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BushWear celebrates 10 years with a 16 page brochure filled with articles, advice and 10% savings across every item in the catalogue throughout July.


<ul><li><p>7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland</p><p>info@bushwear.co.ukwww.bushwear.co.uk</p><p>0845 226 0469</p><p>WearBush</p><p>BushWear is10</p><p>10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013!</p><p>106</p><p>100Game Changing</p><p>Products</p><p>Steps To A Better Roe Rut</p><p>BushWear CreditTo Be Won</p></li><li><p>Where have the last 10 years gone? It seems like only yesterday we printed our rst 12 page catalogue, lled simply with a selection of Swanndri jackets. We remember clearly sitting in our </p><p>cramped, damp little farm-based of ce, watching with great excitement as the rst ever BushWear order starting to reel off the fax machine. It raises smiles round the of ce now, but having to call our rst ever customer to say Due to supply issues... perhaps you would prefer blue? Oh and perhaps large instead of medium? was no laughing matter.Not the most auspicious start but it taught us the most important lesson: to be totally open and honest with our customers. People appreciate when you are proactive, let them know the issue and let them know exactly how it will be solved. From those rst days our ethos has remained the same; our customers are our absolute focus and we hope over the last 10 years we have not disappointed those customers who have joined us on this journey. We have undoubtedly made mistakes, but importantly when they occur we admit our errors and ensure our customers are sorted as quickly as possible and always leave us delighted with their experience.</p><p>Another very valuable lesson has been the importance of choosing the right suppliers to work with. We pride ourselves on getting the best possible products to our customers in the shortest possible time, to do this relies heavily on nding some of the best manufacturers and distributors in the world. Over the last ten years we have built a very strong relationship with our key brands like Harkila, Meindl and Swarovski, ensuring not only great products, quickly delivered, but aftercare second to none.The last 10 years have been a whirlwind, it has seen our catalogue increase from 12 pages to over 100 pages, it has seen us increase from one supplier to over a hundred, it has seen the warehouse grow from a glori ed garden shed to a modern 5000sq ft industrial unit, it has seen two key stores open in Scotland with more to follow, and it has seen the team grow from just two to now over 11.The BushWear of today is unrecognisable to the BushWear of 10 years ago and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those customers who joined the BushWear family to make this possible.</p><p>- Andrew &amp; Alisdair</p><p>Over the years our catalogue covers have displayed photographs from some of the UKs leading wildlife photographers. To commemorate our next main catalogue we want you, our customers, to submit prospective front cover images for this special commemorative issue. Our front cover is literally a blank canvas and we welcome submissions ranging from crayon drawings and witty </p><p>cartoons, to professional paintings and wildlife photos. All submissions need to be made to cover@bushwear.co.uk no later than the glorious 12th of August. The winning cover will not only have the prestige of being our commemorative front cover but the winner will receive 100 in BushWear credit.See bushwear.co.uk/cover for more details and T&amp;Cs.</p><p>A Nostalgic Thank You</p><p>Win 100 BushWear CreditAnd Have Your Art Reach Over 300,000 Customers!