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xico states or the Yucatan Peninsula, or that it could dis- integrate thanks to dry air and high wind shear, of course. The hurricane center's forecast says that while the storm has become better de- fined over the past few hours, it has "li mited" shower and thunderstorm activity. Condi- tions are nevertheless con- ducive to a tropical depression forming over the next day or so, according to the forecast. There is an 80 percent chance Tropical Storm Isaac will have formed near the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea by Wednesday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center. It's still too early to predict the storm's track, but weather-watching enthusiasts are discussing the possibility that it could make a turn to- ward the north and impact the East Coast. It's also possible it could move toward the Gulf of Me - nament, which was held for the 32nd consecutive year, claimed that this...”one of the most emotionally charged games in the history of the World Series.” Continued on page 3 watching right there in Michi- gan while others followed the game here at home via ESPN and various radio channels. Aruba earned the title of Sub Champion with a score of 12-10. Organizers of this tour- On Saturday the Aruban com- munity was ecstatic as they watched our Junior League baseballers play the final World Series match in Taylor, Michigan against the US team. Our baseballers represented the entire Latin America in this World Series tournament as they were the winning team a few weeks ago in Costa Rica. The popularity of the Aruban team grew with every game they played. Then, on Friday they triumphed over the Mexican team and became the champions of the “Interna- tional Pool” of the World Se- ries. These young people worked real hard to reach the top in their 13 to 14 year cate- gory. On Saturday, a large num- ber of Aruban fans followed the final game. Many were Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Aruba’s proud baseballers return as World Sub Champions Tropical Storm Isaac likely by Wednesday

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Page 1: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

xico states or the YucatanPeninsula, or that it could dis-integrate thanks to dry air andhigh wind shear, of course.

The hurricane center'sforecast says that while thestorm has become better de-fined over the past few hours,it has "li mited" shower andthunderstorm activity. Condi-tions are nevertheless con-ducive to a tropicaldepression forming over thenext day or so, according tothe forecast.

There is an 80 percent chanceTropical Storm Isaac willhave formed near the LesserAntilles in the easternCaribbean Sea by Wednesdaymorning, according to theNational Hurricane Center.

It's still too early to predictthe storm's track, butweather-watching enthusiastsare discussing the possibilitythat it could make a turn to-ward the north and impact theEast Coast.

It's also possible it couldmove toward the Gulf of Me -

nament, which was held for the32nd consecutive year,claimed that this...”one of themost emotionally chargedgames in the history of theWorld Series.”

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watching right there in Michi-gan while others followed thegame here at home via ESPNand various radio channels.

Aruba earned the title ofSub Champion with a score of12-10. Organizers of this tour-

On Saturday the Aruban com-munity was ecstatic as theywatched our Junior Leaguebaseballers play the finalWorld Series match in Taylor,Michigan against the US team.Our baseballers representedthe entire Latin America in thisWorld Series tournament asthey were the winning team afew weeks ago in Costa Rica.

The popularity of theAruban team grew with everygame they played. Then, onFriday they triumphed over theMexican team and became thechampions of the “Interna-tional Pool” of the World Se-ries. These young peopleworked real hard to reach thetop in their 13 to 14 year cate-gory.

On Saturday, a large num-ber of Aruban fans followedthe final game. Many were

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aruba’s proud baseballers return asWorld Sub Champions

Tropical Storm Isaac likely

by Wednesday

Page 2: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The government has de-cided to change that system.They have now installed a spe-cial internal commission thatwould revise all petitions forwelfare and then make a deci-sion. It is no longer one soli-tary person making that de -ci sion, but three or four per-sons who work in the welfarearea as well as in the area to-gether with the director of theDepartment.

This, according to the go -vernment will create better fa-cilities for our people andwould avoid having to takesuch a long route to get theneeded help.

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During a recent press confe -rence the government madereference to the process for ob-taining welfare. They informedthat previously it was neces-sary to file a formal petition. Atthe Department of Social Af-fairs, one person was responsi-ble for making the decision asto whether or not someonewould be eligible for the wel-fare check. In the event some-one did not qualify, per thatone person’s decision, the pe-titioner had to summons theservices of the LAR immedi-ately to appeal the decision.This was the only way that apetitioner could have tried fora second time to be eligible forwelfare.

tual, social, technical, andemotional development, aswell as for guidance in learn-ing values and norms.

The Traimerdia Bureau pro-vides care after school for chil-dren at various centers aroundthe island. The program is wellstructured to promote the inte-gral development of our chil-dren. The program includesguidance, stimulation of differ-ent aspects of development ofthe child. Homework guidanceis also an important part of theprogram for each child.

dren and their development.According to the govern-

ment, the role of the Traimer-dia team is very important withrespect to the guidance andformation of the children whoattend the program at the va -rious centers. An extra push isgiven children which parentsalso expect so that their chil-dren would eventually grow upto be productive citizens withbright futures.

The children in the Tra’iMerdia Program spend thegreatest part of their time withthese ‘teachers.’ And, they de-pend on them for their intellec-

Last week, Minister of Educa-tion, Arthur Dowers, wel-comed six new ladies into theTra’i Merdia (After schoolhours) program under the aus-pices of the Traimerdia Bu-reau. These young ladies werepresented on the first day ofthis new 2012-2013 schoolyear at the office of theTraimerdia Bureau.

The Minister challenged thesix new ‘teachers’ to use theknowledge and experience oftheir colleagues, and to alsoshare their knowledge and ex-perience in a team effort, whichhe said would benefit the chil-

Government has simplifiedprocess for getting welfare

2 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Six new ‘teachers’ for Tra’i Merdia


Page 3: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

to 12 years. The Y’s Care pro-gram offers “homework gui -dance,” and recreational andathletic activities for children.During the program there is astipulated time for working onhomework after which thechildren can engage in the dif-ferent activities offered by theYMCA.

Along with the Tra’i Mer-dia program, the YMCA alsohas a so-called Y’s Teen pro-gram.

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At the start of a new schoolyear, many parents are on thelook-out for adequate locationswhere they can leave their chil-dren after regular school hours.Aruba’s YMCA has demon-strated their skill in this areaover the past years and has anumber of vacancies for chil-dren interested in their afterschool programs.

It is a well known fact thatthe Dakota YMCA and the SanNicolas YMCA have excellent“Tra’i Merdia” programs forchildren between the ages of 4

ceived them back to Aruba.According to the Minister,...“Team Aruba, you have afantastic future ahead of you.Continue motivated and en-thusiastic, use your talents forgood and continue workinghard, your future in athleticslooks excellent.”

Series and Sub Champion ofthe World Series. Congratula-tions to your coaches, parentsand families who made everyeffort to support you. Mashapabien Aruba.”

Aruba has reason to cele-brate! We are very proud ofour athletes and gladly re-

Aruba’s Minister of Sportswas on hand at the airport towelcome the team back fromthe US. The Minister re-marked in his words of con-gratulations....“congratulations to our Latin AmericanChampion team, Interna-tional Champion of the World

Tuesday, August 21, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                               3                              

Aruba’s proud baseballers return ...Continued from page 1

Aruba YMCA reopens “Tra’i

Merdia,” Y’s Care and

Y’s Teen!

Page 4: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There is still time to sign up for ex-ALM

Employees reunion on August 25th!

important to maintain contactwith this group. And, he says,he wants to know how they arefairing here, what are theirconcerns and if CDA can doanything to help them.

Ever since his abduction, heis in demand for giving lec-tures and other presentations.Erkel has written a book titled,“Ontvoerd” (kidnapped) inwhich he relates his experienceand the impact that this has hadon his life. Erkel is the founderof the Foundation “Stop ChildAbuse” with a focus primarilyon fighting against child pros-titution. He is also one of theowners of the “Walking TreeBureau” which guides compa-nies through change, reorgani-zations and growth.

His first visit to Aruba wasback in 2010, for a very shorttime. He claims that this timearound again he is unable tostay for some time as he mustreturn to Holland for the cam-paign and upcoming electionsthere. He is looking forward toa large crowd for his presenta-tion here. His lecture will bethis Friday, August 24th at theDr. Edward Cheung Center forInnovation from 7:00 pm inthe evening. Entrance is free.Please contact M. Tonk-Croesfor any further information atTel. 593-4939.

the music and art of thedance. “It is absolutely de-lightful working with thesechildren,” commentedLeonid Kozlov. “I am veryconfident they will give won-derful performances.”

Mr. Kozlovs stages “TheNutcracker” annually for ap-preciative audiences aroundNew York. He began bring-ing his production to Arubain 2007, along with majoryoung dance stars as KirilKulish, the Tony-winninglead of “Billy Elliott.”

This year’s performanceson Aruba will be at the Cas diCultura on Saturday and Sun-day, December 29 and 30 at8:00 PM and 4:00 PM, re-spectively. The show featuresremarkable costumes and setscreated by Russian masters inthese arts, for a sumptuousand charming production.Tickets will go on sale atClub di Movimiento, Cas diCultura immediately, andmost likely, Van Dorp stores.Tickets are 35 Aruban florins,or $20 per person, there is nochildren’s price.

For tickets and informa-tion contact Club diMovimiento, 587-3413.

This coming holiday season,Kozlov Dance Internationalwill again perform thebeloved ballet “The Nut-cracker,” to Tchaikovsky’simmortal score. Leonid Ko-zlov, famed former star of theBolshoi and New York Balletand Broadway is bringing hisproduction to the Cas di Cul-tura, with a combined cast ofinternational and localdancers.

Mr. Kozlov and his wifeAdriana, a prima ballerina,are part time residents ofAruba. The dance team nowspecia lizes in inspiring youngdancers, and expressed theyare very pleased with the re-sponse from the local com-munity to the auditionsconducted over the pastweekend.

Three months of re-hearsals at Club diMovimiento in Bubali withdancer/instructor SamanthaWestera began immediately.The Kozlovs worked with thechorus to acquaint them withthe routines and report theyare impressed with the natu-ral talent of the youngdancers who qualified, aswell as their enthusiasm for

today go for a period of yearsto live abroad. Erkel himselflived abroad for five years onaccount of his work. He waswith the “Doctors WithoutBorders” group, and lived inplaces like Uganda, Kenya,Sierra Leone, Taji kistan,Uzbekistan and Russia. Hesays, “this is why I know whatexpats often have to face.” Heis also convinced that Hollandcan be proud of her expats whoare doing a lot of good. It is

Candidate for the September12th election to the SecondHouse of Chamber (TweedeKamer), and member of theCDA party, will be lecturinghere on Aruba on Friday, Au-gust 24th at the Dr. EdwardCheung Center for Innovation.The 42 year old Erkel, whowith no intention of ever be-coming world famous as anexecutive with the “Medico-nan Sin Frontera” group, waskidnapped in the Russian Re-public of Dagestan. He washeld captive for 607 days be-fore regaining his freedom.

During his lecture in Aruba,Erkel will tell the story of whathappened to him, because, ashe stated.... “it was from therethat I received my enormousaspiration to defend democ-racy. I also want to explainwhy I choose to join CDA andnot some populist party. I ex-perienced where extremismcan lead.” This is how the cul-tural anthropologist, ArjanErkel, expressed himself.

He said that he wishes tomeet with expatriates here onAruba to explain what CDAcould mean for them. Accor -ding to Erkel, in the past ex-pats would get on a boat andtravel to another country tolive never to return. Today thatis no longer the case. People

4 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arjan Erkel, former kidnapped

Dutchman, to lecture in Aruba

Over 40 local dancersrecruited to appear inKozlov Dance

Adriana Kozlov leads them through the routine

worked at the ALM airlinecompany can sign up andmeet up with ex-colleaguesand catch up with the goodold times.

The reunion will takeplace on Saturday, August25th at the Palm Island.

For more informationdo not hesitate to contact

ORANJESTAD -- Thecommission in charge ofthe ex- ALM employees re-union this coming Satur-day, August 25th wishes tosend out an invite to all ex-employees of ALM whohave not yet signed up tobe present at the reunion.

Anyone who has

one of the following com-mittee members: GlendaHek @ 7433344/PatriciaTromp @ 7455038/VilmaThysen-Kock 5930594/Astrid Simon @ 7455038 orCarina Tromp-van den Poel@ 5946869, before Wednes-day, August 22nd.

Page 5: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is especially for young peoplebetween the ages of 12 to 16 years.Conducted in a very wholesome at-mosphere, these teens can do home-work and later join in the variousactivities offered at the YMCA.

During the year, the YMCA alsoprovides different seminars for theyouth to provide them with differenttools that can contribute to their over-all development. Everyone is cor-dially invited to make contact withthe YMCA by calling 582-3072 formore information on their variousprograms. The YMCA is truly work-ing for the Aruban community!

The Minister of Social Affairsmentioned that for severalyears, the number of personsreceiving welfare was verysmall, perhaps because manywho were refused the servicedid not want to follow the routevia LAR. As of now, concludedthe Minister, those who are re-ally in need of this financial as-sistance from the government,will now be able to get this.

The Minister also observedthat the reason for the increase

in the number of persons onwelfare today, is because thegovernment has simplified theprocess and has made it morehumane.

According to the govern-ment, our people who need thisassistance must qualify for theright to receive welfare. Thegovernment is also affordingthem the opportunity and pro-viding the tools so that theirchance for obtaining a job be-comes greater.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 5

The weekly Bon Bini Festi-val takes place tonight at theFort Zoutman in Wilhelmi-nastraat. Bon Bini Festival isthe only weekly folkloricevent on the island. Comemingle with the locals andenjoy a taste of Aruban cul-ture.

This week the festival willfeature music by the tradi-tional Aruba caha di orgel,folkloric music, dance per-formance and brass band.

During the festival therewill be local food, sweets andtraditional local arts andcrafts on sale.

Arubus has regular bussesfrom all hotels areas to Oran-jestrad Central Terminal,which is only a short walkfrom Fort Zoutman. Roundtrip bus fare is $2.30. Thefestival is from 6:30 pm to8:30 pm. Entrance fee is $5.

Come and experience ataste of our ‘dushi’ Aruba

Bon BiniFestival istonight

Government has simplifiedprocess . . . Continued from page 2

Aruba YMCA reopens “Tra’i Merdia . . . Continued from page 3

Page 6: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

People watch as Drumpal Choudhary, 11, a street performer, performs his tricks on astreet in Kathmandu, nepal. Drumpal and his siblings Shivani and gchan, who cameto Kathmandu from india 5 years ago, earn their living by performing tricks on thestreets of Kathmandu. according to Drumpal they earn around $10 a day by performingtricks, which is not enough to feed their 10-member family living together in a smallhut without a proper toilet or any basic needs

WASHINGTON (AFP) - TheUnited States yesterday deniedJulian Assange's assertion thatWashington was orchestratinga "witch-hunt" for him, sayingthe WikiLeaks founder wasmaking "wild" claims to de-flect attention.

State Department spokes-woman Victoria Nuland saidthat the United States hadnothing to do with attempts byBritain to extradite Assange,who is holed up in Ecuador'sembassy in London and iswanted in Sweden over sexualallegations.

"He is making all kinds ofwild assertions about us whenin fact his issue with the go -vernment of the United King-dom has to do with whetherhe's going to face justice inSweden for something that hasnothing to do with WikiLeaks,it has to do with charges ofsexual misconduct," Nulandtold reporters.

"He is clearly trying to de-flect attention away from thereal issue, which is whetherhe's going to face justice inSweden," she told reporters.

"That case has nothing todo with us. It's a matter be-tween the UK, Sweden andnow Ecuador has inserted it-self," she said.

Nuland, in an exchangewith reporters, later clarifiedthat Assange was not chargedin Sweden but was wanted forquestioning. Two female Wiki -Leaks volunteers in Swedenhave accused Assange of sexcrimes.

Israel. It concerns us. We can-not have a situation wherechemical or biologicalweapons are falling into thehands of the wrong people.

Bashar al-Assad's belea-guered regime is reported tohave access to weapons con-taining nerve gas or germ war-fare agents, and Obama saidthe regime has been warnedthat any recourse to such armswould be unacceptable.

"And we have communi-cated in no uncertain termswith every player in the region,that this is a red line for us andthat there would be enormousconsequences," he said.

"If we start seeing move-ment on the chemicalweapons front or the use ofchemical weapons that wouldchange my calculations sig-nificantly."

Syria's admission in Julythat it has chemical weaponsand could use them in case ofany "external aggression"added a potentially dangerousnew dimension to the conflictwhich the new internationalpeace envoy describes as civilwar.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - USPresident Barack Obama saidyesterday that if Syria were tomove or use its chemicalweapons it would be a "redline" that would change hisperspective on how to respondto the conflict.

Obama said he had not or-dered US military intervention"at this point," but warned thatthe United States was "moni-toring the situation very care-fully, and we have put togethera range of contingency plans.

"There would be enormousconsequences if we start seeingmovement on the chemicalweapons front or the use ofchemical weapons... Thatwould change my calculationssignificantly," he told reportersat a White House briefing.

Responding to a questionabout the Syrian arsenal,Obama said: "I have at thispoint not ordered military en-gagement in the situation, butthat point that you made aboutchemical and biologicalweapons is critical.

"It is not just an issue thatconcerns Syria, but our closeallies in the region, including

Obama warns Syria overchemical arms as fightingrages

Christian conservatives to jus-tify their opposition to all abor-tions, even those sought bywomen who have been raped.

At a press briefing, Obamaacknowledged that senior Re-publicans, including WhiteHouse challenger Mitt Rom-ney, had distanced themselvesfrom the lawmaker, but saidthe comment nevertheless un-derlined policy differences.

"What I think that thesecomments do underscore iswhy we should not have abunch of politicians, a majorityof whom are men, makinghealth care decisions on behalfof women," Obama said.

"I think that the underlyingnotion that we should be mak-ing decisions on behalf ofwomen for their health care de-cisions for qualifying forciblerape versus non-forcible rapeare broader issues," he insisted."That is a significant differ-ence and approach between meand the other party," he said.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - USPresident Barack Obama yes-terday slammed a Republicanlawmaker who had questionedwhether a "legitimate rape"can lead to pregnancy, and de-fended his own campaign'sstance on abortion law.

"Well, first of all the viewsexpressed were offensive.Rape is rape, and the idea weshould be parsing and qualify-ing and slicing what types ofrape we are talking about doesnot make sense to the Ameri-can people," he said.

"It certainly does not makesense to me," he added.

On Sunday, CongressmanTodd Akin, a representativefrom Missouri and his party'snominee for the Senate, trig-gered outrage when he as-serted that a woman's body canspontaneously block an un-wanted pregnancy.

This claim, which is unsup-ported by science, has beenused in the past by some US

6 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

inTErnaTiOnaL nEWS

Obama slams 'offensive'

remarks, insists: 'Rape

is rape'

US denies'wild' Assangeclaims ofwitch-hunt

Srinagar : indian policemen stand guard near a burntout police vehicle after Muslim protesters set it on firein Srinagar yesterday. as soon as the Eid prayers con-cluded at Eidgah in the old part of the city, hundreds ofyouth blocked the road and stopped a police vehicle andasked the policemen to alight from the vehicle beforesetting it on fire, official sources said. The cops werethen beaten by the mob but they managed to escapefrom the spot. Three policemen, including an assistantsub-inspector, were injured in the incident. (aFP PHOTO)

Page 7: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yesterday was the first dayof a week of national mourn-ing declared by PresidentJacob Zuma, with nationwidememorials planned for Thurs-day.

Thousands of workers gath-ered in a field near the mine,without the machetes andother weapons that had

Some accused Lonmin ofinsensitivity for expectingthem to go back to work whilethey are still in mourning. Sixbodies still have not been iden-tified, according to the govern-ment.

They can fire us if theywant, we are not going back towork. Zuma must shut downthat mine," one worker said.

Few police were seen onpatrol yesterday, though a hel-icopter sometimes passed inthe distance.

A court outside the capitalPretoria yesterday heardcharges ranging from murderto public violence against the259 men arrested after Thurs-day's crackdown, when policeopened fire on hundreds ofstrikers armed mainly withspears, machetes and clubs.

tion Union (AMCU) -- thedriving force behind the wild-cat strike -- still sounded defi-ant, accusing Lonmin andNUM of a conspiracy to ridthe mine of its members.

"We are not safe. Ourphones have been tapped,"AMCU president Joseph Math-unjwa told a crowd at a shanty-town near the mine. "They willthen together analyse and drawup a list. Any AMCU memberwill then be fired."

His group launched thestrike calling for a tripling ofthe basic monthly wage of4,000 rand ($486, 400 euros).

That led to clashes with theNUM whose membership haseroded since the emergence ofAMCU.

But Lonmin said it has notformally received any de-mands from the strikers andsaid AMCU has not partici-pated in its talks with workers.

"Our priority is to return tonormality. We are in consulta-tions with the unions, NUM,which is the majority union atthe mine," top Lonmin miningofficial Mark Munroe told apress conference.

MARIKANA, South Africa(AFP) - Platinum giant Lon-min yesterday reopened itsSouth African mine where 44people have been killed in awildcat strike, and gave work-ers another day to come backto the job.

The world's third-largestplatinum producer said about27 percent of the mine's28,000 employees came towork yesterday, but warned itcould fire anyone who doesnot show up at 7:00 am (0500GMT) today.

The 11-day illegal strike byabout 3,000 rock drill opera-tors had closed production atthe Marikana mine, where 34people were gunned down bylast police Thursday after 10others were killed earlier inclashes between rival unions.

The powerful NationalUnion of Mineworkers (NUM)also urged workers to take uptheir tools, but urged an exten-sion of the deadline as the min-ers' families are still iden -tifying bodies and arrangingfunerals.

But the upstart Associationof Mineworkers and Construc-

More than 50 children fromacross the country gathered atthe White House yesterday forthe first kids’ “state dinner,” aluncheon hosted by first ladyMichelle Obama.

