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Chapter 22 – 12’. Hair Removal. Introduction. One of the fastest growing services Types Lip/brow Chin Arms Legs Bikini – art form of its own Brazilian. Men. Nape of neck Chest Back Most common forms in salons and spas. Men. Fashion trend hairless Legs, arms, chests Sports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Hair Removal

Hair RemovalChapter 22 12IntroductionOne of the fastest growing servicesTypesLip/browChinArmsLegsBikini art form of its ownBrazilian

MenNape of neckChestBackMost common forms in salons and spas

MenFashion trend hairlessLegs, arms, chestsSportsCycling, swimming, body buildingLegs and arms, occasionally entire body


HypertrichosisGrowth of an unusual amount of hair on body parts normally bearing only downy hairFaces of womenBacks of men

History of treatmentsEarly Egyptian tombsAbrasive materials Pumice stone used to rub away hairAncient Greek & Roman women similar methodsNative Americans Sharpened stones and seashells Rub off and pluck out hairAncient Turks used Rusma a combination of yellow sulfide of arsenic, quicklime and rose water crude depilatory (ex. Nair)

Two Major CategoriesPermanentTemporaryMost salons limited to this

Client ConsultationALWAYS necessaryQuestionnaireMedications topical/oralSkin disordersAllergies/sensitivitieschanges can occur between visitsMedications - may not be able to receive servicesAntidepressantsHormonesCortisoneBlood pressureDiabetesRetin ARenovahydroquinoneContraindicationCondition that requires avoiding certain treatments, procedures, or products to prevent undesirable side effects.Contraindications for Hair RemovalClients should not have ANY waxing or hair removal performed if anywhere on the body if they have any of the following without medical clearanceAccutane 6 monthsBlood thinning medicationsDrugs for autoimmune disease including lupusPsoriasis, eczema, other chronic skin diseasePrednisone or steroidsSunburnPresence of pustules or papules Recent cosmetic/reconstructive surgery within 3 monthsLaser treatmentSevere varicose veinsQuestionable medical conditionFacial waxing should not be performed on any of the following conditions without medical clearanceRosacea/very sensitive skinHistory of fever blisters or cold soresRecent chemical peel - glycolic, alpha hydroxy, salicylic acid or other acid based products Recent microdermabrasionUse of exfoliating topical medicationLaser skin treatment or surgical peelUse of hydroquinone for skin lighteningPermanent Hair RemovalElectrolysisRemoval of hair by means of an electric current that destroys the growth cells of hairCurrent is applied with a very fine needle-shaped electrode inserted into the hair follicleLicense electrologist

PhotoepilationIntense Pulsed Light (IPL)Uses intense light to destroy the growth cells of the hair folliclesNo needles minimizes risk of infection50 % 60% clearance of hair in 12 weeks

Administered by some cosmetologists/estheticians depends on state lawMfg. generally provide special training

Laser Hair Removal

Laser beam pulsed on skin, impairing growthMost effective when used on follicles that are in the growth/anagen phaseAbsolute requirement in that the hair must be darker than surrounding skinCoarse, dark hair responds best to laser treatment

Not for everyone

Permanent hair removal for some clientsFor others it slows down regrowthSome states allowed under supervision of doctorRequires special trainingOffered by equipment mfg.

LawsVary by state to stateCheck state guidelines

Temporary Hair RemovalShavingTweezingElectronic TweezersDepilatoriesEpilatorsThreadingSugaringShavingMost common formMens facesArea softened by applying warm moist towel Shaving cream/lotion with lubrication and calms the skinElectric clipper/trimmer - nape areaApply pre-shaving lotion to lessen irritationPP 693 did you know?

TweezingCommonly used for eyebrowsMouth and chinCorrectly shaped eyebrows have:Strong, positive impact on overall attractivenessNatural arch of eyebrow follows shape of orbital bone

Electronic TweezersTransmits radio frequency energy down shaft to folliclePapilla dehydrated and eventually destroyedEnergy is applied first at low level to pre-warm and then up to 2 minutes Not a method of permanent hair removalDepilatories Is a substance used for the temporary removal of superfluous hair by dissolving at the skin levelCaustic alkali productContains detergents to strip sebum (oil)Adhesives to hold the chemicals to the shaft for 5 10 minutesHair expands and disulfide bonds breakChemicals to destroy the disulfide bondsSodium hydroxidePotassium hydroxideThioglycolic acidCalcium thioglycolateTurn the hair into a soft jelly-like mass that can be scraped off

Requires a patch test to see if sensitive to the action of the depilatoryPredisposition testAllergy testHairless part of the armApply small amount mfg. directions7 10 minutes

Signs negative reactionNo swellingNo rednessNo rashCan be used safely on larger of the skinFollow mfg. directionsPP 694 Focus on the ConsultationTable 22-1Epilators

Removes hair from the bottom of the follicleCommon form - waxCold ThickerDoes not require fabric stripsHotRequires fabric stripsTest for temperature4- 6 weeks regrowthApplied to various parts of the face & body hair must be for waxing to be effectiveDo not remove vellus hair causes skin to lose softnessClient consultation Sign release form not valid in PAWear disposable gloves prevent contact with bloodborne pathogens

Safety PrecautionsTest temperatureNo contact with eyesDo not use over moles, warts, abrasions, irritated or inflamed skinUnder arm cold waxApply aloe to redness and swelling reactionsCaution box 695Threading Practiced in Eastern culturesThe manipulation of cotton thread twisted and rolled along skin surfaceEntwining hair in the thread and lifting from follicleIncreasing popularity in America FloridaRequires special training Threading Tutorial. Learn how to thread eyebrows - YouTubeSugaring Use of thick, sugar-based pasteAppropriate for sensitive skinAdvantage is can be used on 1/8 Sugaring - See the Sugaring Technique for Hair Removal VideoProceduresPre-serviceService Tip PP697 Tweezing - PP 701Heres a Tip PP 702

Hot Waxing eyebrows PP 703 Heres a Tip - PP 704Body waxing PP 705Heres a Tip - PP 705Heres a Tip - PP 706