</p><p>"Bringing you the best in Outdoor Clothing"</p><p>The Swanndri LegendDirect to your Door</p><p>14 Day No Quibble Return PolicyFree UK Delivery on Orders over 100</p><p>Name:</p><p>DeliveryAddress</p><p>Post Code:</p><p>Phone No:</p><p>Email:If paying by Cheque then do not fill in the section below</p><p>Issue Number:</p><p>Card Number: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</p><p>Issue Date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _</p><p>Expiry Date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _</p><p>Name on Card:</p><p>Address of card holder if different to delivery address given:</p><p>BushWear Order FormPhone/Fax: 0845 226 0469Return to: BushWear Freepost NAT9770 Stirling FK9 4BRPLEASE COMPLETE IN BLOCK CAPITALS</p><p>Tick if you do NOT wishnotified of BushWear Deals</p><p>Signature:__________________________________ Date:_____________</p><p>"Bringing you the best in Outdoor Apparel"</p><p>Order in Confidence with our 14 Day No Quibble Return Policy</p><p>Name:</p><p>DeliveryAddress</p><p>Post Code:</p><p>Phone No:</p><p>Email:If paying by Cheque then do not fill in the section below</p><p>Issue Number:</p><p>Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __</p><p>Issue Date: __ __ / __ __ </p><p>Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __ </p><p>Name on Card:</p><p>Address of card holder if different to delivery address given:</p><p>BushWear Order Form</p><p>PLEASE COMPLETE IN BLOCK CAPITALS</p><p>Tick if you do NOT wishnotified of BushWear Deals</p><p>Signature:__________________________________ Date:_____________</p><p>IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII</p><p>I</p><p>Phone: 0845 226 0469Fax: 0845 226 9329</p><p> BushWear Freepost NAT9770 Stirling FK9 4BR</p><p>C</p><p>M</p><p>Y</p><p>CM</p><p>MY</p><p>CY</p><p>CMY</p><p>K</p><p>Front Cover+BackCover.pdf 10/03/2008 08:31:34</p><p>ww</p><p>w.b</p><p>us</p><p>hw</p><p>ea</p><p>r.co</p><p>.uk</p><p>ww</p><p>w.b</p><p>us</p><p>hw</p><p>ea</p><p>r.co</p><p>.uk</p><p>www.bushwear.co.uk E-Mail: info@bushwear.co.uk7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland Tel: 0845 226 0469 Fax: 0845 226 9329 </p><p>www.bushwear.co.uk 7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland Tel: 0845 226 0469 Fax: 0845 226 9329 </p><p>BushTukka</p><p>Stalking</p><p>Gamekeeper</p><p>Pigeon Shooting</p><p>Clothing</p><p>Summer 2009</p><p>BW</p><p>S9</p><p>BWS9</p><p>BushWear0845 226 0469www.bushwear.co.uk</p><p>Rotisserie 59.99code:346902</p><p>Manual Sausage stuffer 29.99code:346914</p><p>Meat Mincer 19.99code:346912</p><p>Sausage Stuffer 74.99 code:346901</p><p>Burger Maker 9.99 code:346913 </p><p>See Pages 76 &amp; 77 </p><p>BushKnife3.99code:316903</p><p>BushSaw7.99</p><p>code:316913</p><p>Spreader2.99code:316914</p><p>See p72The Bush Hide59.99code:316920</p><p>See p49</p><p>T8 Muffler8.99code:316907</p><p>Shooting Sticks34.99code:306903See p54</p><p>See p57</p><p>Magnet Pole9.99code:316917</p><p>See p55</p><p>0845 226 0469 www.bushwear.co.uk7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk</p><p>BushWear0845 226 0469</p><p>SUMMER 2010</p><p>BWS0</p><p>BW</p><p>S0</p><p>BushWear0845 226 0469</p><p>ear.co.ur.co.uk</p><p>0845 226 0469 www.bushw7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwea</p><p>k</p><p>SPORTING 12/13</p><p>BASC PARTNERSBW12</p><p>Sporting 12 13.indd 1 9/6/2012 2:22:46 PM</p><p>7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk</p><p>0845 226 0469 www.bushwear.co.uk7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk</p><p>BushWear0845 226 0469</p><p>SPRING UPDATE 2010</p><p>INCLUDES 10 PAGES OF APRIL ONLY DEALS!INCLUDES 10 PAGES OF APRIL ONLY DEALS!</p><p>PIGEONSTALKING FISHINGNEW ARRIVALS 2010</p><p>BS10</p><p>/ left at own risk.</p><p>Nam</p><p>e:</p><p>Address:</p><p>Postcode:</p><p>Daytim</p><p>e Telephone No. (Inc S</p><p>td Code):</p><p>E-M</p><p>ail:</p><p>Item C</p><p>odeD</p><p>escription (Including Colour)</p><p>Size</p><p>Quantity</p><p>Price</p><p>Nam</p><p>e:</p><p>Address:</p><p>Postcode:</p><p>Daytim</p><p>e Telephone No. (Inc S</p><p>td Code):</p><p>Billing A</p><p>ddressD</p><p>elivery Address </p><p>(If different from B</p><p>illing Address)</p><p>Paym</p><p>ent Type (Please Tick O</p><p>ne Box)</p><p>Card N</p><p>umber:</p><p>__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __</p><p>Security N</p><p>o. (Last 3 Digits on the signature strip):</p><p>__ __ __</p><p>Issue Date:</p><p>__ __ / __ __E</p><p>xpiry Date:</p><p>__ __ / __ __Issue N</p><p>umber:</p><p>__ __</p><p>Nam</p><p>e on Card:</p><p>Mainland U</p><p>K P</p><p>&amp;P</p><p>5.95</p><p>Total Price:</p><p>If No O</p><p>ne Is Hom</p><p>e Please Leave the P</p><p>arcel:</p><p>With A N</p><p>eighbourO</p><p>n the Doorstep/In The P</p><p>orchIn the S</p><p>hed/Garage</p><p>Other _________________________</p><p>Re-D</p><p>elivery May B</p><p>e Charged</p><p>Other W</p><p>ays To Order</p><p>Phone: 0845 226 0469O</p><p>ur 0845 Num</p><p>ber is only charged at local rate. Lines open M</p><p>onday - Friday 9am</p><p> - 5.30pm.