The 54 children ages 8 to12 are winners of Mrs.Obama’s Healthy LunchtimeChallenge, which asked chil-dren and their parents to createoriginal, nutritious lunchrecipes representing each ofthe food groups as part of theHealthy Lunchtime Challent.More than 1,200 children en-tered.

First lady Michelle Obama hosts kids

at lunchtime 'state dinner'

were people injured as well,but the government providedno details.

Local news reports saidseveral hundred family mem-bers were visiting inmates atthe prison when the violencebroke out.

Varela blamed it on a con-frontation between two "heav-ily armed groups" within theprison.

Local news reports said itmay have been started by pris-oners who had been trans-ferred to Yare I from La Planta,a notoriously violent and over-crowded prison in Caracas thatwas closed after a violent,weeks-long uprising in May.

CARACAS (AFP) - More than20 people were killed in thelatest outbreak of violence inVenezuela's overcrowded pri -sons as heavily armed gangsfought for control of a prisonnear Caracas, authorities saidyesterday.

Iris Varela, the minister forprison affairs, told state-runmedia that the clashes eruptedSunday in the Yare I peniten-tiary, instigated by inmates"who want to maintain controlthrough force."

"There are more than 20dead and a family member ofone of the prisoners also losttheir life," she said.

According to reports there

tuesday, August 21, 2012 7


More than 20 dead in

Venezuela prison violence

Quito : A group of Ecuadorean natives take part in ademonstration to support Wikileaks founder AustralianJulian Assange asylum request, at the independencesquare in Quito on August 20, 2012. Britain yesterdaycame under pressure after Ecuador's South Americanneighbours backed Quito's decision to grant Julian As-sange asylum, as he remained a virtual prisoner in itsLondon embassy. Foreign ministers of the union ofSouth American Nations (uNASuR), meeting inEcuador's biggest city Guayaquil, expressed "solidarity"with the decision to give asylum to the WikiLeaksfounder, whose anti-secrecy website has enraged Wash-ington. (AFP PHoto)

S.African mine reopens afterdeadly clashes

Page 8: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The psychologist was testi-fying in mitigation, asMahlangu's defence tried toconvince the court to handdown a milder sentence thanthe possible life in prison.

Judge John Horn had re-jected Mahlangu's claims tohave acted in self-defence andaccepted the prosecution's ar-gument that the killing hadbeen triggered by a fight overwages.

Terre'Blanche, 69 when hewas killed, co-founded the far-right Afrikaner ResistanceMovement (AWB) which vio-lently opposed South Africa'sall-race democracy and cam-paigned for a self-governingwhite state.

Their campaign includedbomb attacks ahead of the 1994elections, which ended thewhite-minority apartheid state.

The killing confronted SouthAfrica with memories of itsdark apartheid past, but duringthe long proceedings the trialhas largely faded from publicdebate.

But as his sentencing hear-ing got under way Monday,clinical psychologist HeinSwanepoel told the court thatMahlangu believes Ter-re'Blanche raped him and gavehim HIV, the virus that couldlead to AIDS, according to theIndependent Online.

"He alleges he was raped bythe deceased three to fourtimes and did not resist be-cause the deceased was a pow-erful man. He did informpolice about the rape and forfraudulent reasons that was notincluded in the statement,"Swanepoel said.

(AFP) - The black farmworkerconvicted of killing EugeneTerre'Blanche believes thewhite supremacist leader gavehim HIV, a psychologist said athis sentencing hearing Mon-day.

Chris Mahlangu was con-victed in May of bludgeoningTerre'Blanche to death in hisfarmhouse outside the smalltown of Ventersdorp on April3, 2010.

During the trial, the courtfound no proof that Ter-re'Blanche had rapedMahlangu.

Terre'Blanche killer 'believesextremist gave him HIV'

850,000 children between theages of five and 17 in Boliviawork and believes that it putsthem at physical and psycho-logical risk.

UNICEF, the Bolivian gov-ernment and non-governmen-tal organizations haveidentified 23 categories ofchild labor that all agree aredangerous.

They include work harvest-ing sugar cane and chestnuts inthe lowlands and the Amazonbasin, and mining in the An-dean highlands.

In a country of 10 millionpeople "there are about300,000 who are dedicated fulltime to some form of childlabor and between 40 and 60percent in Bolivia are likely in-volved in the worst forms ofchild labor," says UNICEFspokesman Wolfgang Friedl.

