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2. SINALOA: NATURAL RESOURCES & PRIVILEGED LOCATIONLocated in Northwestern Mexico, Sinaloa is strategically positioned to do business with the US, Canada and Asia. 3. SINALOA: NATURAL RESOURCES & PRIVILEGED LOCATION Multiple microclimates and an abundance of water make Sinaloa one of the most fertile and versatile locations in the world for food production. 11 rivers 2 million hectares of agricultural land +650 Km of Coastline 4. SINALOA: NATURAL RESOURCES & PRIVILEGED LOCATION The natural access to the Sierra Madre and the Worlds Aquarium: The Sea of Cortes, contribute to making Sinaloa an attractive Tourism destination. Historical landmarks Variety of landscapes: Mountains, valleys, sea.- Copper Canyon- Tropic of Cancer- Estuarine Region, etc. 5. SINALOA: SKILLED & EFFICIENT HUMAN RESOURCES Export oriented culture High Productivity Advanced technical education Low turnover Hard working people Excellent Labor EnvironmentSuccess stories: Sumitomo, Delphi & Walbro, in the automotive industry. 3.7% of domestic employment with 21% of population & 2.0% of GDP 6. SINALOA: EVOLUTION IN INFRASTRUCTURELos MochisTopolobampo 2 Ports on the Pacific Ocean 3 International Airports Culiacn +600 direct flights per weekMazatln 7. SINALOA: EVOLUTION IN INFRASTRUCTURETo WestTo EastUSA & Central USA Linked to NAFTA by 650 Km of 4 lanes Los Mochis highways and a railroad system.Topolobampo The closest route from the Pacific Ocean to the Eastern USA market by train.Culiacn To East Mexico MazatlnTo Central & South Mexico 8. SINALOA: EFFICIENT PRODUCTIONSinaloa: The food leader in Mexico 37% of tomato 21% of potato 43% of cucumber 21% of corn 61% of tuna 10% on mango 51% of chick pea 4% of meat 13% of sardine 2% of wheat 30% of shrimp +10 M Ton in 2 M Hectares +US $750 M exports of produce 9. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OUTLOOK 10. A CLEAR MAP FOR GROWTH Activities Valueto IncubateBiotechnologyNutraceuticsAutomotiveActivities to Promote Electronic Eq. TourismTools & Mach. Food ProcessingChemical Ind. Auto parts Foundation VA Logistics Serv. SoftwareActivitiesEnergy MiningHealthcare Food production Entertainment Time 11. MAIN DRIVERS FOR GROWTHCurrent strengthsLeadership in bioeconomy & clean energy New Information Technology Value ChainRegional development triggersTouristic Development of the Sea of CortesLogistic & commercial corridorsAutomotive & manufacturing industryOther industries 12. MORE FOOD MORE VALUEAn ever increasing platform for agriculture technology & food biotechnology through: 7 research centers 7 universities 27 academic programs 120 researchers 241 projects 13 international operators+250 companies oriented toward supplying Agribusiness.35% of domestic sheltered agriculture is based at Sinaloa.Sinaloa: The largest food Tech Park & the most productive & profitable investment in the Mexican Food sector. 13. INNOVATION IN BIOFUELS & CLEAN ENERGY- Pioneering the biofuels industry in Mexico 2 corn ethanol plants under construction & 2 more in project Biodiesel plant on evaluation- Clean Energy Potential (Minihydroelectric, Eolic y LNG) 13 points with hydroelectric potential, identified by CFEHigh energy production 6 eolic antennas to determine actual potentialpotential as a product of available biomass, Strategic port in Topolobampo for supplyingdams in hydrological basins, NW Mexico with natural gas sea air currents in the shore,and an entry port for Natural Gas from the Pacific. 14. SINALOA: A MODEL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTPositioning Sinaloa as the first EcoRegion in America, we seek to produce and live under strong principles, criteria, and certified sustainability processes.Goals such as sustainability will place us in a leading position concerning global macrotrends.This allows us to differentiate and add value Means to our entire offer with: Clean crops Clean cities Flavorful and clean food. Clean products BiodiversitySustainability Education Tourism potential in the Sea of Cortes Clean water and the Sierra Madre.Actions in development, such as the Sustainable Shore Development Program, Sinaloa- BID 15. LOGISTICS DEVELOPMENTTo West To East USA& Central USA New Logistics Platform to be developed connecting East USA market with Asia:Los Mochis Multimodal Platform in TopolobampoTopolobampo Cold Storage & Transfer Center in GuasaveGuasave Multimodal Dry Port in Culiacan Intermodal MultiPort in MazatlanCuliacnTo East Mexico Mazatln To Central& South Mexico 16. NORTHERN LOGISTICS CORRIDOR (TOPOLOBAMPO TEXAS)Project includes: Draft to 48 ft Free Trade Zone Logistics Platform Manufacturing Industrial Park Exhibition Center for Oriental Products(Chinamex Mart) New Freeway: Topolobampo - Chihuahua - Texas Railroad service revamping 17. NORTHERN LOGISTICS CORRIDOR (TOPOLOBAMPO TEXAS) Development, through Mexico, of the most efficient logistical, industrial and commercial link between the Asian and the Central and Eastern U.S. Markets.Common Vision for Regional Development, Sinaloa- Sonora-Chihuahua-TexasThe shortest route fromthe Pacific Ocean to the great Eastern USA Market 18. TRANSVERSAL CORRIDOR (MAZATLAN - MATAMOROS) A new project in infrastructure, ensuring an efficient route to the Pacific Ocean, for northern and central states.Completion with Federal Government support of Durango Mazatlan highway. Mazatlan Port development. Port expansion. Construction of new roads. 