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  • 8/11/2019 August 26, 2014 (Tuesday)









    14 Looking GoodScotty quarterback Jason Thiba

    rolls out of the pocket in the ea

    going of the annual Red & Wh

    game. It was a beautiful night fo

    scrimmage and good practice

    the players and referees alike. T

    Scotties, anchored by 18 seniors,

    looking sharp as they prep for thrst game of the season in Cols

    this Saturday, August 30th to take

    the Colts in a nonconference ga

    with a 6:00 kickoff time. Here is

    look at the remainder of their regu

    season schedule (7:00 kickoff time

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    HELP WANTED:The Hangar is looking for Cooks & WJERRY AT THE HANGAR 228-8280.


    JOB OPENING:Cottonwood Inn is looking for a partshift. PICK UP APPLICATIONS AT THE COTTONWOO


    HELP WANTED:Campbell Lodge is looking for an enwork full time night shift, 11pm-7am. Starting at $9/hr, 40228-9328.


    HELP WANTED:Looking for full or part-time daytime & af

    front counter workers. Hours & days worked may vary, bPERSONS MAY APPLY AT DAIRY QUEEN.


    FOR RENT & SALE IN ST. MARIE:3 Bedroom, 1.5 524-3742.


    MUST SELL - BARGAIN: Beautiful pine dining set wlarge antique pine corner cabinet, $250; or everything $425-531-1376.



    Tonight:Clear, with a low around 51. Southeast wind around6 mph.

    Wednesday: Sunny, with a high near 85. Southeast wind 6

    to 9 mph.

    Wednesday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 55.South southwest wind around 7 mph.

    Thursday:Sunny, with a high near 87. West southwest wind

    5 to 9 mph.

    Thursday Night:Mostly clear, with a low around 58. Westwind 3 to 8 mph.

    Friday:Sunny, with a high near 81. Northwest wind around

    8 mph.

    Friday Night:A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms.Mostly clear, with a low around 56.

    Saturday:A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly

    sunny, with a high near 83.

    Saturday Night:A chance of showers and thunderstorms.Mostly cloudy, with a low around 58.

    Sunday: A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms.Partly sunny, with a high near 74.

    Sunday Night:A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms.Partly cloudy, with a low around 53.

    Labor Day:A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms.Mostly sunny, with a high near 73.

    Flooding continues across the area, with floodwarnings or the Milk and Musselshell Rivers, andBeaver Creek. GLASGOW At 3:40 this morning, the stage was31.7 eet but should slowly start alling this afernoon.

    NASHUA At 3:30 this morning the stage was 19.0eet. Te river is orecasted to crest near 23.0 eet this

    evening. TAMPICO At 3:30 this morning the stage was22.7 eet and is orecasted to rise above flood stage o 23eet by Tursday. BEAVER CREEK, HINSDALE At 3:30 thismorning the stage was 19.4 eet and is orecasted toslowly all through the week. It should all below floodstage Saturday morning.

    MUSSELSHELL RIVER, MOSBY Crested at14.36 eet at 7:00 p.m. Monday, and now orecasted toall below flood stage by Wednesday afernoon.

    Stay tuned to NOAA weather radio, as well or updates on latest river stagesand orecasts. I you come across a flooded road, urnAround, Dont Drown!

    Te Valley County Pioneer Museum will bechanging to all schedule on uesday, September 2nd.Te Museum will be open uesdays Fridays, 1:00 5:00. Special arrangements or visits can be made bycalling 228-8692; leave a message.

    Museum going to autumn hours

    121 Min.

    4:00 - 7:00 - 9:20PM

    DAILY CINEMAS: 4:00 & 4:10 PM - $5.75/PERSONFREE TREAT TUESDAY!Free popcorn with every paid admission at 7pm & 9pm showings


    Rated R: for language incl. sexual references,some graphic nudity, violence & drug use

    Rated PG-13: for intense sequences of sci-fiviolence & action, and some language

    4:10 - 7:15 - 9:15PM

    104 Min.

    Both the Red & White volleyball match and ootballscrimmage were very well attended last night and Scottyans witnessed some impressive talent. It elt like a crispautumn evening, perect or all sports (even thoughthe days warm back up this week with highs back in theupper 80s on Wednesday).

