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Laser hair removal clinic - Olivaclinic provides painless and permanent hair removal for both men and women, facial hair removal for women is done by expert lady doctors with latest equipments without pain.


  • 1. Hair removal clinic offers latest treatments Removing hair is quite a tedious task, be it at home or a beauty parlor. And whatever you do, hair will come again after a few days compelling you to visit the parlor once again. This process continues forever spoiling your money as well as time. In todays hectic schedule, no one has got enough time to visit the parlor but they do to look good. And in many cases, the hair comes out at places they are not supposed to. Ladies sometimes get hair grown in their chest, lower abdomen, chin, and jawline. Men get hair in back, shoulder area, ear lobes, and neck line. Hair at such places is very embarrassing. People look for solution and modern times best solution is at beauty clinics which offer permanent hair removal through some kind of cosmetic procedure. Yes, it will sound interesting to all those fighting with unwanted hair, that there are hair removal clinic where you will get rid of your unwanted hair forever. With the use of latest cosmetic treatment and procedures using laser, you can get your hairs removed easily and efficiently. The process is almost painless and requires very less time. No hospitalization and no blood loss. It may be done under local anesthesia by an experienced dermatologist. The procedure may show the result immediately or you may require a few more sittings. It depends on your hair type and skin type At Oliva Clinic, we have successfully removed hair of our clients permanently who are now just relaxed and satisfied with the results. We use the latest techniques which are guided by highly qualified and experienced cosmetologist having years of experience in the concerned field. For more information visit the website or schedule an appointment.

2. In moderns times with growing beauty conscious and dependable options for them, people are looking for permanent solutions for their beauty concerns. Now the ladies cannot live with facial hairs and men cannot accept unwanted hair on their back, neck, ears and other body parts. Though there have been significant methods of hair removal for ages, they can get rid of hair only for a few days and process needs to be repeated regularly. So people desperately look for some permanent solution of hair removal. Cosmetology has given that permanent solution with laser treatment for hair removal which is highly successful and in demand by people. A number of cosmetic clinics are there providing this treatment which has changed peoples perception about beauty treatment. Now they fully rely on these procedures which are not only effective, but also fast and lasting. At Oliva Clinic, we have witnessed a number of clients coming for laser treatment for hair removal and leaving satisfied with the results. However, in any case the success of the procedure varies from person to person depending on their skin and hair type. The procedure does not take much time and is done out patient. No hospitalization is needed and you can get back to your work immediately. This is the latest and highly successful method of hair removal which is affordable as well as successful. Just schedule an appointment with the cosmetologist and understand how it will work on you. After complete satisfaction, you can schedule date and time for the procedure. 3. Permanent hair removal in Hyderabad Men or women, there are many skin problems that trouble them equally. One of those is the problem of unwanted hair in body parts. Women find it easy visiting the parlors every month or fortnightly to get them removed through threading or waxing. Some of them use apilator to shave off the unwanted hair in hands and legs. Men also feel embarrassed with too much hair on their back, ear lobes, shoulder regions or so. It is very difficult to always arrange some extra time for visiting the parlor in todays busy schedule. So the method of permanent hair removal is gaining strength and people are readily opting for it. Women can easily get rid of the unnecessary facial hair on forehead, on upper side of the lips, on the jaw line, and chin. Not only this, it works for hair on any part of the body. Be it men or women, cosmetic procedure to get rid of unwanted hair permanently is possible for both of them and it is highly successful. Different people have different types of hair, the quality of hair and the skin type also varies. So the procedure also takes different response time but guarantees to remove the hair forever. It may work in just one sitting or make take a few more sittings. But the procedure is painless and shows immediate results. At Oliva Clinic we offer treatment and procedures for permanent hair removal in Hyderabad which is very popular and successful. The sittings can be scheduled at the time of consultation. For more information visit the website or schedule a consultation. 4. Contact us Banjara Hills Clinic Address : H.No.: 8-2-270/B/1, 2nd Floor, Uptown Banjara, (Q Mart Building ), Road No. 3, Banjara Hills City : Hyderabad. Pin Code : 500 034 Email: Phone : 9140 44 75 75 75 Secunderabad Clinic Address : H.No.: 1-2-166 to 193, Lower Ground Floor, Bhuvana Towers (CMR Building), Sarojini Devi Road City : Secunderabad. Pin Code: 500 003 Email: Phone : 9140 44 75 75 75 Kukatpally Clinic Address : Address: 1st Floor, MIG 208, (Opp: Reliance Trends), KPHB Colony City : Hyderabad. Pin Code : 500 072 Email: Phone : 9140 44 75 75 75 Corporate Office Oliva Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic (A division of M/s. Sreyas Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd.) Address : Plot No. 9, 1st Floor, Krishnapuri Colony (Lane Opp: State Bank ATM) West Marredpally City : Secunderabad Pin Code : 500 026 Phone: 9140 44 75 75 00 For Service enquiries : For Corporate tie up : For Career enquiries