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  1. 1. Markku Kulmala, Academy professor, Chair Tanja Suni, Secretary General PARTICIPATORY WORKSHOP TO MAP OUT KEY PRIORITIES IN GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH
  2. 2. Global warming Biodiversity loss Air quality Fresh water Epidemic diseases Deforestation Climate change Food supply Volcanoes Earthquakes Energy Chemicalisation Ocean acidification Backgound:ScopeofGlobalGrandChallenges Demography
  3. 3. ESIMERKKI HANKKEEN SIDOSRYHMJAOSTA THE CHALLENGE Achieving sustainability in a world subject to global change requires understanding thelinksamong environmental and societal change. Challenges related to resilience, governance models, resource efficiency, technology, business, trade, equity, and poverty are interlinked: achange in one component will cascade to many others. Creating solutions that will lead to sustainability requiresestablishinganew interaction and partnership culturebetween researchers and society. Solutions-oriented global change research requiresjoint framing and co-design ofresearch between producers and end-users of scientific knowledge.
  4. 4. MISSION OF THE TOWNHALL MEETING Future Earth Townhall Meeting invites scientists and stakeholders from civil society, governance, and businessto discuss and map out the key priorities in global change research: What is essential to understand? What kind of information do we need and in which format? How should we study the phenomena? What is the role of stakeholders in global change research? Starting point for the discussion: eight key challenges identified in theFuture Earth Strategic Research Agenda. Organiser:Future Earth Finland - national platform ofthe new strategic research initiative on global change,Future Earth. This Townhall is the first event of the Finnish living lab network on global change research. Future Earth Finland and Townhall meeting are supported by: TIEDEAKATEMIAIN NEUVOTTELUKUNTA DELEGATIONEN FR VETENSKAPSAKADEMIERNA I FINLAND COUNCIL OF FINNISH ACADEMIES
  5. 5. 1. GLOBAL CHANGE Developing understanding of global change as a phenomenon. Key issues and opportunities for Finland. Future Earth Townhall -> Global change and Finland seminar series SpecificGeneral SpecificGeneral FINNISH LIVING LAB NETWORK OF GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH A network connecting research, decision-making, business, and civil society to jointly advance global change research in Finland. 2. INTERACTION Networking and consortium-building events for mutual understanding of stakeholder & researcher needs and viewpoints. 3. PRACTICE Pilot projects. Practical testing and improving of co-design and co-production methods.
  6. 6. TODAY: STARTING LIVING LAB LEVEL 1 - GLOBAL CHANGE Main questions for the Townhall and Global Change and Finland seminar series: 1. What is global change for Finland? 2. How should we study it? 3. What structures and funding mechanisms could support the research? Approached in various ways: Pre-assignment questions Small-group discussions Twitter: @FEtownhall Outcome Summary report of ideas and viewpoints for Future Earth Science committee Policy brief for Finnish funding agencies and ministries All workshop material will be used to develop the Living lab of Global Change and the Global change and Finland seminar series! Panel discussion
  7. 7. 8.30-09.45:Global change: key challenges Opening words and Mission of the Townhall meeting ChairMarkku Kulmala, Secretary General Tanja Suni,Future Earth Finland Future Earth Strategic Research Agenda ProfessorHeinz Gutscher, Future Earth Science Committee The links and scales of global change Professors Jukka KyhkandSirkku Juhola, Future Earth Finland Funding global change research Professor Jari Niemel, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation 09.45-10.00Coffee to go 10.00-11.00Small-group discussions on research priorities and implementation 11.00-11.30Lunch 11.30-13.00:Co-design of global change research Stakeholder engagement in Future Earth Chancelloremeritus Kari Raivio, Future Earth Engagement Committee Panel discussion: Co-designing global change research in Finland STRUCTURE OF THE DAY