    Te ootball scrimmage was dominated by someoutstanding deense as the scoreboard showed asdarkness set in: all tied up at 0-0 although there wasa touchdown called back due to a penalty. Our localofficiating crew including a ew new aces did a verygood job o calling every penalty they saw to get theScotties prepared, including the new targeting rulewhich will be penalized as illegal personal contact: Taking aim with the helmet, forearm, hand,

    fist, elbow or shoulders to initiate contact above theshoulders, which goes beyond making a legal tackle, alegal block or playing the ball, will be prohibited.

    Te Scots have nine regular season games on theschedule, the most regular season games in schoolhistory according to Athletic Director Brenner Flaten. Looking at the Scotty Homecoming game againstnemesis Baker, the Spartans open their season at homewith Wol Point on September 5th. Glasgow will alreadyhave two games in when Baker comes to Scottyville.

    wo teams automatically advance out o the District2B which the Scotties are looking to dominate tothe MHSA Playoffs. I they can capture the District2B title, Glasgow will host a first-round playoff gameagainst the #2 team rom District 7B (Tompson Falls,Eureka, Bigork, roy or Plains).

    A Scotty ootball bonus: ninegames on the regular season

    These lots total 26,940 sq. ft. andis a perfect level building site.

    Cherry Creek Water association.Call for more information!

    Highway 2 West, Glasgow, MT


    Offered by:Karen Waarvik, Broker/Owner(406) 228-2525 -



  • 8/11/2019 August 26, 2014 (Tuesday)


    and together they armed in Raymond, Montana, beore

    moving to Plentywood. Like so many o her contemporaries,Verdas experiences during the Great Depression and WorldWar II remained vivid throughout her lietime and shapedthe woman she would become--resilient, determined, anddevoted.

    Roy passed away afer a long illness in 1961. Verdathen moved her amily to Glasgow where she worked orthe J.C. Penny Co. rom 1962 through 1979 in the businessoffice and as the catalog supervisor. During these years,three o her children (Shannon Hoffarth, Vernita HoffarthAres, and Jeanine Hoffarth Markle) graduated rom GlasgowHigh School. In 1979, she transerred with the company toCaliornia, where she worked until her retirement.

    Although Verda resided in Caliornia or the remaindero her lie, her roots in the Montana prairie and her love oher extended amily and large circle o riends who live there

    brought her back to the state as ofen as possible. Alwayscurious and engaged, she enjoyed interests rom gardeningto ballroom dancing to writing to sewing, and shared thementhusiastically with all she met. Te Glasgow High School Educational rust is honoredto add Verda Hoffarth Stewarts name to its permanent listthrough the love and generosity o her grandsons, extendedamily, and riends.

    Whenever the trust receives donations in honor,recognition, or memory o a particular individual or groupthat total $500 in value, a gif is made to a student or theschool in that name. Donations that total $10,000 in valueprovide an annual naming opportunity in perpetuity.

    Te Glasgow High School Educational rust was established

    in 1964 by members o the GHS Class o 1938. Teir dream 50years ago was to establish a und that could significantly help

    GHS graduates pursue higher education and thereby a betterway o lie. With assets now totaling over $4.2 million dollars, itis sae to say that their dreams have been realized.

    Since its inception, the trust has granted 2026 gifs tohundreds o different GHS graduates to help pay tuition, ees,and other expenses. Te overwhelming majority o studentsreceive multiple gifs. o date, the total value o student gifsis $1,728,650.20. In addition to the gifs made each year to individualstudents, the GHS Educational rust also makes gifs to GHS topurchase enrichment programs and equipment that cannot befinanced within the regular school budget. Every departmento GHS has received such gifs, which benefit all students aswell as members o the community at large when they attendevents at the school or use its resources. Ninety-nine gifstotaling $190,308.33 have been granted to the school.

    Drew and Dirk both benefited rom the gifs made toGHS to support all students, and they appreciate the trustsmission. Teir mother, Jeanine Hoffarth Markle, a trusteesince 1985, is the current Chie Executive Office o the trust,and their paternal grandmother, Lois Wilson Markle, was aounding trustee and administrator or 36 years. Te brothershave observed firsthand what a difference 50 years o devotedcommunity service can make.

    GHS graduates who are pursuing higher education atthe baccalaureate or vocational/ technical level may applyor financial assistance through a semi-annual applicationprocess administered by the trustees. All applicantsmust have completed at least one year o college or onesemester o vocational school, be ull-time students in good

    academic standing, and ulfill other requirements listedon the application available on the trusts website at Financial need has always been a primaryconsideration. Application deadlines are July 1st and October15th o each ye