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  • 1. Summer Clark
    California: Making It Happen
  • 2. Making it Happen
    The depression hit California much later than it has the east coast. California was able to almost escape the depression because their entertainment, agriculture, and booming industries. After the depression hit California, the migrant workers organized themselves almost instantly. By 1959, the mob teamsters organized the very first two unions in the state of California. California had a problem, however, with maintaining the vast fields of agriculture. It required only seasonal labor at planting/harvesting periods and only a small handful of workers.
  • 3. Making it Happen
    Since there was not a lot of migrant work in one specific place in California, the workers would pick up jobs of labor when they could but then move on to the next town once their job was completed. The Coast Seamen's Union was another organized union formed in San Francisco to fight for better rights of the ship's crew. This union sprung the dock strike. By 1909, the IWW became local in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other small cities throughout southern California. Since the living conditions for migrant workers were barely sustainable, the IWW helped organize a strike.