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The 4 star Spier Hotel celebrated its 10th Birthday on 27 November 2010. As one of the biggest employers in the Stellenbosch area, the success the hotel has enjoyed over the past 10 years has been of huge benefit to the region. Spier used this milestone to reflect on the history of the heritage estate - one of the oldest wine farms in the Cape - where it has come from, where it is today, and its vision for the future.


<ul><li><p>FTTSA Accreditation</p><p>20002005</p><p>2004</p><p>Hotel Opening</p><p>Child Friendly Additions</p><p>Reflections</p><p>First Staff Conference</p><p>2003</p></li><li><p>2009</p><p>2007</p><p>2006 2008</p><p>During our Journey</p><p>Renew</p><p>Extend</p><p>Freshen</p></li><li><p>Message From </p><p>The Enthoven Family</p><p>Dear Adi,</p><p>I am very sad that I shant be with you all this evening. Spier has been and </p><p>remains such an important part of myself, and tonight is very special for me </p><p>because it is a gathering of those who through their passion and dedication </p><p>for Spier, have created the extraordinary iconic institution that Spier is </p><p>today. </p><p>For some reason, Spier has always extracted from those who are passionate </p><p>about her far more than is reasonable to expect, and Im always amazed and </p><p>very grateful to those who have given of themselves so unselfishly.</p><p>If you have the opportunity this evening, please tell everyone how sorry I </p><p>am that Im not there with them tonight. So many people there are so very </p><p>dear to me. We all share a common value system that is very important to </p><p>us and Spier was and remains the conduit for us to bring our different skills </p><p>together and give expression to what we believe in. </p><p>Love,</p><p> Dad </p></li><li><p>Two Thousand</p><p>HOTEL OPENING</p><p>The journey begins...</p><p>2 0 0 0</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Three</p><p>FIRST STAFF CONFERENCE</p><p>The Spier team gathered to celebrate yesterday and embrace tomorrow.</p><p>2 0 0 3</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Four</p><p>FTTSA ACCREDITATION</p><p>The hotel was one of the first in South Africa to be awarded the Fair Trade in Tourism SA accreditation in 2004. In 2007, Spier won a Cond Nast Traveler World Saver Award, receiv-</p><p>ing third place in the overall destination category, and an hon-ourable mention in the HIV/AIDS category. The Spier Hotel has also recently won a Gold at the Virgin Holidays Partners </p><p>in Sustainability Award.</p><p>2 0 0 4</p><p>Jennifer Seif, of Fair Trade and Tourism awards Adi Enthoven, Spier, their FTTSA Accreditation.</p></li><li><p>When Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) launched the worlds first tourism </p><p>Fair Trade labeling programme in 2004, we were pleased to count Spier amongst the </p><p>first four FTTSA-certified properties. </p><p>Spier was an obvious partner for FTTSA based on its commitment to sustainability and </p><p>transformation, and over the years Spier has continuously improved its performance </p><p>against the FTTSA certification criteria. Innovation and imagination are hallmarks at </p><p>the Spier Hotel, and the business tangible commitment to staff, planet and community </p><p>signals even greater achievements in the decades to come. </p><p>Congratulations to the Spier family from FTTSA and your peers in Fair Trade tourism.</p><p> Jennifer Seif.</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Five</p><p>CHILD FRIENDLY ADDITIONS</p><p>Interleading rooms, jungle gym and orchards were added to th elast lane wherer you will find Spiers youngest guests having fun.</p><p>2 0 0 5</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Six</p><p>DURING OUR JOURNEY</p><p>The Spier Hotel has its own elegant restaurant offering la carte fine dining for guests. The hotels popular Wine Bar offers sundowners, healthy light lunches and bar snacks. </p><p>Both the hotels restaurant and wine bar strive to source the freshest available produce for its menus from a range of local suppliers. Subject to seasonal variations and availability, this may include organic fruit and vegetables, hand-picked herbs </p><p>from its own gardens, as well as free range eggs. All fish served is graded as the most sustainable choices by the South </p><p>African Sustainable Seafood Initiative.</p><p>2 0 0 6</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Seven</p><p>RENEW</p><p>Hot Cocoa refurbished the hotel.</p><p>2 0 0 7</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Eight</p><p>FRESHEN</p><p>Ten rooms selected for their prime positioning have been overhauled to include exquisite dcor and fittings, and special </p><p>services befitting their new look.</p><p>The four well appointed and spacious suites of 110 square meters face the Eerste River and the Helderberg Mountains. The suites have been individually decorated by artists. The </p><p>two ground floor suites open on to the gardens with an entertainment area, allowing guests the luxury of relaxing on huge wooden outdoor divans and appreciating the peace of </p><p>the country setting.</p><p>2 0 0 8</p></li><li><p>Two Thousand &amp; Nine</p><p>EXTEND</p><p>The conservetory was added to the Hotel Restuarant. This open venue has natural light and brings the outside experience indoors.</p><p>2 0 0 9</p></li><li><p>NAME: Steve Bailey</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long-term Spier Client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER IS an ECCO Tours staff party many years ago, where one of the things we did was have races across the lawn in the dark on wet grass and generally had loads of fun, maybe too much fun as hotel guests complained about the noise and as it happened they were our clients! Luckily they didnt find out who was making the noise! Also the numerous weekends we have spent at Spier with our children, who rate it as one of their favourite places in South Africa. </p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT it </p><p>remains a market leader in Environmental Tourism.