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BushWear celebrates 10 years with a 16 page brochure filled with articles, advice and 10% savings across every item in the catalogue throughout July.


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    BushWear is10

    10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013!


    100Game Changing


    Steps To A Better Roe Rut

    BushWear CreditTo Be Won

  • Where have the last 10 years gone? It seems like only yesterday we printed our rst 12 page catalogue, lled simply with a selection of Swanndri jackets. We remember clearly sitting in our

    cramped, damp little farm-based of ce, watching with great excitement as the rst ever BushWear order starting to reel off the fax machine. It raises smiles round the of ce now, but having to call our rst ever customer to say Due to supply issues... perhaps you would prefer blue? Oh and perhaps large instead of medium? was no laughing matter.Not the most auspicious start but it taught us the most important lesson: to be totally open and honest with our customers. People appreciate when you are proactive, let them know the issue and let them know exactly how it will be solved. From those rst days our ethos has remained the same; our customers are our absolute focus and we hope over the last 10 years we have not disappointed those customers who have joined us on this journey. We have undoubtedly made mistakes, but importantly when they occur we admit our errors and ensure our customers are sorted as quickly as possible and always leave us delighted with their experience.

    Another very valuable lesson has been the importance of choosing the right suppliers to work with. We pride ourselves on getting the best possible products to our customers in the shortest possible time, to do this relies heavily on nding some of the best manufacturers and distributors in the world. Over the last ten years we have built a very strong relationship with our key brands like Harkila, Meindl and Swarovski, ensuring not only great products, quickly delivered, but aftercare second to none.The last 10 years have been a whirlwind, it has seen our catalogue increase from 12 pages to over 100 pages, it has seen us increase from one supplier to over a hundred, it has seen the warehouse grow from a glori ed garden shed to a modern 5000sq ft industrial unit, it has seen two key stores open in Scotland with more to follow, and it has seen the team grow from just two to now over 11.The BushWear of today is unrecognisable to the BushWear of 10 years ago and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those customers who joined the BushWear family to make this possible.

    - Andrew & Alisdair

    Over the years our catalogue covers have displayed photographs from some of the UKs leading wildlife photographers. To commemorate our next main catalogue we want you, our customers, to submit prospective front cover images for this special commemorative issue. Our front cover is literally a blank canvas and we welcome submissions ranging from crayon drawings and witty

    cartoons, to professional paintings and wildlife photos. All submissions need to be made to cover@bushwear.co.uk no later than the glorious 12th of August. The winning cover will not only have the prestige of being our commemorative front cover but the winner will receive 100 in BushWear credit.See bushwear.co.uk/cover for more details and T&Cs.

    A Nostalgic Thank You

    Win 100 BushWear CreditAnd Have Your Art Reach Over 300,000 Customers!

    "Bringing you the best in Outdoor Clothing"

    The Swanndri LegendDirect to your Door

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    www.bushwear.co.uk 7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland Tel: 0845 226 0469 Fax: 0845 226 9329




    Pigeon Shooting


    Summer 2009




    BushWear0845 226 0469www.bushwear.co.uk

    Rotisserie 59.99code:346902

    Manual Sausage stuffer 29.99code:346914

    Meat Mincer 19.99code:346912

    Sausage Stuffer 74.99 code:346901

    Burger Maker 9.99 code:346913

    See Pages 76 & 77





    See p72The Bush Hide59.99code:316920

    See p49

    T8 Muffler8.99code:316907

    Shooting Sticks34.99code:306903See p54

    See p57

    Magnet Pole9.99code:316917

    See p55

    0845 226 0469 www.bushwear.co.uk7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk

    BushWear0845 226 0469

    SUMMER 2010




    BushWear0845 226 0469


    0845 226 0469 www.bushw7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwea


    SPORTING 12/13


    Sporting 12 13.indd 1 9/6/2012 2:22:46 PM

    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk

    0845 226 0469 www.bushwear.co.uk7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk

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    BushWear0845 226 0469

    SUMMER 2013




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    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Commemorative ClothingCustomers have increasingly been asking us to produce garments with our iconic Kiwi logo on them so this summer, in honour of our 10th Birthday, we have produced a number of limited edition T-Shirts, PoloShirts, Hoodies and Rugby Shirts. Made using the highest quality cottons and vinyl decals these garments will last for years and have a striking image.

