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  • Chapter 21Hair Removal

  • Chapter Outline

    Client ConsultationPermanent Hair RemovalMethods of Temporary Hair Removal

  • Learning ObjectivesDescribe the elements of a client consultation for hair removal.Name the conditions that contraindicate hair removal in the salon.Identify and describe three methods of permanent hair removal.Demonstrate the techniques involved in temporary hair removal.

  • Why do we wax?Hirsuties or Hypertrichosis The growth of an unusual amount of hair on parts of he body normally bearing only downy hair, such as the faces of women and the backs of men.

  • Client ConsultationThe main purpose of a client consultation is to determine the presence of any contraindications for hair removal.A client assessment form and a release form should be filled out before every hair removal service.

  • ContraindicationsAccutaneBlood thinnersDrugs for LupusPosoriasisEczemaSunburnAcneRecent Facial Surgery

    RosaceaSensitive SkinFever or Cold SoresRecent Chemical PeelsRecent MicrodermabrasionAny use of Retin A, Renova, Tazorac, Differin or AzelexSkin Lighteners

  • Permanent Hair Removal Electrolysis is the removal of hair by means of an electric current that destroys the growth cells of the hair. Photoepilation uses intense light to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicles. Laser Hair Removal a laser beam is pulsed on the skin, impairing hair growth.

  • Temporary Hair RemovalShavingTweezingElectronic TweezersDepilatory

  • Where do we wax?EyebrowsUpper LipCheeksChinUnderarmsArmsBikini LineLegsTops of FeetToesBack

  • Other Types of Hair RemovalThreading a temporary hair removal method that is still practiced today. It involves the manipulation of cotton thread, which is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin.Sugaring It involves the use of a thick, sugar based paste and is especially appropriae for more sensitive skin types.


  • Pre-Skin PrimerNaturally DerivedOrganic AloeWitch Hazel, Lavender, Camomile, Castor Oil, Bisabolol

    Cleans surface area that is to be waxed, removes excess oil so wax can better adhere.

  • Hard Wax FormulaNo Mineral Oil3 Egyptian Floral Waxes5 Plant OilsWood Rosin, Beeswax and Vitamin EOrganic Tea Tree Oil

    Hard Wax is for smaller areas and for the face, gentler and more effective on facial hair.

  • Soft Wax FormulaNo Mineral Oil3 Egyptian Floral Waxes5 Plant OilsWood Rosin, Beeswax and Vitamin EOrganic Tea Tree Oil

    Soft Wax is for larger areas and the body, soft wax can be used on the face if coarse hair exists but hard wax is recommended.

  • Aveda Plant Wax SystemProcedure Handout

  • Avedas Hard and Soft WaxHand out

  • ConsultationConsultation with guest, use a hand mirror. Discuss shape, look and amount of hair to be removed.Go through the Guest Consultation Form with your guest.

    ****I chose pictures of beautiful ladies; that always took/take care of there skin.Mary Kay Ash reached age 90Jackie Kennedy Marilyn MonroeDorothy DandridgeHailey Berry*Postcard of a child in the carnival show. Lional 5 years old in 1907.**Accutane within 6 months NO NO!!!!Do not perform a waxing service on any of the following, even with a Dr note it is still questionalble.*Burns and Scars from waxing while taking accutane.*Play a research game on permanent hair removal. Split into 3 groups.*Split into 4 groups. Research Game.*Example of waxing**Threading Eastern technique*Aveda plant wax program (Handout)

    *Create activity for hand out, in binder***Create activity for hand out, in binder*Go over hand out with class.*Hand out Guest Consultation Form, have students complete form with you in class.DEMOSTRATION!!!!!!!!