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One of the most advanced methods available for hair removal, laser surgery has caught the eye of the public with its promise of permanent and hassle-free hair removal.


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2. One of the most advanced methods available for hair removal, laser surgery has caught the eye of the public with its promise of permanent and hassle-free hair removal.For all its popularity and widespread acceptance of the procedure, there is surprisingly very little knowledge of the dangers, risks, benefits and permanence of the procedure. 3. For, although people have started accepting this as a legit way of hair removal, the costs associated with it and the competition with local, traditional methods of hair removal have left a gap of information which needs to be fulfilled. 4. The first recorded usage of laser for hair removal was around 20 years back in the 1980s. Since then, after being subjected to much scientific debate and studies by dermatological institutes to ascertain safety and efficacy, this procedure has become widely used in clinics and even in homes with convenient devices. 5. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about laser surgery is that it is completely harmless and doesnt affect the skin.However, do keep in mind that your skin is being hit with high-intensity light and there is always the possibility of your skin being damaged. 6. These burns are almost always as mild as a sunburn and, if cared for properly, heal within a few days.One of the ways of avoiding this is discussing with your practitioner the skin type you have so that the intensity of the laser be adjusted accordingly. 7. Some other measures may also be taken for preventing skin burns. These include application of clear gel (helps to lower the temperature of the laser when it hits the skin), contact cooling (laser passes through layers of cooled water), cryogenic spray (applied to the skin upon every hit from the laser) and air cooling (laser beam traverses path through chilled pockets of air). 8. Any of these methods used in conjunction with good advice from the certified practitioner (such as shaving 24 hours before the procedure) will ensure that the experience remains a smooth one. 9. Another big misconception potential consumers have about laser hair removal is that it is completely permanent and, once performed, will ensure you a hairless future.Nothing could be farther from the truth. The procedure has to be repeated in regular sessions for the first time and after that, one has to go annually to remove any hair that has grown back. 10. While some may believe this points to shortcomings in the procedure, this is simply the way the human body functions. Our hair grows in stages and is constantly being renewed.The number of sessions required after a few years definitely goes down as the body adapts and eventually, one might not even have to go once every year. 11. One very interesting fact about laser hair removal is that it will never work for everyone. Indeed people with white hair are completely immune to its charms.In fact, depending on your skin color and hair color, laser hair removal will have differing results for different people. Gray hair remains a dicey one since skin tone becomes important for targeting the hair follicles on the skin. 12. Surely laser hair removal is slightly expensive, impermanent and slightly risky. Which is why there has been a mass proliferation of products (such as the excellently reviewed NO NO Hair Removal) which employ innovative techniques. 13. For example, the NO NO Hair Remover For Men works on a patented system of Thermicon and it works by direct application of heat to the hair follicles and the surrounding area. 14. Compellingly priced and with frequently better results than laser hair removal, this might just be the way to go.Read the full No No Hair removal reviews here: