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  • waxworks Say farewell to fuzz, and welcome wonderful velvety skin with our selection of waxing services. As well as offering the roll on system, face etc... medispa has also introduced the hydrating Lycon Hot Wax. This premium product is infused with aromatherapy oils to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce redness and soothe even the most sensitive skin. It can also remove stubborn stubble as short as 1mm! So whether you fancy silky pins, or wish to remove feisty facial hair, our expert therapists will have you beautifully bare with minimum sting and maximum smoothness in minutes.

    Top TipFor extra comfort, wed recommend you avoid using perfumed products, swimming, sunbed and heat treatments 24 hours before and after waxing treatments.

    electrolysisFancy finding a more permanent solution to hair removal? Then the time-tested electrolysis method may be just the ticket! Working with the natural cycle of hair growth, it uses nifty epilators to eliminate individual facial or body hair directly from the follicles and after a series of treatments which last between 15-30 minutes, fuzz-free skin will be yours!

    Warm Wax Lycon Hot Wax Full face 14 18Upper lip and chin 10 14Upper lip or chin 8 10Forearm 12 Underarm 10 15Hollywood 30 35Brazilian 25 30G-string 21 26Bikini 10 15Full leg and bikini 30 Full leg 24 Half leg 15 Abdomen Wax 8

    Time Price15 Minutes 1430 Minutes 2445 Minutes 32

    Did You Know...?l Waxing can last for up to 6 weeks - compared to shaving which lasts a day or two.l Lycon wax is said to be popular with celebs such as Victoria Beckham!

    Did You Know...? Electrolysis has been popular for over 100 years.

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