Marco de Gaetano, coordi-nator of an NGO called El Tra-bajo de Crecer, which operatesin Bolivia and Peru, says thegoal is to end all forms of ex-ploitation of minors.

Despite this, many childworkers in Bolivia, especiallythose involved in commerce,believe they have been strength-ened by their experience.

However there is unani-mous agreement that childrendeserve access to health, edu-cation, dignity and to be pro-tected against exploitation andthe worst forms of child labor.

years old and sells cigarettes inthe streets of El Alto, a citybordering La Paz and one ofthe poorest in the country.

"I began working when Iwas seven," he said. Heworked as a bus driver's assis-tant, and shined shoes, and anyother work he could find.

"I don't have a father, only amother, and we are threebrothers," he said. "I am inschool. I go in at seven in theevening and get out at 10 atnight, and from there I go sellcigarettes until two or three inthe morning. "I earn 50 boli-vianos (about seven dollars) onFridays and Saturday, when Imake more money."-- 'A problem of poverty' --

Child labor "is a problem ofpoverty, not only in Bolivia,but in developing countries,"said UNICEF's representativein La Paz, Marco Luigi Corsi,adding that there are no easysolutions.

The United Nations Chil-dren's Fund estimates that

LA PAZ(AFP) - "I haveworked as long as I can re-member," says Felix MamaniMayta, a 14-year-old whoselife story illustrates an every-day reality for 850,000 chil-dren and adolescents inBolivia.

Felix, who is still in school,began with small jobs in retailand later as a bicycle deliveryboy for his family's business, acombination ice cream shop andmeat and poultry distributor.

Witty and full of energy,Felix is a board member of theUnion of Boys and Girl Work-ers of Bolivia, an advocacygroup that lobbies Congressand municipal councils forlegal protections for children.

The group lobbies "so thatworking girls and boys have aplace in society, so that allchildren and adolescents aretaken into account, so that weare listened to as children," hetold AFP.

Franz Rios Apaza is 13

8 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Health & Living

Bolivia's child workers in dailystruggle for life

Melanoma is an often deadly form of skin cancer. Pro-

tecting yourself from sun damage can help protect your


This is a list of common risk factors for melanoma:

* Having fair skin or skin that is otherwise sensitive to

the sun.

* Having red or blond hair with blue or green eyes.

* Having more than 50 moles.

* Having abnormal or irregular moles, often that are

typically large.

* Having a history of using tanning beds or being sun

burned frequently.

* Having a weakened immune system.

* Having a family history of melanoma or other form o f

skin cancer.

* Being 50 or older.

Health Tip:Risk Factors for Melanoma

Page 9: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

poultry reported dead as ofWednesday.

The agriculture ministrysaid 786,512 chickens, 40,780ducks, 3,000 quail, 336 pigsand five cows have died sinceJuly 20, when the peak tem-perature began hovering above33 Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit) inmost areas.

The stifling heat also killedseven people in June and July,the health ministry said,mostly elderly people workingin fields or greenhouses.

Temperatures have stayedabove 35 C for 12 days inmuch of the country, causingmassive blooms of algae inrivers.

Sales of electric fans and airconditioners have soared. OnMonday the state power com-pany warned that reserveswere dangerously low andurged people to switch off ap-pliances, as usage reached arecord.

The meteorological admin-istration says relief is in sightstarting Friday, with middaytemperatures dropping to thecustomary August figure of30C from the weekend.

PARIS - A couple cool off in the water of the Trocadero'sfountains, on week-end in Paris as the city swelteredunder a summer heatwave. A level 2 alert on the 1-3heatwave warning system is issued in 33 departmentsto ensure the public is aware of the need to ensure thewell-being of the elderly, babies and other people par-ticularly vulnerable to unusually high temperatures ofthis week-end.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 9


SEOUL (AFP) — SouthKorea's extended heatwave

has taken its toll on both hu-mans and animals, with morethan 830,000 chickens or other

S. Korea heatwave kills more than 830,000poultry

SEOUL - Members of Coexistence for Animal Rightsconfine themselves in a cage as a protest against eatingdog meat last week in Seoul, South Korea. Dog meat isa traditional dish in Korea dating back to the Samkuk pe-riod (period of the three kingdoms BC 57 - AD 668), andJuly 15 is the day on which some South Koreans eat dogmeat in the belief it will help them endure the heat of thesummer months.

capped".But last month, Switzerland

gave the test the green lightwith a decision by Swissmedic,the national agency for thera-peutic products.