19. SINALOA: NEW SOFTWARE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CHAIN Coordination between the Ministry of Economy and the academic sector: International Certification for businesses and graduates Business Incubators Technology-Education parks Software exportationSinaloa has: 2.6 % of National population 5.0 % of IT StudentsIT graduates emigration in Sinaloa: 2004: 32 % 2006: 3 % 20. SINALOA: TOURISM SPACE, OFFER AND EXPERIENCESinaloas Integral Tourism Plan:CPTMSECTUR FONATUR & CPTM PLAN AVANTE Institutional Structure Infrastructure & Promotion Development Strategy 21. SINALOA: TOURISM SPACE, OFFER AND EXPERIENCE Tourism Investment (MM USD) 397210 110 4404 05 06 07 22. SINALOA: TOURISM SPACE, OFFER AND EXPERIENCE Clearly defined development poles: Integral renewal of Mazatlan, historical city of sun and beaches. Golf Coast, taking advantage of availability, and land and water cost. Copper Canyon corridor, integrating with the gateway to Chihuahuas development.Benefiting from certain strengths and icons: Sea of Cortes, Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon, Tropic of Cancer Hospitality and relaxation Excellent Food and a rich cultural-historical heritage. 23. SINALOA:IN THE GREAT PROJECT OF THE SEA OF CORTES- A trigger for developing sustainable tourism to the worlds aquarium, integrated with the Sierra Madre - Creation in Mazatlan of the first Home Port in the Mexican Pacific inaloa represents in the Sea of Cortes: 4% of its coast 5% of its insular territory 9% of available sweet water in the river basins 2% of its population is located closer than 40Km to the coast 24. BUSINESS CONSISTENCY Sinaloa has a healthy business environment, supported by organizations such as the Council for Sinaloas Development. A Private and Government backed, decentralized, non profit organization. It helps coordinate the efforts to define Sinaloas Long Term Economic Development Strategies. The states Governor acts as Council President with a representative from the Business sector acting as Executive President. This gives a structure that transcends the governments administrative period. 25. BUSINESS CONSISTENCY Sinaloa provides competitive incentives to attract foreign investment.- Preferential treatment on acquisitions of industrial land & warehouses.- Substantial tax reductions: Public Registry of Property tax State payroll tax. Real State acquisition EL CIUDADANO RENATO VEGA ALVARADO, Gobernador Constitucional del Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa, a sus habitantes hace saber:Que por el H. Congreso del mismo, se le ha comunicado lo siguiente: Use of Land tax El H. Congreso del Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa, representado por su Quinuagsima Quinta Legislatura, ha tenido a bien expedir el siguiente,DECRETO NMERO 166* Water supply and sewer rights LEY DE FOMENTO A LA INVERSIN PARA EL DESARROLLO ECONMICODEL ESTADO DE SINALOA Construction permitsTTULO I DISPOSICIONES GENERALESARTCULO 1o. Esta Ley es de orden pblico y de inters social, de observancia general Used motor vehicles tax en el Estado de Sinaloa. Su aplicacin corresponde al Ejecutivo del Estado por conducto de la Secretara de Desarrollo Econmico y a aquellas instancias previstas en la misma Ley.ARTCULO 2o. La presente Ley tiene por objeto impulsar el desarrollo econmico del Estado, a travs del establecimiento de polticas que estimulen la inversin y el empleo y favorezcan la consolidacin de la alianza estratgica entre el Gobierno y los sectores privado y social de Sinaloa. Dentro del objeto de la Ley se buscar cumplir con los- Custom tailored incentives packages. siguientes fines:I. Fomentar la inversin para el desarrollo econmico de la Entidad sobre basessustentables, promoviendo nuevas inversiones y favoreciendo el crecimiento de lasya existentes;II. Promover la desregulacin econmica y simplificacin administrativa a fin de crear un entorno altamente favorable y competitivo para impulsar las actividades econmicas;- Permanent support from CITs key-account executives.* Publicado en el P.O. No. 143, de 27 de noviembre de 1996. 26. YOUR IDEAL PLATFORM FOR BUSINESS BusinessPlatformStabilityProfitabilityConsistencyPermanence Benefits People Productivity Tourism BusinessGov relationship Infrastructure Logistic Demographic AcademicAttributes IndustrialGeographic LocationNatural Resources 27. SOME AVAILABLE SUPPLY PICKLE CUCUMBER (Estimation 2007-2008)Pickle cucumbers are grown in fertile lands of the State of Sinaloa, Mxi