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CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition Authored by David Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group LLC eBook 1 of 5

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Authored by David Daniels, The Relevancy GroupWith all the channels and marketing messaging vying for the customer's attention it is becoming harder for marketers to not only remedy the consumer attention deficit order but also find meaningful ways to drive customer acquisition. This first eBook in a series on how to Create Engaging Email, will leverage The Relevancy Group's Connected Marketing Framework to provide proven tactics on how to drive subscriber acquisition.This eBook will expose marketers to cutting edge strategies on how to connect web analytics intelligence, social media and mobile marketing opportunities to exceed acquisition goals.


  • 1. CREATINGENGAGINGEMAIL:Driving Subscriber AcquisitionAuthored by David Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group LLC eBook 1 of 5

2. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionEXECUTIVE SUMMARY: TABLE OF CONTENTSWith all of the channels and marketing messaging vying Page4 The Consumers Attention Deficit Disorder is Exacerbated by Our Short Burst Societyfor the customers attention, it is becoming harder formarketers to not only remedy the consumer attention Page7 Marketers Must First Leverage Search to Drive Subscriber Acquisitiondeficit disorder, but also find meaningful ways to drivecustomer acquisition. This first Alterian eBook in a series Page10 Turn Your Registration Page into a Robust Subscriber Preference Centeron how to Create Engaging Email, will leverage TheRelevancy Groups Connected Marketing Framework toprovide proven tactics on how to drive subscribers. Page12 Connect Email Acquisition to the Entire OrganizationThis eBook exposes marketers to cutting edge tactics Page18 Implement a Welcome Campaign to Ease Subscribers into The Email Newsletter Mailingson how to exceed acquisition goals, including how toleverage search, social and mobile marketing to drive Page24 Leverage Web Analytics and Testing To Optimize Registration Pagessubscriber acquisition. Additionally, this eBook outlinesproven examples of how to build an effective email Page26 Email Acquisition is a Recipe Steeped in trial and Optimization if the Goals are Connected and Correctwelcome campaign as well as tactics to connect theorganization to common goals in order to drive emailsubscriber acquisition across every channel that connects Page28 eBook Seriesthe customers experience with the brand. Page29 FootnotesDavid Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group LLC Page30 About The Relevancy Group Page31 About Alterian23 3. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionTHE CONSUMERS ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER ISEXACERBATED BY OUR SHORT BURST SOCIETYWith all of the media and marketing messages vying for our combined attention, it is becomingharder for marketers to connect with and win the attention of consumers. This is in part driven bythe lack of relevance by many marketers which is further exacerbated by the shrinking attentionspan of our own Short Burst Society . The Relevancy Group defines these behaviors as thenascent fabric of our Short Burst Society: Of the 500 million Facebook users, 250 million quickly apply short status updates every day.lion) 250 Milpdates daily The time that we spend with email messages in our tethered online personal computer inbox is declining and the time we spend reading them on our handheld devices is rising.users (cebook short status u of Fa apply 50% quicklymonth Over 230 million Americans pay for short messaging/texting plans each month, furthering the notion of the burst.n Americans ng plans each0 Millio ssaging/texti 105 million people burst in 140 characters on Twitter, 300,000 sign-up each day.Over 23 hort me pay for solds skip Fifty percent of U.S. households skip commercials using DVRs, time shifting their viewing and of U S househusing DVRs 50%cials forever changing the underlining relationship of consumers and their control of this most commer popular media channel. SMS4 5contentscontents 4. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionMarketers across channels must realize that our Short Burst Society is driven by the increasing MARKETERS MUST FIRST LEVERAGEnumber of direct channels such as social and mobile that the marketer must compete with and SEARCH TO DRIVE SUBSCRIBER ACQUISITIONconnect to. This channel fragmentation is driven by the consumers device convergence thatallows time-starved and tasked individuals to do more with less, resulting in shorter windows forthe marketer to drive subscriber acquisition. Simply put, even when pushing relevant messages,While the number of searches conducted in the U.S. over the last year has decreased by 16%as marketers we have a shorter window of opportunity in which to capture the consumers from 10.5 billion in July 2009 to 8.8 billion in July 2010, for the majority of site operators, searchattention and drive corporate value. But in order to drive such value, we must first capture thestill represents the largest source of site traffic. Paid search and even optimized organic searchattention of a visitor to become a subscriber which too is a complicated task given the behaviors are top tactics to elevate search engine placement. The Relevancy Group often finds that pagesof our Short Burst Society. that are designed to drive visitors deep into the website to a product detail page often miss themark and waste that spend. Why? Because these deep product search optimized landing pagesare devoid of any email subscription or email newsletter promotion. In fact, a quick search foriPad cover on Google found that of the 10 pages that we landed on, 40% of these pages didnot promote email registration on the page. Embrace these tactics to improve conversion of sitevisitors to your newsletter program: Promoteemailregistrationoneverypage:Ensure that the visitor has the ability to subscribe to your email marketing newsletter or that a link to your email preference center is well promoted on every page of your website. Studies show that the best location toplace this on the webpage is the upper right hand corner of the page, as that is typically the location where the eye is drawn to.67contentscontents 5. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition Ensurethesearchscentcarriesthroughtoemailregistrationpages: It is important to leverage your web analytics packages to ensure that you are using the same language or search scent on your email registration page that your visitors are using in the searches that they use to find your website. For example if fashion forward apparel is a top search phrase that your site visitors use to find your website, ensure that the copy of your email registration landing page uses the same words, such as register for our newsletter to get the latest deals and information about fashion forward apparel. Conversions to your email newsletter program will be more successful when you are using the same language that your visitors use to locate your site.89contents contents 6. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition TURN YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE INTO A Gatheronlytheinformationthatwillbeusedforsegmentation: While it is tempting ROBUST SUBSCRIBER PREFERENCE CENTERto ask the subscriber a comprehensive list of questions to use for audience segmentation,The Relevancy Group April 2010 survey details that 50% of marketers dont conduct anyemail segmentation at all. Only ask the subscriber questions that will provide meaningful Often, marketers will make opting into their newsletter too basic in that it is simply an emailsegmentation. For example, Petco asks subscribers if they consider their pet part of their address field. While this is an efficient user experience, marketers should not miss the family. Those subscribers that select yes are mailed to at a more frequent rate and Petco opportunity to capture additional preference data from subscribers. Embrace these tacticsfound that these subscribers were more profitable. to optimize your preference center registration page: Linktoyourprivacypolicy: While industry research illustrates that consumers are clearly Usestandardfieldformnames:When building your email registration form, ensure that concerned with privacy, few actually take the time to read privacy policies. Highlight elementsyou are following the guidelines laid out by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to on the email subscription form such as you will not share data with third the fields using the standard names. This allows auto-complete features in a variety ofbrowsers such as Internet Explorer or the Google Toolbar to populate that form easily, thus Buildalistscrubbingroutinetoremoveharmfuladdresses: It is not unheard of thatimproving the site experience for the visitor.malicious site visitors will attempt to register with [email protected] or [email protected] email addresses,which will likely land you in the spam folder. Work with your Email Service Provider to ensure Provideexpectations: This is where you begin selling the subscriber on the notion that theythat they have a standard scrubbing procedure that automatically suppresses harmful names,should be subscribing to your email newsletter. This includes giving them, if not an exactor allows you to add domain level suppression to your email list to remove competitors fromidea, a general idea of how often they will receive email messages from you.joining your email list. Highlightanexampleoftheemailnewsletter: Show subscribers exactly what theyare signing up for by providing a link to your most recent email newsletter in a thumbnailsnapshot of the newsletter. The copy should exude the benefits of why the visitor shouldopt-in to the newsletter. Askforpermission: When combining email registration with shopping or site registrationforms, ensure that you add a check box that allows the visitor to opt-in to the email newsletteror marketing piece. This single check box should be unchecked and allows the visitor toexpress their permission and consent to receive such messages.10 11contents contents 7. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CONNECT EMAIL ACQUISITIONCHANGE MANAGEMENTSERVICES EXPERTISE TO THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION The Relevancy Group is focused on evangelizing Connected Marketing and the value that it canEmail bring to an organization. One of the most important concepts of Connected Marketing is toMarketing ensure that the organization works together holistically across silos to drive common corporate Search Social goals, such as profitably driving email subscriber acquisition. This is the notion of beingMarketingMarketing comfortable with change to the point of embracing a culture of corporate change. With thatOptimizationLeverage however, often when there is something new, the experts are fewer or harder to find, which is why The Relevancy Group suggests dressing a tactic such as connected subscriber acquisition in the expertise of change and strategic services. Short-codeSubscriber Call Center MobileEmail Acquisition Acquisition AcquisitionEmail marketing acquisition relies on thesuccess of the connected company. (see figure 1)In-store,Transactional In-person MessageAcquisition Acquisition CustomerSupportfigure 1 Acquisition1213contents contents 8. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition Regardless of the approach, the organization must understand the value of what an email In-storeemailacquisition: This can take a variety of forms, at the point of sale (i.e. cash subscriber represents to the corporation as that knowledge will empower and validate theregister), self-service kiosk or at a marketing event such as a trade show. With all of these connected company. In a study that The Relevancy Group conducted with the DMAs email forms, there is a cost of adding the email address request to the transaction time or experience council, we found that the value of an email subscriber is worth $118 dollars. As ainfrastructure that is required to achieve it. Multi-channel retailers such as Borders and Office marketer, it is important to communicate the value of the email subscriber to the enterprise in Depot do a good job at the point of sale of asking for or confirming the email address that order to universally strive to collect email addresses at every customer touch point opportunity. they might already have on file for the customer. In these instances the email address is To that end, marketers must embrace these tactics to continually drive email subscriber acquisition:so valuable to these companies that they actually give incentives to the cashiers if they ring up sales that are accompanied by the customers email address. In these instances they are Collectandmeasureemailacquisitioninthecallcenter:Understanding the value of an often used as the primary customer identifier to run loyalty and rewards programs. Evaluateemail address is paramount to making the decision to elongate the talk time of a phone callthese costs and do not dismiss the awesome opportunity that these face-to-face client andby five to ten seconds to ask for an email address. Understanding such value can offset theprospect interactions offer to grow your email list.cost of the longer phone call. Call center phone agents should be scripted and trained toask clients for their email address and to ask them for permission. Most call center client Printandmagazineadvertisements: A useful means to gauge the effectiveness of printinteraction systems can easily facilitate such a field and extracting that data from those campaigns is to promote email registration. For example, retailer Sephora runs ads in majorsystems does not need to require direct integration to your email marketing software. Often, fashion magazines promoting their newsletters that detail a unique URL landing page to anthe most successful companies employing this tactic monitor, grade and incentivize call center email registration microsite. This allows Sephora to maximize their advertising spend as wellagents in order to ensure that they are asking for the clients email address on every provides a directional measure of success to that print advertisement, which is quantified by the number of email subscriptions that are generated from that offline ad spend. UsemobileSMStextingasanemailaddresscapturetool: Increasingly, marketers are using SMS (short message service) codes to spur consumers into providing their email addresses. Major airlines, retailers and technology companies are leveraging print AnEmailSubscriber advertisements, in-store signage, billboards and banners to drive individuals to text their name and email address to a short code in order to opt-in to email marketing newsletters and isworth$118.00 promotions. As hundreds of millions of consumers walk around equipped with SMS mobile devices, text to email capture can be an effective means to gather the email address of the time constrained consumer.14 15contentscontents 9. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition Servicerelatedandtransactionalemailmessages:Consumers largely use email to contactcustomer service on a pre and post-sale basis and clearly every organization uses an emailmessage to confirm online transactions. While these email addresses cannot simply becaptured for the purpose of outbound email marketing, the outbound service or transactionalreply should include a reminder in the footer that promotes email registration for marketingmessages and/or newsletters. Leverageyourorganizationssocialpresencetodriveemailaddressacquisition:Marketers must actively promote email subscription options on Facebook, Twitter and Bloglanding pages. It is imperative that email marketers connect to and leverage their socialpresence, fans and followers to drive further email subscriber acquisition. A useful tactic is tounderstand which current email subscribers are acting as low-cost acquisition sources to othersubscribers by measuring which subscribers are sharing content and acting as advocates toothers. As it is brand appropriate or meets the corporations industry guidelines, experimentwith incentives for fans to bring other subscribers into the fold. Discount coupon siteGroupon has been able to grow their monthly sending size from tens of millions to hundredsof millions within the past year by using such an approach.1617contentscontents 10. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition IMPLEMENT A WELCOME CAMPAIGN TO EASE AskSubscriberstoAddYourAddresstoTheirAddressBook: An important tactic to SUBSCRIBERS INTO THE EMAIL NEWSLETTER MAILINGScombat against image rendering issues and erroneous spam blocking is to ask the subscriber to add your email address to their address book. This should be an element in every email marketing message, but with the introductory welcome message, more creative emphasis A key part of email acquisition is the follow-up mailing or set of mailings that happen immediately should be placed on this part of the message. One important consideration with this tactic is after the subscriber opts-in. Just as with the physical world of retail, a store merchant will treatnot to change the from address across your email marketing campaigns, as the benefits of a a returning customer differently than a brand new prospect that walks into their store for thesubscriber adding your address to their address book can only be leveraged if you continue very first time. This simple analogy provides the primary lesson that you should follow whento use the same from address across all of your mailings. acquiring new subscribers via email. A common mistake of marketers is immediately lumping new subscribers in with old subscribers and sending them the same weekly email communication. UseClick-to-viewtoFurtherAdjustforImageRenderingIssues: Place a hyperlink at the A better practice is to set up a string of three to four messages that eases the subscriber into thetop of your email that states View This Email in Your Web Browser. This link will take them typical mailing flow. Implement these tactics when building a welcome campaign: to a hosted version of your email newsletter. As with the add to the address book feature, this element should be in every message, but highlighted with a bit more prominence in this TheWelcomeMessage:welcome message. This first message should come immediately after the subscription takes place and should serve to both confirm the subscription and welcome them to your email marketing program. Beyond SetandReinforceMailingFrequencyExpectations:As with the subscription page best these elements this message contain the following elements: practices, remind your subscribers how often they will be receiving your email messages. PromoteSocialInteractivityOptions:If your organization has a Facebook page or UseaCompellingSubjectLinetoSpurOpenRates:The most effective welcomeTwitter feed, the first welcome message is a perfect time to prominently promote this socialmessage subject lines typically thank and welcome the subscriber but also offer some sortpresence. In addition to the welcome gift that you may be offering in the first message,of either discount or notion of exclusivity. For example subject lines such as Thank you forthese options should be placed in the top portion of the email body (i.e. above the fold).subscribing, here is your welcome gift have worked well to immediately engage subscribers.Additionally the social following and share options should be in every subsequent email fromThe welcome gift can be a free shipping offer, a dollar discount or any small incentive that this point on.will spur the subscriber into action. Marketers should use A/B testing techniques to discoverwhich subject lines are the most effective in driving open rates.18 19contents contents 11. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition Nudge: The Second Message in The Welcome String Invite Interactivity: In this message you should begin to add some of your most popular offers or products, a slight variation of the message that they signed up for: vant HighlightingOneorTwoProducts: Recall that subscribers are a part of the Short Burst Rele ntentSociety and are time starved when consuming information. By making this message shorter,it should not only assist in capturing the subscribers attention but also provide them with asense of what they can expect in future mailings. ReserveMessageRealEstatetoCaptureAdditionalSubscriberInformation: In thissecond message, use a short polling question that asks the subscriber for their opinion or to covote on a particular topic. This polling question is essentially a mechanism to maskgathering additional lifestyle or attitudinal information that can be used to further segmentyour subscribers. Call to ProvideaCompellingCallToAction: For business to business marketers, the call to actionin the email creative may be to download a white paper or request further information from asales person. Such an approach in a business to business context helps to further qualify theactionprospect as more engaged or hot than a subscriber that chooses not to click. Similarly, forbusiness to consumer marketers offer both a discounted shipping and percentage off offeras well as ask the consumer to select only one. This information can be utilized to segmentsubscribers by which types of offers best resonate with them.20 21contents contents 12. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition The organizations ability to test these concepts and mailings Nourish:The Third Welcome Message Should Resemble A Typical Mailing:throughout the welcome campaign will ultimately determine The third welcome message should be the bridge to ease the subscriber into the organizations the success of the email marketing program. CompellingSubjectLines typical email marketing message content. Show the subscriber that they are part of the pack. Add to address book LeveragetheVoiceofTheCustomer:While the content of this message should resembleInviteInteractivity Reinforce expectationsthe typical email newsletter content, this last welcome message offers the subscriber the Promote social interactivityopportunity to hear of experiences from other subscribers, such as highlighting testimonials Highlight one or two productsand/or product reviews. Capture additional information A compelling call to actionCOME Educatethesubscriberaboutadditionalsupportresources: This last message in the WELwelcome string is a fine place to educate the subscriber about the additional support orcommunity resources that may be available to them. This approach is particularly apt forbusiness to business marketers to highlight community resources or for business to consumer GENUDmarketers to showcase customer support awards and additional channels outside of email tointeract with the organization. Experimentwithnewmedia,useanimatedGIFstoexplaincomplicatedproducts: Dueto cost as well as delivery/rendering issues the use of full-run sound and motion video is nota compelling alternative for most marketers. Instead, for marketers that have complicatedShowthesubscriberthatproducts or those wishing to highlight customer testimonials, the use of animated gifs canRIS HNOU theyarepartofthepackbe a compelling tactic as a call to action. Placing a player arrow over the image or the Use The Customers Voicewords click to hear and see the full video is an excellent tactic to drive subscribers toa landing page. Educate the subscriber Experiment with new media Asktoconfirmmailingpreferences: Subscribers tend to be motivated to changepreferences upon receiving messages that they do not want. Promote in this finalwelcome message the option of altering their newsletter preferences to better enhancetheir experience.Maximize New Subscribers By Connecting22Them to The Welcome Campaign 23contentscontents 13. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber AcquisitionCREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition LEVERAGING WEB ANALYTICS AND TESTING Tagemailsubscriptionpageswiththesamevigorasshoppingcarts: A shopping cart TO OPTIMIZE REGISTRATION PAGES conversion is less likely to occur until the organization can capture a visitor and drive themthrough the email acquisition tunnel. Accordingly, marketers must place the same scrutinyon email registration pages and preference centers that they do on shopping carts. The While the aforementioned tactics offer the organization an excellent array of best practices tocorporation must be able to answer these questions: What is the most effective driver to advance email subscriber acquisition, these ideals can only be fully optimized through web convert visitors to email subscribers? At what point does a visitor not become an email analytics measurement and the notion of testing. To that end, in order to optimize acquisition subscriber? What are the elements within the preference center causing roadblocks or the techniques as well as many of the other concepts that we will touch upon in this eBook series, stepping stones to email list growth success? Without a proper web analytics framework marketers must embrace the following tactics on the next page. and focus on answering these measurement driven questions, the marketer will be at adisadvantage to optimize visitor to subscriber conversion. Testthecontentwithinregistrationpreferencecenterlandingpagestooptimizeacquisition:As marketers, we are one of the only professions where the notion of failure when we apply it to optimization is actually tolerable. Certainly doctors, lawyers andexpert professions such as pilots are not allowed to dabble in this notion of testing, of trial,error and optimization. Only baseball players can be considered successful when theysucceed a third of the time. As marketers, we are fortunate for the tools and measures thatare available to us; that is, if we actually use them. Marketers must trial differences in emailsubscription landing pages by creating A and B versions. First, trial collecting differingamounts of data from the subscriber, such as on the A version five questions of demographicdata and on the B version seven questions of demographic data. Then measure and ask theorganization, which one wins? Does the winner provide us the appropriate knowledge todrive the subscriber conversion and experience forward? Debate internally how much is toomuch subscriber data and do we actually have the human resources to leverage this data andaffect a change? Another test might be the creative, copy and layout of the subscriptionpage or the prominence of the link to the email subscription or preference center. This is yetanother test that can provide the lesson of continuous improvement to drive qualified emailsubscriber list growth.24 25contents contents 14. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition EMAIL ACQUISITION IS A RECIPE STEEPED IN TRIAL AND OPTIMIZATION IF THE GOALS ARE CONNECTED AND CORRECT In closing, the marketer has an array of internal resources and tactics to drive new subscriber list growth and we have provided you with the best of the best practices to optimize that goal. However, at The Relevancy Group, we find that email marketers are often incentivized and rewarded purely for list size and list growth. While that should be a component of the marketers success through the aforementioned tactics, we must caution the organization on placing too much emphasis on the incentive of list growth or size. Why? Because email marketers are and will continue to be faced with subscriber churn, that is, current subscriber addresses going bad or simply the notion of lapsed non-engaged users. Marketers and the organization must understand that list growth and new subscriber acquisition is a key performance indicator but not the end all of performance metrics for an email program. While this end all incentive is all too common for the majority of marketers, it also creates a dis-incentive to remove non-engaged and lapsed subscribers from email list rolls. Corporations should have a common goal to drive email subscriber and corporate value. An inability to look at the value and success of new subscriber acquisition as well as the notion of lapsed subscribers will create an organization that is incentivized to purely grow list size and not cut the subscribers that may actually do harm to their engagement, sender reputation and, ultimately, the return on their email marketing investment. It is the ability for the organization to work holistically across channels and other difficult topics that we will cover in subsequent eBooks in an effort to educate and provide the best practices of email marketing optimization.26 27contents contents 15. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition The Relevancy Group describes the The Short Burst Society as a life-stage and life-style segment of our worldwide population that knows PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THE FOLLOWING IN THE SERIES no boundaries. It cannot simply be defined by demographic, social-economic differences, although there are some concentrations withinthese pods. SBS is an attitudinal and behavioral distinction that applies when one consumes and responds to information across a variety of FOR CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL EBOOKS:digital devices, in the spoken word, or in a writing that would make a post-card seem verbose. Visit for additionalinformation. Source: Facebook, September 2010!/press/info.php?statistics eBook2 Segmentation and Targeting Source: Nielsen What Do Americans Do Online (August 2, 2010) eBook3 Measuring Email Performanceonline-social-media-and-games-dominate-activity/ Note that the article points out that while their metered consumer panel illustrates a declinein the amount of time that consumers spend with email online, they cite their own survey which finds that email time spent on mobile devices isincreasing to remain the top mobile Internet activity. eBook4 Leveraging Web Analytics Source: The Pew Internet and American Life Project study Cell Phones and Adult Americans (September 2010) details that 82% of adults own eBook5 Harnessing Social and Mobile Marketing a mobile Internet device that is also a cell phone, 72% of whom use texting. Twitter Statistics Source: Twitter has105,779,710 member users, according to a slide presented by Co-founder Biz Stone during his openingremarks of the Twitters Chirp developer conference, April 2010. The growths not over either Twitter says its still adding 300,000 users perday. Moreover, as many have speculated, most of Twitters traffic 75% of it in fact comes from third-party clients and applications. Multiple studies on the use of channel skipping technology are in conflict. Some such as The Pew Internet and American Life Project detailhigher numbers than a recent Duke University study. However, even taking the lowest number and the highest, the mid-point is likely to endup around half of the TV viewing US population practices this increasingly common behavior. See also: Nielsen Top Search Sites July 2010 Learn more about the WC3 web-form recommendations in their online resource, available at Subscriber Acquisition Source: The Relevancy Group, April 2010 survey of 674 email marketers.Authored by David Daniels , CEO, The Relevancy Group LLC The Relevancy Groups, Connected Marketing Framework 4 can be found at The Relevancy Group defines Connected Marketingas: Marketing that is integrated across channels in a manner to leverage addressable customer, subscriber or prospect data in order to drivegreater campaign effectiveness. Additionally Connected Marketing is empowered by the Connected Company, an organization that plansand executes marketing across corporate silos and business units. Because of the integrated complexity, Connected Marketing requires thatmarketers work with providers that provide strategic services in order to deploy all of the necessary channels including email, mobile, social, eBook 1 of 5search and offline/in-store. This equation of email subscriber value was developed through a joint DMA, eec and TRG (The Relevancy Group) effort. Download thisspreadsheet from the book Email Marketing An Hour A Day to measure the value of subscribers 29contentscontents 16. CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition CREATING ENGAGING EMAIL: Driving Subscriber Acquisition ABOUT ABOUT THE RELEVANCY GROUP ALTERIAN The Relevancy Group is dedicated to educating the market on the imperative tactics needed toAlterian (LSE: ALN) enables organizations to create relevant, effective and engaging experiences foster trust with consumers and improve an organizations relevance within the broader online with their customers and prospects through social, digital, and traditional marketing channels. economy. Working with the leading vendors and associations serving the household names that Alterians Customer Engagement solutions are focused in four main areas: Social Media, Web comprise our economy, The Relevancy Group acts as an educator and trusted advisor in the aimContent Management, Email, and Campaign Management & Analytics. of optimizing cross-channel marketing strategy and tactics. For more information, please visit: Alterian technology is utilized either to address a specific marketing challenge or as part of an integrated marketing platform, with analytics and customer engagement with the individual at the heart of everything. Working alongside a rich ecosystem of partners, Alterian delivers its software David Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group Bio as a service or on premise. For more information about Alterian visit or the Alterian blog at According to Direct Magazine, David Daniels is one of the most influential experts in email marketing, if not the most influential. Until January 2010 he served as Vice President and Principal Analyst with Forrester Research and JupiterResearch. David is co-author of the book Email Marketing An Hour A Day and has been a contributor to the Weekend Today Show on NBC. David has held senior level positions at Apple Computer, Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie, Micro/MacWarehouse, ProTeam and CDA Computer Sales.30 31contents contents 17. North American HeadquartersT +1 312 704 1700Corporate and European HeadquartersT +44 (0) 117 970 3200Continental Europe Headquarters:T +31 (0)35 625 7890Asia-Pacific Headquarters:T +61 (2)9968 2449Website: www.alterian.comEmail: [email protected]: @AlterianYouTube: Alterians Leadership SeriesBlogs: Alterian 2010. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.