experiences.No more dump and pump!! 22. Moodle Tool guide see handout 23. Engagement through TechnologyTechnology is Learning Google site 24. Griffith Uni Blended Learning 25. Lecture Capture/Flipped toolsGreen screen technology 26. Swivl (view video) 27. Animations and Simulations Concord Consortium Publisher websites Virtual body VET Toolboxes Phet Captivate and Storyline 28. Audio and Video EmbeddingYoutubePodcastsYour own audioPoodllAudacity 29. Lifting Engagement in Discussion Forums(see handout) Reflect on discussion Small group reports to whole class Role play discussion Lead or moderate a discussion Case studies and scenarios Retrospective commentary on learning Infographic on creating engaging discussion forums 30. Lifting Engagement in Quizzes and AssignmentsPoodll 31. Lifting Engagement in QuizzesQuizventure 32. Some new quiz question types (OU) Drag and drop into text "A drag and drop question type where missing words haveto be dragged into gaps in a paragraph of text or other html." Drag and drop markers "The student can drag markers to indicate key features onan image." Drag and drop onto image "You can use text and / or images as drag items ontodefined drop zones on a background image." Pattern match "Allows a short response of one or a few sentences that is graded bycomparing against various model answers, which are described using the OU'spattern match syntax." Pattern match with JME editor "A question type where the user enters theirresponse using the Java Molecular Editor, and the response is then graded using theOU's pattern-match algorithm." Select missing words "This question type allows students to complete a paragraphof text by selecting the missing words using drop-down menus." Variable numeric "A calculated numeric question type with variable and expressionevaluation. Random values are generated for each student attempting the quiz." Variable numeric set "A calculated numeric question type with variable andexpression evaluation. All values are precalculated although a question can haveseveral variants with different variable values for each variant." 33. Advanced Assessment MarkingRubricsAudio feedback 34. Virtual Classroom 35. SkypeNon-integrated 36. SkypeIntegrated 37. Google Hangouts and apps 38. Values Exchange 39. Free content to lift engagement -OER, MOOCs and iTunesU Open Educational Resources OER Commons OER Quality Project directory 10 OER resources every educator should knowabout MOOCs massive open online courses Combine OER and MOOCS iTunesU loads of free content 40. Bringing it altogether 41. QuestionsGrant BeeversOnline and Blended Learning SpecialistPaoga [email protected]