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  • 1. Making Learning Interactive Engaging Learners with Instructional Strategies ADLT 670, Class Session 4
  • 2. Agenda for Tonight What your needs assessment revealed Constructing objectives based on needs iTeach Video Dr. Mike Ryan What constitutes active, engaged learning? Aligning instructional strategies with your goals Choosing assessment strategies to determine accomplishment of objectives
  • 3. Timeline Next week October 16 Goals and Objectives on Wiki pages Dr. Moshe Feldman - an Introduction to assessment Weeks of October 23 and 30 SDL Partners share instructional strategies topic 15 minutes preso due Nov 6 very brief demo Partners share assessment strategy Nov 13, 20, and Dec 4; 30 to 40 minutes includes brief demo Goal is to model as well as share
  • 4. A Proverb Tell me, I will forget Show me, I may remember Involve me, and I will understand
  • 5. Learning Pyramid 50% 75% 90% Discussion Group Practice Group Teach Others
  • 6. Types of Input: Instructional Strategies Learning Methods Lecture Forums, panels, symposiums Interactive TV, video Discussion Case Studies / Group Projects Online/hybrid learning Learning Contracts Critical Thinking Techniques Demonstration / Simulation Mentoring Learners teach the content Level of Engagement Low Low Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate to High Moderate to High Moderate to High Moderate to High Moderate to High High
  • 7. Strategies for Making Lecture Interactive Just-in-Time Teaching Involves learner in pre-class preparation with strategies to inform faculty what needs to be emphasized in lecture Clickers /Polling, One-Minute Paper, etc Involves small groups/pairs during lecture with exercises that aid in absorption of new material Jane Vellas Four Is A strategy for structuring class time to assess learner knowledge/readiness, provide content, and examine understanding and ability to apply content
  • 8. Jane Vellas 4 Learning Tasks Inductive work connects learners with what they already know Input course content; new material Implementation try it out Integration asks learners how they will integrate new learning into their developing knowledge of medicine and medical practice
  • 9. A Strategy for Garnering Learner Feedback Use an index card Write three words Stop Start Continue Complete with a sentence about our course
  • 10. High Engagement Strategies Team-Based Learning (TBL) Teams work on two graded exercises to test understanding of pre-reading and then apply what they learned Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) An inductive learning process in which learners discover major concepts Case-Based Teaching Uses a story of real events or problems so learners experience the complexity involved in practice situations
  • 11. Questions? Brookfields CIQ