    The T-shirts and polo-shirts need little explanation, the rugby shirt features a prominent white piping on the seams, and the hoodie has a handy kangaroo pocket. We may start producing more elaborate designs, so if youd like to see more - including Buck Wear style front printed illustrated garments - please get in touch. Your feedback is important!

    T-Shirt Large KiwiCode: 906901 M-2XL was 10.99

    T-Shirt Small KiwiCode: 906902 M-2XL was 10.99

    HoodieCode: 906905 M-2XL was 34.99

    Rugby ShirtCode: 906904 M-2XL was 49.99

    Polo ShirtCode: 906903 M-2XL was 19.99

    GWT Charity WristbandCode: 9069009.899.89

    31.49 44.99 17.99


    BushWear is proud to help support the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust, an excellent organisation supporting gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies and their families in their time of need, be it nancial hardship, ill health or retirement. A minimum of 1 from each sale will be donated to the Trust.


    10 YEARS

    10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013



  • BushWear BrainWavesNot only have the team at BushWear sourced some of the best products from the best suppliers in the world, but when a product didnt exist, we found a way to make it. Sometimes, this was simply a case of nding a way to make an existing product more affordable; other times it was taking a new idea from concept to market.

    As active hunters ourselves we take a great deal of pride in developing and launching products to solve problems and enhance the hunting experience. BushWear have taken a number of products all the way from a simple sketch on a napkin to being among the UKs top selling hunting products.

    The BushStick is such an iconic product for us. This was the rst item we manufactured for ourselves and is arguably one of our founding products. It is fair to say it was not a BushWear idea, but BushWear innovation found a way to manufacture the product more ef ciently and get it to market below half the price of the competitor.

    The T8 moderator quickly became the industry standard and was being tted to ri es all over the UK - a fantastic silencer with one real aw: it made a very audible ting if clipped by a twig or undergrowth when out stalking. The BushMuf er idea was born: a very simple neoprene sleeve to roll down the moderator to prevent any contact between undergrowth and metal. In the early launch days there was such demand we had a waiting list!

    The convenience, comfort, and price of the BushHide made all other hides obsolete overnight. A brilliantly simple idea: a comfortable folding chair with a waterproof canopy attached. By simply opening the chair, the waterproof canopy popped up and over to completely conceal the chair and user, providing total camou age concealment and waterproof protection.

    The BushKnife is a trusty friend. We were inundated with stalkers annoyed at losing their expensive knife somewhere on the hill, so we set out to make a knife with a good blade, a grippy and bright handle with a price tag making it easy to replace should you drop it. The BushKnife was a complete success and is still, years later, our top selling knife.

    This sorely missed compact stainless steel hunting saw - still asked for on a daily basis - allowed you to swiftly cut through bone and cartilage as the teeth cut on both the push and pull stroke. The handle was designed to give a sure t in the hand with a high-grip, textured rubber nish. We will be bringing the BushSaw out of retirement so keep an eye open for it in our Sporting 13/14 catalogue.

    Have you encountered problems which you think a simple new product would solve? We receive lots of calls from customers keen to see us develop new products to meet their needs entirely. We cant always help - some products simply wouldnt be viable for us - but we are always keen to talk new product ideas with customers; after all you are the best sounding board there is. If you have some product ideas dont hesitate to call us or simply email products@bushwear.co.uk

    BushSticks 3 Pole: 306903 2 Pole: 316902 was 29.99 was 19.99

    17.99 10.7971.9926.99

    In Stock!

    Due Sept

    Due Sept

    In Stock!

    In Stock!

    The BushMufflerCode: 316907 was 11.99

    The BushHideCode: 316920 was 79.99

    The BushSawCode: 316913 was 7.99 7.19

    This sorely missed compact stainless

    The BushKnifeCode: 316921 was 4.99 4.49


    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Game ChangersBushWear has always prided itself on bringing you the newest innovative products that not only make your life easier, but make your shooting experience more memorable and often more successful. To celebrate our birthday we asked the staff at bushwear to suggest products which have, over the last 10 years, been game changers - products which have changed the face of shooting forever.

    Not every innovation involves bounding technological leaps; it is often a simple, well executed idea solving a time old problem that leads to the most exciting and useful products. There were some obvious choices and some real surprises, so without further ado may we present BushWears 10 Game Changing Products as well as some words from the people who bring you these amazing items.

