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An album celebrating the 10th Birthday of Guurrbi Tours in Cooktown, Far North Queensland.


  • 1. This is the story of Guurrbi Tourswhich started as a dream of Willies inthe 1990s, and was brought to reality withthe help of Judy a PhD student, wholater became a partner in the business.The deal was wed work together tolaunch Guurrbi, look at what worked alongthe way, then share our findings so otherscould learn from our experiences.Here are some of the highlights - andfriends we met along the way.CELEBRATING GUURRBIS 10TH BIRTHDAYGuurrbi Tours,

2. 2001 IVE GOT AN IDEA!Willie (4th from left) sharinghis country & his tour ideawith Judy (right) & visitors 3. 2002 LISTENING, LEARNING, TALKING, PLANNINGWe worked together for a year before launching Guurrbi Tours. 4. 2002 FIRST TRIP TO THE ROCK ARTWillie guiding Judy & Alberta from the Hope Vale Art Centre tosee the rock art sites at Wangaar-Wuri for the first time. 5. 2002 THE WONDERFUL BIRTH SITEWillie & Alberta at the Birth Site. What a beautiful place! Wedidnt want to leave. 6. 2002 FILMING AUSTRALIAN STORYIm on cloud ten! Sharing his country with strangers and theiramazing reaction to the experience gave Willie the confidence tocontinue with his plans. 7. 2001 TAKING THAT PHOTOThe wonderful Kerry Trapnelltaking the photo of Willie westill use today. 8. 2002 KERRYS PHOTO 9. 2002 SHARING THE STORIESWillie & two of his grand-children at Wangaar-Wuri. 10. 2002 THE LONG WALKIt used to be a looong walk to the rock art sites 11. 2003 CLEARING THE NEW ROADthen Willie came to an agreement with the lovely Bredlakefamily who let him drive through their land. 12. 2003 BEING A TOURISTWith Masons Tours, learning how others do it. 13. 2003 GUINEA PIG TOURSThe lovely Sandick & Nutt family from the USA were our firstguinea pigs & gave feedback on the tour 14. 2003 CREATING THE GUURRBI LOGOJust look at the size of Judys old computer! 15. 2003 STARTING ON A SHOE-STRINGScott from Pams Place in Cooktown agreed to be Guurrbisbooking agent 16. 2003 STARTING ON A SHOE-STRINGand Roscoe, Cooktown Travel, provided the transport. 17. 2003 WILLIE WITH MIKE HINTZThe wonderful Mike Hintz from Oz Tours booked a groupseries with Willie before the business had even launched. 18. 23 MAY 2003 GUURRBI LAUNCH, NATURES POWERHOUSEWe were told to expect only a handful of people at our officiallaunch, but more than 120 turned up! 19. 2003 SELLING OUR WARESJudy & Willie (right) at an early trade show in Sydney. 20. 2003 FIRST TOURSIn the Rainbow Serpent Cave 21. 2004 OZ TOURS POSTERWe were SO proud to seeWillie on the Oz Toursposter! 22. 2004 ABORIGINALTOURISM SYMPOSIUMJudys University, La Trobe,flew us down to Melbourneand held a symposium forus to present our researchfindings. 23. 2004 OUR FIRST BUSWe LOVED our first bus,even though it needed allWillies ingenuity andexpertise to keep it inworking order. 24. 2004 OUR FIRST LOOWillies brother, Bertie, withhis beautifully designedemergency loo. 25. 2005 FIRST RADIO INTERVIEWThe ABCs Country Hour celebrated their 60th Birthday inCooktown. 26. 2005 FIRST FILMING FOR TVWillie being wired for sound before filming with Troy Cassar-Daley & Ernie Dingo for Queensland Weekender. 27. 2005 FIRST CELEBRITIESTroy, Willie and Ernie in the Food Cave. 28. 2005 FIRST (and only) PRIME MINISTERWillie with PM John Howard in the Great Emu Cave. 29. 2006 CYCLONE MONICAWillie is with his customer in the field on the left, by-passingthe mess caused by Cyclone Monica. 30. 2006 THERES ALWAYS A SOLUTIONThe Cyclone closed the road, but the tours carried on! 31. 2006 OUR FIRSTBAMA WAY MAPAn Aboriginal Journey fromCairns to north of Cooktown,showing some of the specialstory places along the way. 32. 2006 OUTBACK CAFEWillie with Mark (Black)Olive filming for OutbackCaf. His mud crabs wereun-for-gett-able 33. 2006 RECONCILIATION AWARDSWillie & Judy (now a partner in the business) all scrubbed up inBrisbane for the Premiers Reconciliation in Business Awards. 34. 2007 LAUNCHING THE BAMA WAY PACKAGESAboriginal Journeys with Guurrbi, Walker Family Tours, KukuYalanji Cultural Habitat Tours & Adventure North Australia. 35. 2007 WERE PUBLISHED!Our co-authored book chapter which summarises Judys PhD thesis. 36. 2007 WILLIES FIRST BOOKSharing the rock art stories in print. 37. 2007 GNUNKAI AWARDWillie wins the nationalGnunkai Tour Guide Award. 38. 2007 A GREAT HIDDEN EXPERIENCEAustralian Traveller magazine names Willies Rainbow SerpentTour as One of Australias Great Hidden Experiences. 