</p><p>A Selection of Spiers Valued Partners</p></li><li><p>NAME: Dee and Matt Dlamini</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Frequent guest</p><p>I KEEP RETURNING TO SPIER BECAUSE its a perfect family hotel and lots of entertainment, the staff is amazing and services excellent.</p><p>EVERY TIME I AM AT SPIER, Ienjoy the good food and how nice the staff treats us.</p><p>MY FAVOURITE SPIER WINE ISChardonnay.</p><p>Dee +Matt Dlamini</p><p>NAME: Mariki Schwiebus</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long-term Spier Client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER IS being able to showcase our beautiful Cape Town to conference delegates by means of world-class art, wine and ambience, professional service, reasonable rates and wonderful staff that always gives me as organiser peace of mind.</p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT they will continue to be innovative and a place that we can feel proud of.Mariki Schwiebus</p><p>NAME: Jackie Stubbs</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long term Client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER ISit location and the serenity of the layout. The variety that is on offer on the estate if brilliant. For a wide selection of wine to seeing cheetah and birds of prey. </p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THATtheir rooms overflow with guests and the property matures like a fine wine.</p></li><li><p>NAME: Norma Meyer</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long term client </p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER IS my mothers 85th birthday (February 2007) - picture attached.</p><p>GOING FORWARD, I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT it continues to be an inspiration and an example to all South African companies with its admirable code of conduct: socially, environmentally and commercially.Norma and her mom on her mothers 85th birthday</p><p>NAME: Trudie Jacobs</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long term client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER ISWhen I got engaged at Spier 11 years ago. We flew to Cape Town for the day and my husband proposed to me at Spier while having picnic at the lake.</p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT Spier will be celebrating life for many years ahead so that my children can also visit Spier.</p></li><li><p>NAME: Berlise Louwrens</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF SPIER IS having a quick drink with close girlfriends the night before my wedding in the stunning new hotel bar area.</p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT innovation and changing with the times are of utmost importance.</p><p>Berlise Louwrens</p><p>NAME: Sune van Rooyen</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Long term client</p><p>MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF AT SPIER was the excitement at the launch of the conference facility and the prospects of having a newly built state of the art confer-ence centre that could accommodate up to 420 delegates in Stellenbosch. Perfect in our line of business. However, no accommodation was available at the time on the estate. When the Village at Spier Hotel was introduced in 2000, the puzzle was complete, all our expectations were met and we started building on the very special business relationship that is still improving year by year. </p><p>GOING FORWARD I HOPE FOR SPIER THAT they will be able to continue to deliver excellent personal-ised service including creative thinking supporting the very important sustainable business ethos.</p><p>Sune van Rooyen</p></li><li><p>NAME: Stewart Hardie</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Employee since 2000</p><p>TO ME, SPIER MEANS family, love, fun, nature.</p><p>MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT MY JOB IS driving onto the estate every day at about dawn and seeing all the bird life and animal life, its like driving into a nature reserve, wow I get to see that every day, its fantastic.</p><p>I LAUGHED THE MOST WHEN one of our banqueting managers hid himself in a hot box in banqueting, then we told a couple of waitresses that there was food for them in the hot box, when they went and opened it, then the manager jumped forward shouting WAAAAAHAAAAH well what can I say the waitresses nearly wet themselves.</p><p>Stewart Hardie</p><p>A Selection of Spier Emplyees since 2000</p></li><li><p>NAME: Harriet Dymond</p><p>TO ME, SPIER MEANS That there is a future fr you here and it also encourages me to forward in life.</p><p>MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT MY JOB IS mingleing with the staff and guests. I like being on training and meeting other people.</p><p>I LAUGHED THE MOST WHEN funny things happen all the time at Spier so we laugh a lot.Harriet Dymond</p><p>NAME: Crystal Engelbrecht</p><p>RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Spier employee since 2000</p><p>TO ME, SPIER MEANS much more than just doing my job in the Finance department. For over more than ten years, God had blessed me with some wonderful people with whom my relationship goes way beyond work only, and this I will always treasure.</p><p>MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT MY JOB IS doing the right thing. Doing what is GOOD is not always the RIGHT thing and Im certainly not here to please anyone, but to do the job properly, and at the same time educate myself for were never too old to learn</p><p>I LAUGHED THE MOST WHEN right now I cant remember any specific incident because theres been so much laughter &amp; joy working at Spier.