    Remember: every itemin thiscataloguethroughoutJuly 2013%O

    FF10 (discounts show

    n)Pro Hunter JacketCode: 101325 was 399.99

    Pro Hunter TrousersCode: 101324 was 239.99

    Genuine Customer Care



    A ve year warranty that revolutionised waterproof clothing in the UK. Until Harkila stuck its head over the parapet no clothing brand had the faith in its kit to provide such a warranty, but provide they did, and for good reason; the Prohunter is practically bomb-proof ( gure of speech please dont try at home). The tough outer fabric is made from super strong, abrasion resistant cordura, which takes the rough and tumble of country sports in its stride. This in turn protects the all important layer of Gore-Tex which gives 100% wind and waterproof protection, while allowing your skin to breathe. A considerable proportion of BushWear customers are professional users; our gamekeepers and ghillies view clothing more like tools than garments, so if anyone can kill a jacket it is these guys. When they ask what garment will give them guaranteed waterproo ng and years of faithful service the answer is easy: ProHunter. We have sold this series for about 7 years now and I can count on two hands how many times the warranty has ever been called into question. Put simply Harkila put their money where their mouth is, the Prohunter is hassle free performance. - Andrew

    Harkila launched onto the UK market at about the same time BushWear printed its rst main catalogue. Harkila has been proud to partner BushWear from those early days, an association which has seen both brands grow to take pride of place among the best on the market.

    What has set BushWear apart from other retailers is their genuine customer care, the boys at BushWear will go above and beyond to help customers, before, during and even after the sale. - Ewen Steel (Seeland/Harkila UK)




  • My Grannie Ellas words of wisdom have stuck with me my entire life, A ya need is a guid bed and a guid pair o buits, if yer no in wan yer in the tither.She was a wise woman and ignore her at your peril! From this you can derive 2 things:

    I need a pay rise for a better bed I have a pair of Dovre.

    I know these boots from two different perspectives, as well as wearing a pair myself, I work in Customer Services so I know what products come back, and these boots are so good they dont come back. I have had my set for two years now; I use them intensively between beating on my local shoot, daily dog walks, and when fortunate enough to get an invite (hint hint) Roe and Red stalking. I cant say they look as good as the day I got them, beating is tough on boots, but they show no signs of needing replaced anytime soon. I would recommend the Dovre to anyone looking for comfortable boots, guaranteed waterproof and to give years of faithful service. - Steve

    Dovre Extreme

    Dovre Extreme GTXCode: 202207 was 224.99 202.49

    Professional ServiceBushwear have offered a totally professional service to the stalking market over the last 10 years and have consistently provided excellent product knowledge to Meindl users for many years. Congratulations on reaching 10 years and we look forward to the next decade. - Alastair Bramwell (Meindl UK)

    Height: 26cm Weight: 980gLiner: Gore-Tex Upper: Waxed Leather Mid-Sole: Semi-Rigid Sole: Vibram Multigriff

    A non-waterproof trouser? That will never sell! so they said; The Hermelin trouser has over two thousand very happy customers who would refute that statement. So how did this non-waterproof trouser take the stalking world by storm? The answer is simple, the fabric. A light weight paraf n treated polycotton which is tough enough for daily toil, repels a light shower, and dries lightning fast once wet. Not only was it a great fabric it was a great design. I hate trousers with silly little pockets all in the wrong place, the Hermelins have a host of useful pockets and all at the right size to take a knife or box of bullets. - Drew


    Hermelin TrousersCode: 101451 was 64.99 58.49


    every itemin thiscataloguethroughoutJuly 2013


    (discounts shown)


    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Every year the Panther continues to be our top selling highseat. This is for the simple reason it is a fantastic product at a fantastic price. The Panther was one of the rst BushWear brand items we brought to market and when it rst arrived it made a big splash. The German version on the market at that time was almost three times the price and outwith most stalkers budget.The Panther is so portable it can be carried in and out of the location while stalking and folds to t into the back of most cars. We have sadly seen a huge increase in the amount of vandalism occurring to static highseats and in some places stalkers have no choice but to use a portable option. With a super light and strong aluminium construction it weighs in at just 12.5kg, folds down to just 1.3m, and erects in seconds with no removable parts to lose and no tools required to erect, adjust or disassemble. The Panther was an easy choice for our top ten Game changers as it has pretty much become a household name for portable highseats in the UK. The Panther legacy continues and there have been bolt on products, such as the Cub and Den, which have enhanced its functionality, but at the very core the Panther is still an unbeatable choice for the UK stalker. - Andrew