39. 2007 - WE START PRIVATE TOURSThe demand begins for Private Tours. 40. 2008 THE NOTE THAT JUDY SPOTTEDThis note on the back of a Visitor Satisfaction Questionnaire promptedJudy to put Willies name forward for an Australia Day Award. 41. 2008 - COOK SHIRE CITIZEN OFTHE YEAR AWARDWillie very nearly didnt attendthe ceremony as hed beenplanning to go fishing! 42. 2008 AUSTRALIA DAYA teary-eyed Willie making hismoving acceptance speech. 43. 2008 A NEW ROADNo more mud! A beautiful new road to theGuurrbi Meeting Point. 44. 2008 A NEW LOOThe tardis has landed... 45. 2008 A NEW CITIZENJudy with Cook Shire Mayor, Peter Scott, on the day shebecame an Australian. 46. 2008 LAUNCHING THE COOKTOWN DISCOVERY FESTIVALWillie entertaining everyone including the politicians during his Welcome to Country. 47. 2008 A MOST ELEGANT CUSTOMERWillie with Quentin Bryce, then Governor of Queensland. 48. 2008 WHAT A LOVELY LADY!A quiet moment with Quentin Bryce, now AustraliasGovernor General. 49. 2008 OUR FIRST TRIPADVISOR REVIEWWe were THRILLED to get our first review on TripAdvisor andwith 5 stars! 50. 2009 COOKTOWN HOSTS AUSTRALIA DAY LAUNCHThe National Australia Day Council & guests on tour withWillie, before the press arrived. 51. 2009 A QUIET CHAT WITH ADAM GILCHRISTThis might look like a quiet get-together in the Great EmuCave, but 52. 2009 PRESS SCRAMBLEthis is what was happening outside. 53. 2009 DAWN EVENT IN THE RAINWillies message of Reconciliation was televised to around2.5 million people. 54. 2009 WHAT A PICTURE!Publicity shot of Willie with Adam Gilchrist & Lee Kernaghanon Cooktown Wharf as dawn broke. 55. 2009 AND YES, IT WAS STILL RAINING 56. 2009 WILLIE IN TO BATBatsman Willie, Adam Gilchrist wicket, and Lee Kernaghanfielding. (Willie scored a duck.) 57. 2009 QUEENSLANDS TOP TEN MUST-DOSGuurrbi makes No. 7 in RACQs Queensland 150 Must Dos. 58. 2009 A TOP 20 AUSTRALIAN TOUROur Rainbow Serpent Tour was named One of Australias 20Top Tours in Australian Traveller magazine. 59. 2009 WEBSITE AWARDOur website wins the very first Indigenous TourismBiodiversity Website (Jury) Award. 60. 2009 GUURRBI & WAITOCWe host Indigenous Tourism operators from all over Australiato share what weve learnt. 61. 2009 AUSTRALIAN OF THEYEAR NOMINATIONWhat an honour to benominated for Australian ofthe Year. 62. 2009 WILLIE IN JAPANESEOver the years we have hadan enormous amount ofmedia coverage, both athome and overseas, but thecover of this JapaneseLiving in Cairns magazineis a particular favourite. 63. 2010 ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF OZGuurrbi is shown alongside Uluru as one of 13 Australianhighlights in Stefan Looses Australien Der Osten Travel Guide. 64. 2011 RIVERDANCE WITHBEN SOUTHALLWillie with best-job-in-the-world winner, Ben Southall,showing that two peoplestriking the classic one-leggedAboriginal stance look a littlebit Irish 65. 2011 - WERE PART OF THECURRICULUM!We love working with DrSharon Harwood of JamesCook University, who bringsher post-grads each year fora tour and a Q&A sessionwith us. Judys thesis is onthe courses reading list. 66. 2012 JUST FOR KIDSOver 100 people on the Just For Kids Charity Trail came on tourwith us over several days. They were SO well organised until 67. 2012 THIS GLAMOROUS LIFEthere was a slight delay whilst Willie fished out some car keysfrom the bottom of the portaloo... 68. 2012 OUR SECOND BOOKWillies second book My Family & Other Stories 69. 2012 RECOMMENDED BY TRIPADVISORWe earn a Recommended by TripAdvisor sticker! A big thank youto all our customers who take the time to write such lovely reviews. 70. 2013 VOTED TOP TRAVEL BLOGWe feel very honoured to be in the same company as some ofthe worlds great travel bloggers. 71. 2013 BUT BEST OF ALL is hearing from our customers. Heres a Hello WillieGordon from the Janssen Family at Machu Picchu. 72. 2013 BEST OF ALLTroy Cassar-Daley continuesto carry the memory stoneWillie gave him all thoseyears ago and its been allover the world. Heres aphoto he tweeted to usrecently. 73. 2013 CHILDRENS CAVE AT WANGAAR-WURIHundreds of other little stones, painted over the years by kids (of allages), are left in special cave now an attraction in its own right. 74. ][p2013 WHAT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!This arrived by email on the morning of our 10th birthday.An amazing end to a wonderful ten years.


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