</p><p>Crystal Engelbrecht</p><p>NAME: Alison Dixon RELATIONSHIP TO SPIER: Been at Spier since 1997, currently the Revenue Manager TO ME, SPIER MEANS Spier represents 1 part of my life one of the many that makes up a whole. Its part of my being. MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT MY JOB IS the people I love the interaction with colleagues and guests it adds variety to my days different personalities in one pot creates lots of challenges and lots of fun.</p><p>I LAUGHED THE MOST WHEN worked with Richard Segerman he was the funniest Banqueting Manager ever. There was never a dull moment with him.</p><p>Alison Dixon</p></li><li><p>Dance Narrative</p><p>THE EVENING BEGINSA collage of improbable bedfellows gathers the crowds attention. This gives way to the bench dance which is about power while the results are hard, a laugh about the energy of </p><p>acquisition is good to have.</p><p>ONTO THE LAWNThis work was actually commissioned by Dick Enthoven for the Personal Affects Exhibition </p><p>in New York. The story of isolation, attempts at reconciliation, cohesion, moments of wonder </p><p>and beauty but also those of despair and hardship and all the while we maintain dignity which is hallmark of South Africans as people. The music is by Baaba Maal (Nomad Soul) and </p><p>its haunting quality complements the title From Before. I also wanted to pay homage to Spiers patronage and indefatigable support for the arts, and also for art that is art and not just </p><p>corporate signature.</p><p>by Choreographer, Jay Pather</p></li><li><p>THE CHILDRENS CHOIRThe Ubuntu Childrens Choir was established </p><p>in 2003 - the name Ubuntu simply means humanity. The philosophy of the choirs is to revive the spirit of togetherness, promoting </p><p>human values such as Love, Respect and Trust by saying no to drugs and child abuse. These </p><p>young children are raised mostly by single parents employed as domestic workers, from </p><p>the disadvantaged community of Strand - Lwandle, Zola and Nomzamo location.</p><p>The Choir welcomed the audience with a Hymn called Yizani uYesu uzelwe eBethlehem, </p><p>and then went on to sing Ikamva Lethu Liqaqambile, which simply means surely </p><p>our future is bright! The dance was a coming together of eighteen performers in various </p><p>styles of South African dance.</p><p>The Choir then sang you back to the main lawns with Wanikela, a rousing traditional celebration song. At the very end an opera </p><p>singer delivered you back with Summertime from Porgy and Bess.</p><p>JOINING US ON THE JOURNEYNtombi Gasa, was filmed on a beach and then </p><p>superimposed on slides that came and went. The slides were of distant and immediate past. They traverse history and environment, they speak of land, power, sacrifice, hope and reconciliation. The images of dancers were in various etchings across the wonderful architecture of the Spier Buildings. During this walk opera singers sang </p><p>Thula Sizwe and Thina Sizwe, two popular songs of struggle, then youll never walk alone and finally </p><p>the South African classic Lukoshon Illanga.</p></li><li><p>The Birthday Celebration</p></li><li><p>A Night To Remember</p><p>Baie dankie vir n wonderlike aand Saterdag. Dit was wreldklas en ons het dit verskriklik geniet. Groete, Mariki Shcwiebus, Pepstores Sikhula KunYe! (We Are Growing Together)</p><p>To Adrian and all the Enthoven Family,</p><p>Dawn and I would like to thank you for the invitation to partake in a fantastical surrealistic celebration of the Spier Hotel,(as Spier knows how to do so well).It was for me, a nostalgic journey down the avenues of time and a never to be forgotten experience.I especially, once again thank Dick for the opportunity that he afforded me in helping achieve the dream that was in his heart.</p><p>Not only the hotel, but the whole of Spier has retained the magic that he set out to create.Good luck to you and the new guard who now hold the reigns,</p><p>SincerelyTom Darlington, Architect of Spier Hotel</p><p>Tom Darlington</p></li><li><p>Many thanks for the very kind Invitation, to Spiers 10th Birthday celebrations.Unfortunately, due to it being the busiest time of the year, and our workload for that week-end is quite horrific, I unfortunately will not be able to attend the function.</p><p>I am actually quite devastated, as it would be great to meet - up and see all of my fellow colleagues, who worked tirelessly and were so committed to the creating and making Dicks Vision, a reality.</p><p>I have not been back to Spier since I left nearly 9 years ago, and would have loved to have been part of the celebration.Please send my fondest regards to Dick, Adrian and the Enthoven Family, and please wish them a very Happy 10th Birthday from me.</p><p>Kind RegardsRichard Segerman</p><p>A huge thank you for the most amazing evening on Saturday. I was excited to RSVP in the positive as I know a Spier bash is always a highlight, but I think the evening was the highlight of the last 10 years! Wow absolutely amazing. Again Many Thanks For The Invite Was Great. Kind RegardsAndrew Dietrich, Spier General Manager 2004 - 2009</p><p>Thank you so much for inviting us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hotel. Steve and I had a wonderful time. The theatre was brilliant, and as always the wines, a treat.Being able to spend the night in luxury at the hotel was the cherry on the top and meant we really could enjoy ourselves to the maximum. Your team was fantastic.</p><p>Warm regardsSu Birch, CEO Wines of South Africa</p><p>Su Birch and Heidi Newton-King</p></li><li><p>Many Thanks for the amazing idea of getting us altogether on Saturday night for the hotels birthday... Both Ma...</p></li></ul>