    TP Hide

    The Panther HighseatCode: 316923 was 199.99

    The TP HideCode: 316947 was 54.99



    10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013



    The TP changed hides overnight as the use of sprung steel gave shooters and photographers a hide which literally sprung into shape in seconds. No ghting with tools or poles, the hide just simply pops up and voil you have a totally weatherproof den.The TP hide has given us years of amusement, for those of you who know sprung steel products I am sure you will recall the eureka moment when you grasped the technique for folding them. Male pride is brilliant, we have seen customers accept a 7ft hide taking prime position in their living rooms for upwards of 3 days before nally admitting defeat (we assume under duress from the other half.) The technique is so simple, never twist them, just fold the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top and job done. We even have a video online for proof. - Alisdair

    Height: 200cmWidth: 140cmDepth: 100cm


    20 DeliveryCharge




    Sniper Shadow

    Sniper ShadowCode: 314256 was 199.99 179.99

    Camera Traps have now become common place around the countryside but 7 years ago when we rst introduced Stealth Cameras the technology was revolutionary. It is amazing how quickly this technology has moved; the rst cameras were 1mp and now we have 8mp HD at similar prices. The Sniper Shadow camera has marked another leap forward with the advent of Black IR, giving complete incognito performance. This camera emits absolutely no light when taking pictures, day or night. These cameras were intended for wildlife observation, but soon found favour with keepers wanting to know exactly who is moving about at night. - Steve

    DedicationRarely do we get the opportunity and privilege to work with a company who values their customers as much as BushWear. Their commitment and dedication to sourcing the best products, combined with their continual drive for improvements and upgrades, makes us proud to count them as one of our most preferred partners.

    Happy birthday guys, and best wishes for the next 10 years. - Eddie (Stealth Cam USA)

    Gone are the days of mucking around with multiple mouth and hand calls. The introduction of this machine in 2010 revolutionised calling for thousands across the UK, Bushwear staff included. After the rst night out I was hooked, quality digital reproductions simply left mouth calls in the dark! Since 2010 the original Spit re has evolved into the Wild re, with upgrades including the number of calls, volume control, and the introduction of Foxbang. The Wild re is an easy choice for a BushWear game changer, it changed fox shooting overnight. - Arthur


    Wildfire Digital CallerCode: 315715 was 199.99179.99


    10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013


    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Trigger Sticks

    Seeker Elgeeco

    Trigger Stick BipodCode: 316964 was 79.99

    Cyclops SeekerCode: 314244 was 29.99

    Elgeeco New Larsen TrapCode: 365677 was 29.99


    26.99 26.99

    The Roe is 50 yards away and considering if you are friend or foe. You have been too scared to breathe for 20 minutes, moving a millimeter at a time into a shooting position. The Roe starts getting twitchy as that amazing 6th sense kicks in, you raise your shooting sticks and to your horror the ground is: As lumpy as school custard As at as a camels back As even as the moonEnter the Primos Trigger Stick to solve this nightmare problem overnight! The trigger stick mechanism absolutely revolutionised the functionality and practicality of the shooting stick. A brilliantly simple mechanism which, with the pull of a trigger, releases the locking system in all legs. The legs adjust seamlessly and silently to the terrain and angle you are shooting from. No more fumbling with twist lock legs; simply pull the trigger, let the legs automatically adjust, release the trigger and - Hey Presto! - a perfect shooting platform. Not only this, but if the deer moves you can silently and instantly adjust to track it. - Andrew

    The Cyclops made our top ten for one simple reason: price. It launched on the market at a fraction of the cost of all its competitors, giving vermin shooters a handheld 3,000,000 candle power, 12v light and lter, all with change from 30. - Drew

    The Elgeeco trap has been a phenomenon since we started selling it last summer, this clam shell trap fools even the wiliest of corvids every time. This simple and effective trap used in conjunction with a call bird (not included!) will lure corvid after corvid to their demise. - Alisdair

    10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013

    You got this one right; a total game changer, it has taken the US by storm and by all accounts, with the help of BushWear, its doing the same in the UK.

    BushWear provide the kind of excellent customer service wed expect back home and were proud to partner with them. Happy hunting! - Will (Primos)

    Proud to Partner




  • For many the rut represents the highlight of their sporting calendar, few events are met with such excitement and anticipation..."Has it started?", "Is it in full swing?", "Have you seen anything?", "Have I missed it?!" Yes it's that time of year again: the roe rut. We look forward to it, predict when it will be, search for signs, and fret when we think we've missed it.