</p><p>Website: w</p><p>ww</p><p>.bushwear.co.uk</p><p>Our w</p><p>ebsite allows secure online </p><p>ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.</p><p>Post: </p><p>Fax: 0845 226 9329S</p><p>imply Fax your O</p><p>rder To Us.</p><p>Please m</p><p>ake Cheques payable to B</p><p>ushWear</p><p>Please allow up to 14 D</p><p>ays for delivery.Item</p><p>s may be delivered in m</p><p>ultiple shipments. </p><p>You will only be charged once for delivery.</p><p>14 Day R</p><p>eturn PolicyR</p><p>eturn any unused goods within 14 days for refund or exchange. </p><p>Please include the original receipt and a brief note explaining if it is </p><p>for refund or exchange. Refunds are for the value of goods and w</p><p>ill not include any delivery costs incurred. W</p><p>e are unable to accept liability for returned goods lost or dam</p><p>aged in transit.</p><p>Please note the cost incurred in returning the goods w</p><p>ill be at your ow</p><p>n expense and you have an obligation to return the items in </p><p>as new condition. </p><p>Only used For D</p><p>ispatch Notification and B</p><p>ushWear O</p><p>ffers (Tick to opt out of receiving E-M</p><p>ails on BushW</p><p>ear Offers)</p><p>BushW</p><p>ear7 G</p><p>len Tye Road</p><p>Stirling</p><p>FK7 7LH</p><p>ww</p><p>w.b</p><p>us</p><p>hw</p><p>ea</p><p>r.co</p><p>.uk</p><p>Cheque/Postal Order</p><p>Free UK</p><p> Mainland P</p><p>ostage and Packing on orders over 100.00</p><p>Shipping to Ireland or the C</p><p>hannel Islands will be charged at a m</p><p>inimum</p><p> of 20.00(Larger item</p><p>s may incurr additional charges)</p><p>How</p><p> Can W</p><p>e Improve O</p><p>ur Service?If buying solvents or bladed item</p><p>s please tick the box below</p><p> to declare that you are over the age of 18.</p><p>Custom</p><p>er No: __ __ __ __ __ __</p><p>C</p><p>M</p><p>Y</p><p>CM</p><p>MY</p><p>CY</p><p>CMY</p><p>K</p><p>Front+Back Cover.pdf 19/05/2008 13:55:36</p><p>0845 226 04697 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland info@bushwear.co.uk</p><p>www.bushwear.co.uk</p><p>BWS3</p><p>BushWear0845 226 0469</p><p>SUMMER 2013</p><p>YOURCOVERHERE</p><p>???</p><p>Cov</p><p>er Il</p><p>lust</p><p>ratio</p><p>n an</p><p>d pa</p><p>ge 8</p><p> Roe</p><p> Buc</p><p>k ill</p><p>ustra</p><p>tion </p><p>by M</p><p>att M</p><p>cKeo</p><p>wn.</p><p>7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469</p></li><li><p>Commemorative ClothingCustomers have increasingly been asking us to produce garments with our iconic Kiwi logo on them so this summer, in honour of our 10th Birthday, we have produced a number of limited edition T-Shirts, PoloShirts, Hoodies and Rugby Shirts. Made using the highest quality cottons and vinyl decals these garments will last for years and have a striking image. </p><p>The T-shirts and polo-shirts need little explanation, the rugby shirt features a prominent white piping on the seams, and the hoodie has a handy kangaroo pocket. We may start producing more elaborate designs, so if youd like to see more - including Buck Wear style front printed illustrated garments - please get in touch. Your feedback is important!</p><p>T-Shirt Large KiwiCode: 906901 M-2XL was 10.99</p><p>T-Shirt Small KiwiCode: 906902 M-2XL was 10.99</p><p>HoodieCode: 906905 M-2XL was 34.99</p><p>Rugby ShirtCode: 906904 M-2XL was 49.99</p><p>Polo ShirtCode: 906903 M-2XL was 19.99</p><p>GWT Charity WristbandCode: 9069009.899.89</p><p>31.49 44.99 17.99</p><p>2.00</p><p>BushWear is proud to help support the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust, an excellent organisation supporting gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies and their families in their time of need, be it nancial hardship, ill health or retirement. A minimum of 1 from each sale will be donated to the Trust.