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  • xico states or the YucatanPeninsula, or that it could dis-integrate thanks to dry air andhigh wind shear, of course.

    The hurricane center'sforecast says that while thestorm has become better de-fined over the past few hours,it has "li mited" shower andthunderstorm activity. Condi-tions are nevertheless con-ducive to a tropicaldepression forming over thenext day or so, according tothe forecast.

    There is an 80 percent chanceTropical Storm Isaac willhave formed near the LesserAntilles in the easternCaribbean Sea by Wednesdaymorning, according to theNational Hurricane Center.

    It's still too early to predictthe storm's track, butweather-watching enthusiastsare discussing the possibilitythat it could make a turn to-ward the north and impact theEast Coast.

    It's also possible it couldmove toward the Gulf of Me -

    nament, which was held for the32nd consecutive year,claimed that this...one of themost emotionally chargedgames in the history of theWorld Series.

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    watching right there in Michi-gan while others followed thegame here at home via ESPNand various radio channels.

    Aruba earned the title ofSub Champion with a score of12-10. Organizers of this tour-

    On Saturday the Aruban com-munity was ecstatic as theywatched our Junior Leaguebaseballers play the finalWorld Series match in Taylor,Michigan against the US team.Our baseballers representedthe entire Latin America in thisWorld Series tournament asthey were the winning team afew weeks ago in Costa Rica.

    The popularity of theAruban team grew with everygame they played. Then, onFriday they triumphed over theMexican team and became thechampions of the Interna-tional Pool of the World Se-ries. These young peopleworked real hard to reach thetop in their 13 to 14 year cate-gory.

    On Saturday, a large num-ber of Aruban fans followedthe final game. Many were


    Arubas proud baseballers return asWorld Sub Champions

    Tropical Storm Isaac likely

    by Wednesday

  • The government has de-cided to change that system.They have now installed a spe-cial internal commission thatwould revise all petitions forwelfare and then make a deci-sion. It is no longer one soli-tary person making that de -ci sion, but three or four per-sons who work in the welfarearea as well as in the area to-gether with the director of theDepartment.

    This, according to the go -vernment will create better fa-cilities for our people andwould avoid having to takesuch a long route to get theneeded help.

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    During a recent press confe -rence the government madereference to the process for ob-taining welfare. They informedthat previously it was neces-sary to file a formal petition. Atthe Department of Social Af-fairs, one person was responsi-ble for making the decision asto whether or not someonewould be eligible for the wel-fare check. In the event some-one did not qualify, per thatone persons decision, the pe-titioner had to summons theservices of the LAR immedi-ately to appeal the decision.This was the only way that apetitioner could have tried fora second time to be eligible forwelfare.

    tual, social, technical, andemotional development, aswell as for guidance in learn-ing values and norms.

    The Traimerdia Bureau pro-vides care after school for chil-dren at various centers aroundthe island. The program is wellstructured to promote the inte-gral development of our chil-dren. The program includesguidance, stimulation of differ-ent aspects of development ofthe child. Homework guidanceis also an important part of theprogram for each child.

    dren and their development.According to the govern-

    ment, the role of the Traimer-dia team is very important withrespect to the guidance andformation of the children whoattend the program at the va -rious centers. An extra push isgiven children which parentsalso expect so that their chil-dren would eventually grow upto be productive citizens withbright futures.

    The children in the TraiMerdia Program spend thegreatest part of their time withthese teachers. And, they de-pend on them for their intellec-

    Last week, Minister of Educa-tion, Arthur Dowers, wel-comed six new ladies into theTrai Merdia (After schoolhours) program under the aus-pices of the Traimerdia Bu-reau. These young ladies werepresented on the first day ofthis new 2012-2013 schoolyear at the office of theTraimerdia Bureau.

    The Minister challenged thesix new teachers to use theknowledge and experience oftheir colleagues, and to alsoshare their knowledge and ex-perience in a team effort, whichhe said would benefit the chil-

    Government has simplifiedprocess for getting welfare

    2 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    Six new teachers for Trai Merdia


  • to 12 years. The Ys Care pro-gram offers homework gui -dance, and recreational andathletic activities for children.During the program there is astipulated time for working onhomework after which thechildren can engage in the dif-ferent activities offered by theYMCA.

    Along with the Trai Mer-dia program, the YMCA alsohas a so-called Ys Teen pro-gram.

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    At the start of a new schoolyear, many parents are on thelook-out for adequate locationswhere they can leave their chil-dren after regular school hours.Arubas YMCA has demon-strated their skill in this areaover the past years and has anumber of vacancies for chil-dren interested in their afterschool programs.

    It is a well known fact thatthe Dakota YMCA and the SanNicolas YMCA have excellentTrai Merdia programs forchildren between the ages of 4

    ceived them back to Aruba.According to the Minister,...Team Aruba, you have afantastic future ahead of you.Continue motivated and en-thusiastic, use your talents forgood and continue workinghard, your future in athleticslooks excellent.

    Series and Sub Champion ofthe World Series. Congratula-tions to your coaches, parentsand families who made everyeffort to support you. Mashapabien Aruba.

    Aruba has reason to cele-brate! We are very proud ofour athletes and gladly re-

    Arubas Minister of Sportswas on hand at the airport towelcome the team back fromthe US. The Minister re-marked in his words of con-gratulations....congratulations to our Latin AmericanChampion team, Interna-tional Champion of the World


    Arubas proud baseballers return ...Continued from page 1

    Aruba YMCA reopens Trai

    Merdia, Ys Care and

    Ys Teen!

  • There is still time to sign up for ex-ALM

    Employees reunion on August 25th!

    important to maintain contactwith this group. And, he says,he wants to know how they arefairing here, what are theirconcerns and if CDA can doanything to help them.

    Ever since his abduction, heis in demand for giving lec-tures and other presentations.Erkel has written a book titled,Ontvoerd (kidnapped) inwhich he relates his experienceand the impact that this has hadon his life. Erkel is the founderof the Foundation Stop ChildAbuse with a focus primarilyon fighting against child pros-titution. He is also one of theowners of the Walking TreeBureau which guides compa-nies through change, reorgani-zations and growth.

    His first visit to Aruba wasback in 2010, for a very shorttime. He claims that this timearound again he is unable tostay for some time as he mustreturn to Holland for the cam-paign and upcoming electionsthere. He is looking forward toa large crowd for his presenta-tion here. His lecture will bethis Friday, August 24th at theDr. Edward Cheung Center forInnovation from 7:00 pm inthe evening. Entrance is free.Please contact M. Tonk-Croesfor any further information atTel. 593-4939.

    the music and art of thedance. It is absolutely de-lightful working with thesechildren, commentedLeonid Kozlov. I am veryconfident they will give won-derful performances.

    Mr. Kozlovs stages TheNutcracker annually for ap-preciative audiences aroundNew York. He began bring-ing his production to Arubain 2007, along with majoryoung dance stars as KirilKulish, the Tony-winninglead of Billy Elliott.

    This years performanceson Aruba will be at the Cas diCultura on Saturday and Sun-day, December 29 and 30 at8:00 PM and 4:00 PM, re-spectively. The show featuresremarkable costumes and setscreated by Russian masters inthese arts, for a sumptuousand charming production.Tickets will go on sale atClub di Movimiento, Cas diCultura immediately, andmost likely, Van Dorp stores.Tickets are 35 Aruban florins,or $20 per person, there is nochildrens price.

    For tickets and informa-tion contact Club diMovimiento, 587-3413.

    This coming holiday season,Kozlov Dance Internationalwill again perform thebeloved ballet The Nut-cracker, to Tchaikovskysimmortal score. Leonid Ko-zlov, famed former star of theBolshoi and New York Balletand Broadway is bringing hisproduction to the Cas di Cul-tura, with a combined cast ofinternational and localdancers.

    Mr. Kozlov and his wifeAdriana, a prima ballerina,are part time residents ofAruba. The dance team nowspecia lizes in inspiring youngdancers, and expressed theyare very pleased with the re-sponse from the local com-munity to the auditionsconducted over the pastweekend.

    Three months of re-hearsals at Club diMovimiento in Bubali withdancer/instructor SamanthaWestera began immediately.The Kozlovs worked with thechorus to acquaint them withthe routines and report theyare impressed with the natu-ral talent of the youngdancers who qualified, aswell as their enthusiasm for

    today go for a period of yearsto live abroad. Erkel himselflived abroad for five years onaccount of his wor