    Early summer sees customers the length and breadth of the country asking us if we have heard reports of rutting activity yet. To honour this magestic time of the season we have asked some of the experts at BushWear to contribute with some of their top tips to enhance your Rut experience.

    The Rut DissectedSix Ways To Enhance Your Roe Buck Rut

    with some of their top tips to enhance your Rut experience.

    1. Deer Sight with Andrew

    2. Deer Smell with Drew

    3. Deer Taste with Steve

    Evolution has ensured deer have exceptional eyesight and they are very quick to detect the slightest movement and anything out of the ordinary. Few people give a second thought to what they wash their clothing in but it is so important to understand the effect of UV Brighteners and deer vision. Washing powders leave a UV residue, which is completely invisible to us but glows bright blue to a deer, rendering your camou age useless. TechWash leaves no such residue to thwart your rut.

    Salt is an essential mineral for a number of vital bodily functions in deer. As mammals are unable to create their own salt, it must be sourced from their surroundings. Deer naturally crave salt and once a lick site is established deer will start to frequent the area with a predictable regularity.

    A deers strongest asset is its sense of smell, being a naturally inquisitive animal, they are always interested in new scents in their territory. If you are trying to pull deer into a certain area then the use of Aniseed spray will cause great interest and can work to great effect.

    Nikwax TechWash 300mlCode: 102803 was 4.75

    Anis Salt Block 10kg Code: 316954 was 14.99

    Anis Salt Block 2kg Code: 317304 was 4.99

    Concentrated Anis Oil 100mlCode: 313305 was 14.99





    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • 4. Do Your Trophy Justice with Alisdair

    5. The Art of Calling with Iain (Honorary Staff)

    To cut or not to cut?In my role as a CIC trophy assessor, it pains me to see the number of fantastic trophies brought to me which appear to have been cut using a chainsaw, instead of some precision sawing. In the rst place it is important to say skulls should not be cut prior to measuring, it affects the scoring (Get them measured whole skull - you can always cut them afterwards!).

    To cut the trophy properly is so easy, simply soak the skull in plain water for 48 hours before cutting. To ensure a consistent cut I would highly recommend a sawing jig, this will allow you to make your cut at and gives you the same result every time. The jig is simple to use and locks the skull in place, the sawing guide ensures the saw makes a smooth cut time and time again.

    Good luck to all over the coming weeks. Why dont you let us hear about your success stories with the little black call?

    OBSERVE. The deer know more about this rutting business than you do. Make it your business to learn from them. Regular observation is key.

    PRACTICE. Deer use a variety of calls and their hearing is a lot better than ours. Often it pays to muf e the call by keeping it in a pocket. Try using it at different times of the day.

    GET IN POSITION. A call is more likely to work if you can see the animal you are calling to and you are more likely to succeed in calling an animal to a wood from open ground than from a wood to open ground.

    BE PATIENT. If you are calling inside a wood you must give the deer a chance to locate you by sound. The call is not a magic bullet, its an inducement and mature animals in particular tend to be wary thats why they are mature.

    TAKE IT EASY. Over-enthusiastic use will alert your deer to your presence, and persistent calling is as likely to clear the wood as draw the deer to you.

    BE SELECTIVE. Good use of the call gives us as deer managers the chance to be selective, its as much about what to leave as what to take.

    Bleaching PowderCode: 353804 was 11.99

    Roe Sawing JigCode: 351301 was 29.9910.79



    Now Ive often thought that using a roe call is a bit like learning to play the bagpipes: Dif cult to master, confusing for the audience, and very mysterious to those who lack the skills. But fear not; we can all now take advantage of one of the great gizmos in the modern stalkers armoury: the Buttolo!

    While its yet to make experts of us all, our small rubber friend has produced a level playing eld which gives the chance to use its charms to entice the unwary and hormonally charged towards us. Here are some of the top tips of how to make the best use of it and maximise your chances:

    The ButtoloCode: 312716 was 19.99

    6. Bug Prevention with StevieThe warmer summer months bring with them the relentless attentions of both midges and ticks. Many a stalker has been chased from his highseat by the affections of the midge cloud.Worse still is the real threat of Lymes disease, ticks are on the rise and removing them correctly is of paramount importance.

    OTom Tick Hooks Code: 395801 was 6.99

    Avon Skin So Soft Code: 396903 was 4.99



    every itemin thiscataloguethroughoutJuly 2013


    (discounts shown)



  • Tukka


    The Summer barbecue season often sees freezers raided and the hard earned stash of venison burgers all but depleted; but the British make the most of what little good weather we get across the year - its BBQ time!

    Restock your freezer with a selection of mouth watering burger, sausage and Summer smoking ideas provided by the boys at BushWear (Those who know us can attest: here at BushWear we like our food!)

    Game tends to be a fairly lean meat which can often make it very dry when cooked. A good way around this is to add some pork belly; this just makes them a little bit more juicy and gives them a bit of fat to help during cooking.My favourite recipe is an easy choice and so simple to do, just cheat and use the Caramelised Onion and Cracked Black Pepper mix (Code: 345025). The mix does 10lbs of meat, so 7-8lbs of Venison and 2-3lbs of Pork Belly. Simply add 3 eggs and 3 diced onions, give it all a good stir and then leave it in the fridge for half an hour to let the mix settle and the avours mature.

    You are now ready to start thumping out your burgers, just remember the papers if you plan to freeze them !

    Basic Game Prep Kit In association with Scotlands Natural LarderCode: 690190 Individual Item Combined Value 74.99 50.00


    by buyingthis kit.Thats a saving of a third over buying the individual items!


    (discount shown)

    So you have your game or venison and you want to make it more interesting than a roast, but you just dont know where to start. Look no further, as the team here at Bushwear have collaborated with Scottish Natural Heritage and have pulled together a fantastic selection of products which will allow you to process your own meat. This kit has everything you need to get started from the butchering process to the nished product - all you need is a mincer and a griddle (Unfortunately we wont cook them for you!)

    Kit contains:1 Flex Board Set

    1 Mora Curved Boning Knife5 Disposable Aprons

    10 Nitrile Gloves1 Mega Bowl

    25 Small Freezer Bags1 Royal Venison Burger Mix300 (approx) Burger Papers

    1 Small Tray1 Sharpie

    Freezer Labels Recipe Cards


    Drews BushBurgers - What Deer Were Made For


    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Tukka


    The Bradley smoker revolutionised my world of smoking from experiments often resulting in scorched, singed, and shrivelled morsels to a serious means to avour and cook food.

    The Bradley is so easy to use, it gets hot enough to cook food like an oven while automatically feeding the avoured wood bisquettes onto the heating element, releasing the smoke and giving your meat such intense avours words do them an injustice. It is impossible for me to articulate the taste explosion of a skewered hot smoked baked potato, lathered in butter with some freshly smoked bacon rashers layered in between. For those who know me, the choice of bisquette is obvious: Bourbon.

    The secret to my velvety-soft sausages is double mincing; the simple act of mincing the batch twice makes the meat so soft and tender. I apply the same venison to pork belly ratio as the burgers and simply add my favourite sausage mix: Hot and Spicy Sausage. There are lots of products out there to help you stuff your sausages; some of the presses are great but I found them to be just one more thing to wash. I would much rather simply stuff directly from the mincer. The choice of skins is important: the a cionados correctly insist on only hog casings but I simply dont have time to ght with them. Devro skins are a collagen based alternative which are hassle free, last for months, and give consistent results.

    Youngs Electric MincerCode: 345013 was 209.99

    Hot & Spicy Sausage MixCode: 345018 was 7.00

    Devro Sausage CasingsCode: 345007 was 9.99

    Bradley Counter Top SmokerCode: 346314 was 194.99

    Bradley Smoking Bisquettes 48pkCode: 346305 was 17.99Available in: Apple, Alder, Cherry, Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, Special Blend, Maple, Pecan, Bourbon. Please Note: Packs are one avour only.





    Enjoy Steves Sausage With Friends

    Andrew Smokes Up A Storm




  • Food PoopsCode: 131238Size: M-2XL 2 Smoke em DeerCode: 131223 M-3XL 3Potatoes & GravyCode: 131205 S-3XL

    7 PrioritiesCode: 131225 S-3XL6 MotivationCode: 131214 S-3XL

    10Smoke em BoarCode: 131236 M-2XL

    5 Innocent AnimalsCode: 131201 S-3XL

    9 Smoke em SkullCode: 131235 M-2XL

    4 Call in SickCode: 131202 S-3XL

    8 Buck OpsCode: 131228 M-2XL




    16.19July price:Top 10 BuckWear


    These T-shirts took the UK shooting fraternity by storm.

