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Techniques To Deal With Unwanted Hair

Skin devoid of unwanted hair growth is every womans ultimate desire. The sight of hair-free skin boosts their confidence like nothing else and makes them feel beautiful about themselves. Though there is no permanent solution to these but numerous temporary to near permanent techniques offer good results making your skin clean and clear.


It is by far the most popular technique of removing those unwanted shafts that prevent you from wearing your favorite short dresses. An age old technique, waxing takes off the hair from the roots and leaves the skin hair-free for 2-8 weeks depending on the texture of the hair and individual hair growth cycle. Waxing works well with dark and course hairs and is good for larger body areas like arms, legs and armpits. The person may feel pain but is surely worth trying as it leaves the skin soft and smooth. Chocolate wax, a relatively newer option is less painful than the contemporary wax.


This technique is simple, economical and requires no prior training. Anybody can do it. Also, it does not cause any skin irritations or allergies but cuts and itching are common. Therefore, anyone shaving must stretch the skin before proceeding and should be careful when removing from the intimate areas. The majority needs to schedule it on weekly basis. It may cause in-growth. Pseudo-folliculitis is another danger involved, if proper methodology is not employed.


This is a 100 % painless technique of removing the unwanted hair. The hair removal creams can be found easily at any drug or cosmetic store. You may need to reapply it as soon as the hair grows back. A strong cream can leave the skin irritated whereas a mild one may fail to furnish the desired results. The chemical formulation of these creams can cause skin darkening and sometimes allergies too. Therefore it is important to choose the right type of cream that caters to the needs of your skin and does not interfere with the general health as well. Dermology hair removal cream is one such cream formulated keeping in mind the needs of every skin.


Plucking is a great option for people if only few hairs are to be removed. It is painful but is good if you wish to reshape your eyebrows or remove few hairs occasionally that appear on the face. This technique is not suited for larger parts of the body. Remember, there is a risk of scarring and ingrown hairs.


This is one near permanent hair removal technique that gives long-lasting results. This is an expensive technique and requires an expert to carry out the procedure. A few sessions are needed to put off the hair growth. The laser beam destroys the hair follicle that gives birth to hair and makes the skin hair-free. Unfortunately, this treatment is not successful on people with dark skin and also with people having light skin texture with light hair.


This technique involves the use of a thread to take out the hair by criss-cross movement just like a scissor. This is slightly painful and may leave the skin red for some time. The technique works superficially, hence needs to be done after every few days.

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