</p><p>WearBush</p><p>10 YEARS</p><p>10% off every item in this catalogue throughout July 2013</p><p>1</p><p>info@bushwear.co.ukwww.bushwear.co.uk</p></li><li><p>BushWear BrainWavesNot only have the team at BushWear sourced some of the best products from the best suppliers in the world, but when a product didnt exist, we found a way to make it. Sometimes, this was simply a case of nding a way to make an existing product more affordable; other times it was taking a new idea from concept to market. </p><p>As active hunters ourselves we take a great deal of pride in developing and launching products to solve problems and enhance the hunting experience. BushWear have taken a number of products all the way from a simple sketch on a napkin to being among the UKs top selling hunting products. </p><p>The BushStick is such an iconic product for us. This was the rst item we manufactured for ourselves and is arguably one of our founding products. It is fair to say it was not a BushWear idea, but BushWear innovation found a way to manufacture the product more ef ciently and get it to market below half the price of the competitor. </p><p>The T8 moderator quickly became the industry standard and was being tted to ri es all over the UK - a fantastic silencer with one real aw: it made a very audible ting if clipped by a twig or undergrowth when out stalking. The BushMuf er idea was born: a very simple neoprene sleeve to roll down the moderator to prevent any contact between undergrowth and metal. In the early launch days there was such demand we had a waiting list!</p><p>The convenience, comfort, and price of the BushHide made all other hides obsolete overnight. A brilliantly simple idea: a comfortable folding chair with a waterproof canopy attached. By simply opening the chair, the waterproof canopy popped up and over to completely conceal the chair and user, providing total camou age concealment and waterproof protection. </p><p>The BushKnife is a trusty friend. We were inundated with stalkers annoyed at losing their expensive knife somewhere on the hill, so we set out to make a knife with a good blade, a grippy and bright handle with a price tag making it easy to replace should you drop it. The BushKnife was a complete success and is still, years later, our top selling knife.</p><p>This sorely missed compact stainless steel hunting saw - still asked for on a daily basis - allowed you to swiftly cut through bone and cartilage as the teeth cut on both the push and pull stroke. The handle was designed to give a sure t in the hand with a high-grip, textured rubber nish. We will be bringing the BushSaw out of retirement so keep an eye open for it in our Sporting 13/14 catalogue.</p><p>Have you encountered problems which you think a simple new product would solve? We receive lots of calls from customers keen to see us develop new products to meet their needs entirely. We cant always help - some products simply wouldnt be viable for us - but we are always keen to talk new product ideas with customers; after all you are the best sounding board there is. If you have some product ideas dont hesitate to call us or simply email products@bushwear.co.uk </p><p>BushSticks 3 Pole: 306903 2 Pole: 316902 was 29.99 was 19.99</p><p>17.99 10.7971.9926.99</p><p>In Stock!</p><p>Due Sept</p><p>Due Sept</p><p>In Stock!</p><p>In Stock!</p><p>The BushMufflerCode: 316907 was 11.99</p><p>The BushHideCode: 316920 was 79.99</p><p>The BushSawCode: 316913 was 7.99 7.19</p><p>This sorely missed compact stainless </p><p>The BushKnifeCode: 316921 was 4.99 4.49</p><p>2</p><p>7 Glen Tye Road, Stirling, FK7 7LH, Scotland0845 226 0469</p></li><li><p>Game ChangersBushWear has always prided itself on bringing you the newest innovative products that not only make your life easier, but make your shooting experience more memorable and often more successful. To celebrate our birthday we asked the staff at bushwear to suggest products which have, over the last 10 years, been game changers - products which have changed the face of shooting forever. </p><p>Not every innovation involves bounding technological leaps; it is often a simple, well executed idea solving a time old problem that leads to the most exciting and useful products. There were some obvious choices and some real surprises, so without further ado may we present BushWears 10 Game Changing Products as well as some words from the people who bring you these amazing items.</p><p>Remember: every itemin thiscataloguethroughoutJuly 2013%O</p><p>FF10 (discounts show</p><p>n)Pro Hunter JacketCode: 101325 was 399.99</p><p>Pro Hunter TrousersCode: 101324 was 239.99</p><p>Genuine Customer Care</p><p>359.99</p><p>215.99</p><p>A ve year warranty that revolutionised waterproof clothing in the UK. Until Harkila...</p></li></ul>