    Specialising in hunting apparel for the outdoors enthusiast, Buck Wear aim to make

    the coolest designs for their customers to say I love hunting!

    Each shirt features high end realistic art, funny one- liners, or a little bit of attitude.

    Unless otherwise stated, the prints are on the back of the T-Shirt. Heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Quality screenprinted Hunting and Fishing T-Shirts that will stand the test of time. Machine washable, suitable for tumble drying, and not that you would but please do not iron them!


    every item in thiscatalogue for the

    month of July!(discounted prices shown)


    Food Poops

    These T-shirts took the UK shooting fraternity by storm.

    customers to say I love hunting! Each shirt features high end realistic art, funny one- liners, or a little bit of attitude.

    Food PoopsFood Poops#1 Best seller!


    7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469

  • Simply put, you wont nd other full-featured hunting boots enhanced with the revolutionary GORE-TEX Scent-Lok membranes at a lower price anywhere. These innovative linings are not only 100% waterproof and breathable, but also reduce your scent. Whats more, the Pinnacle now has an improved t to ensure the most comfortable boots possible, with lightweight comfort and zero break-in time.

    The waterproof, full-grain leather uppers are out tted with 900-denier nylon panels and the exteriors are fashioned with rubber toecaps and heel counters to prevent the damage caused by snags and rocky trail hazards. The cam o EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles provide incredible shock absorp tion and promote biting traction over many terrain types.

    Since 2011 Cabelas, the worlds foremost out tter of hunting, shing and outdoor gear, has teamed up with BushWear to bring a selection of their core outdoor products to the UK market for the rst time.

    Cabelas have grown to dominate the American market by offering a huge range of high quality products at unbeatable prices and BushWear is proud to be able to offer this same quality and value to you.

    Cabelas have grown to dominate the American market by offering a huge range of high quality products at unbeatable prices and BushWear

    Remember: every itemin thiscataloguethroughoutJuly 2013%O

    FF10 (discounts show


    Pinnacle Boot Code: 108305 was 139.99Size: 8-12 Height: 21cm

    Outfitter Classic CapCode: 108310 One Size was 9.99

    Please state colour preference when ordering.

    Camoskinz II GoreTex GlovesCode: 108308S-2XL was 34.99

    Big Game Fleece (Olive)Code: 108311 M-2XL was 44.99

    Camoskinz II Gripper GlovesCode: 108309 S-2XL was 14.99

    Range Bag with Cleaning KitCode: 308307 was 24.99

    Wind Brake Watch CapCode: 108307 One Size was 9.99








    Black Olive Red Navy Stone Khaki



  • The Next 10 YearsWhats On The Horizon For BushWear?

    Starting with the launch of our new website, this Summer should see some giant leaps forward for our customers digital interactions. The new site has been months in development and will see huge improvements in functionality and accessibility, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable online experience. We are evolving our online presence into much more than just an online store: we will be providing you with year-round blog updates with tips, editorial pieces and all the latest product innovation news that you just cant wait for your catalogue to know more about. At BushWear we pride ourselves on our long-standing rapport with our customers and our primary focus has always been - and always will be - customer service. This is why, alongside the launch of the new BushWear website this Summer, we are committed to embracing social media in a big way. These changes are all aimed at giving you a better experience and giving you more ways to get directly in touch with us for help with a product, suggestions on kit or even just advice on any facet of your shooting and outdoor experience. For those of you already on FaceBook and Twitter please follow us to keep up to date with new developments, new product launches etc.

    The last 10 years has seen two stand alone BushWear stores opened in Scotland. We are striving to open store number three in the near future and it would be great to hear from you where you think a store would be well received. We are likely to keep our bricks and mortar stores within Scotland but if there is an obvious opportunity elsewhere in the UK we are all ears. Please email any thoughts or feedback you have on new or current stores to shops@bushwear.co.ukLastly, throughout this catalogue you will have noticed we are eager for your input on how we run, how we could improve and what products you would like to see. We cant stress enough: Your feedback is important. If you ever want to send comment, praise or grievances directly to the company owners, Andrew and Alisdair, then please do not hesitate to email us on; md@bushwear.co.uk. We want to know if you enjoyed this magalogue, if you want more articles or more products from us, and how we can improve to help you more. Your opinion really does shape the day-to-day evolution of our BushWear family, and once again we would like to thank you for being a part of it.






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    - Andrew & Alisdair


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