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History and future directions for the International Young Professionals Foundationon its 10th Birthday


  • 1. 10th Birthday: 4th Oct 2011
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 2. 10th Birthday Presentation
    The Birth of IYPF
    Why Young Professionals
    Vision & Mission
    The Last 10 Years
    Whats Next?
    Your Involvement
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 3. The Birth of IYPF
    International Young Professionals Foundation
    The IYPF was born from the convening of the International Young Professionals Summit in 2001. The IYPS 2001 itself had a history.
    The CEC
    The origins of IYPS 2001 are traced back to the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth Engineering Council (CEC) in 1996.

    The CEC is the umbrella organisation of the national institutions of engineering professionals in the Commonwealth, founded in 1946 by the Institutions of Engineers Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa & the U.K.
    The CEC 50th Anniversary focused on the most important challenge for humankind in the next 50 years - Engineering to Survive-Global Solutions For Sustainable Development and sought to involve the next generation of engineers as the next half-century of the engineering profession rightly would belong to them. It was highly successful.
  • 4. The Birth of IYPF
    Success led CEC to organise the first Commonwealth Young Engineers Seminar during the CommonwealthHeadsOf GovernmentMeeting (CHOGM) 1997 in Edinburgh. The Seminar submitted a Memorandum to CHOGM and decided to form the Commonwealth Young Engineers Network (CYEN).
    The CYEN
    CYEN soon realised that issues of sustainable development are the common concern of all young professionals, not just young engineers, and that CYEN would need to involve other young professionals at its next meeting in order to facilitate properly represented discussions on the issue.
    CEC worked to include the Commonwealth Young Professionals Conference (CYPC) as part of the Millennium Commonwealth Day Celebration, March 2000, London.
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 5. The Birth of IYPF
    The CYPC
    CYPC was successfully held on 18 March 2000 in the Institution of Civil Engineers, London. CYPC was a truly multi-professional conference. The meeting decided to change the Commonwealth Young Engineers Network to the Commonwealth Young Professionals Network.
    In order to follow through with the action areas and identified themes of importance at the CYPC, the delegates decided that there would be a second similar Summit, representing all regions of the world. As the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting was to be held in Brisbane, Australia, in October 2001, the Institution of Engineers Australia, and Young Engineers Australia, were given the task of forming a Board to direct the development of the Summit.
    The International Young Professionals Summit 2001 was born.
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 6. The Birth of IYPF: CYPC 2000 Declaration
    We, representatives of the Young Professionals of the Commonwealth, mindful:
    that nearly one in four people of the world live in absolute poverty
    that the eradication of poverty is an indispensable requirement for global sustainable development
    that every society is facing problems as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen
    that the Commonwealth, by its nature a microcosm of the world with its mixture of large, small and island states in widely varied geographic locations, is by its nature uniquely placed to lead the world in facing these problems;

    consider that these circumstances create a new set of conditions for the creation of wealth and the elimination of poverty.
    Essential elements of these new conditions are:
    the need for resource accounting;
    the need for increasingly efficient, appropriate and effective uses of resources and energy;
    the need to take a longer term view of economic and financial realities.

    Action points from this conference were:
    Housing and Infrastructure
    Food and Agriculture
    Population and Health
    Communications & IT
    Appropriate Technology
  • 7. The Birth of IYPF:IYPS 2001 Preparation
    Organising Committee first formed in April 2000 18 months to pull together an international conference
    Had the backing of Engineers Australia and Young Engineers nationally and in Queensland
    Multi-disciplinary team, mostly engineers
    Team grew to over 60 volunteers from every continent aged between 18 and 35
  • 8. The Birth of IYPF:IYPS 2001 The Event
    120 international young professionals from all major regions except Latin America and The Middle East
    Addressed themes of Poverty, Environment, Sustainability and Social Capital (expansion of CYPC)
    Action areas of Housing & Infrastructure, Education, Food & Agriculture, Water, Population & Health, Aid & Trade, Information & Communication Technologies, Transport, Appropriate Technology
    Convened in 5 regions Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, Oceania
    6 months of facilitated online discussions prior to the IYPS 2001, combined with sessions during the event, to develop position papers on all themes and action areas, identifying key challenges and possible responses, and producing calls to action
    Development of ideas for projects to address challenges emerging from regional, thematic and action area discussions to be implemented after IYPS 2001
  • 9. The Birth of IYPF:IYPS2001 - Outcomes
    Production of IYPS 2001 Resolutions compilation of position papers, calls to action, project ideas
    The IYPS 2001 Dream
    Launch of the International Young Professionals Foundation to carry forward the energy, ideals and enthusiasm of the IYPS 2001
  • 10. The Birth of the IYPF:The Launch of the IYPF
    With the IYPS 2001 Dream, the recognition of what needed to be done to realise the dream we had, the collective brain power and thinking behind the IYPS 2001 Resolutions, and the will of all participants to play their role in working towards the dream, the International Young Professionals Foundation was launched as a vehicle for continuing the work commenced at the Summit.
    5 of the IYPS 2001 Organising Team James Moody, Michael Lucas, Tamara Price, Peter Bodetti and Cameron Neil became the founding members and its initial directors, responsible for steering the organisation through its start-up period and working towards its objectives and the realisation of the IYPS 2001 Dream.
  • 11. Why Young Professionals
    Ideally placed to influence current and future change in the world
    Educated and globally connected
    Earning and consuming
    Skilled, connected, passionate
    Numerically sizable demographic
    Hundreds of millions across the globe
    Todays and tomorrows world leaders
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 12. Vision & Mission
    International Young Professionals Foundation
    A global community of young professionals creating a better world for current and future generations through local and global action.
    Informing, inspiring and equipping young professionals to change their world for good.
  • 13. Vision & Mission
    Our Focus
    Encourage more young professionals to actively help make the world a better place
    Increase the capacity of young professionals to make a positive difference through
    Information & Knowledge
    Connectivity & Access
    Recognition & Support
    IYPFs immediate focus
    Engaging young professionals in helping to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 14. The Last 10 Years:Highlights
    IYPS 2001 on the Gold Coast
    IYPS 2004 in Brisbane at Griffith University, with themes of Sustainable Livelihoods and Science & Technology for Development, bringing together 70 young professionals from 18 countries
    IYPS 2008 in Manchester, focused on How young professionals can help to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals"
    International Young Professionals Foundation
  • 15. The Last 10 Years:Highlights
    Representation & Delegations
    Sent a delegation, with the CEC, to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM 2002) to lobby and advocate for the role of young professionals in development
    • Sent a delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa
    • 16. Convened a WSSD side event with the Youth Employment Summit on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods
    Sent a delegation to the Youth Employment Summit 2002 in Alexandria, Egypt