Germany's ombudsman forthe disabled, Hubert Huppe,for his part called the test "il-legal", fearing a "selection ofman by Down's Syndrome",but it did not stop the test fromgoing to market.

Down's syndrome is causedby having an extra copy ofchromosome 21 and the riskincreases as a woman getsolder.

LifeCodexx described theirprocedure as a "risk-free alter-native to common invasive ex-amination methods such asamniocentesis".

Invasive procedures cur-rently used for prenatal diag-nosis -- in the 16th week ofpregnancy -- pose a one per-cent risk of foetal loss. The di-agnosis is therefore only madeavailable to high risk women,which fails to catch all cases.

Besides Germany andSwitzerland, the test is alsonow available in Austria andLiechtenstein.

BERLIN (AFP) - A new pre-natal test for Down's syndromehit the market in Germany andseveral other European coun-tries Monday, the manufac-turer said, amid a controversyover whether it could lead tomore abortions.

The product, marketed asPrenaTest and manufacturedby German life sciences com-pany LifeCodexx, "is targetedexclusively toward women intheir 12th week of pregnancyand beyond who are at an in-creased risk" of delivering achild with Down's syndrome,the company said in a state-ment.

The test which involves

screening pregnant women'sblood samples for the pres-ence of foetal Down's syn-drome -- also known astrisomy 21 -- had recentlycome under fire from rightsgroups concerned about abor-tions.

In June, the internationalfederation of Down's syn-drome organisations objectedto such testing at the EuropeanCourt of Human Rights.

The federation, grouping 30associations in 16 countries,said the Strasbourg courtshould "recognise the humancondition and protect the rightto life of people with Down'ssyndrome and those handi-

Down's syndrome testing hits severalEuropean markets

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10 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AUG 18 - AUG 25

O’stad :’ Botica Dakota N.V.’ - S.N : ‘ Di Serv. Seroe Preto N.V’

FREE Coverage on our website:


Page 11: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The aim would be to con-trol speculation on the likeli-hood of the eurozone breakingup and help countries likeSpain and Italy which havesuffered from rapidly spi-ralling borrowing costs.

But a spokesman for Ger-man Finance Minister Wolf-gang Schaeuble was quick toquash the report.

Martin Kotthaus told a re -gular government briefing hewas not aware of such a planbut that "purely theoreticallyand speaking in the abstract,such an instrument would ofcourse be very problematic."

The ECB, which very rarelycomments on press reports,also reacted swiftly, saying itwas "absolutely mis leading toreport on decisions, which havenot yet been taken."

BERLIN (AFP) - Germanyyesterday dampened hopes forpowerful action from the Euro-pean Central Bank to fix theeuro crisis and slapped downspeculation of an immediatebreakthrough on debt-wrackedGreece.

European markets openedfirmer following a report Sun-day in respected Germannewsweekly Spiegel that theECB was mulling huge inter-vention to drive down the bor-rowing costs of countries hitby the crisis.

Without citing sources,Spiegel said the Frankfurt-based central bank would capthe borrowing costs of individ-ual nations, buying their bondsin the open market to drivedown these costs to below thelimit set.

which started off well, is inkind of bad shape compared toother blocs like ECOWAS (theEconomic Community of WestAfrican States)," Congolesepolitician Pierre Moussa toldjournalists.

Moussa was namedCEMAC president at the or-ganisation's 11th heads of stateconference last month in Braz-zaville. He formally takes of-fice on August 28 for afive-year term, replacing scan-dal-tainted Cameroonian An-toine Ntsimi.

The CEMAC states areCameroon, the Central AfricanRepublic, Congo, Gabon,Equatorial Guinea and Chad,all of which use the CFA francas their currency.

It was formed in 1994 aftera predecessor, the CentralAfrica Customs and EconomicUnion (UDEAC), was dis-solved.

BRAZZAVILLE (AFP) - Theincoming head of the Eco-nomic Community of CentralAfrican States (CEMAC) saidyesterday the six-nation bloc'sefforts to deepen economic in-tegration in the region were notgoing well.

"It seems to me it's com-mon knowledge that the inte-gration of the CEMAC zone,

New chief: Central Africaneconomic bloc in 'bad shape'

Photo dated June 10, 2012shows an Apple logo on abuilding in San Francisco.Apple yesterday de-throned longtime rival Mi-crosoft as the mostvaluable company in his-tory based on the value ofits stock, which climbed toaround $622 billion.

Apple's stock began asteady rise late last weekand hit a new high of$664.75 a share near mid-day Monday on the Nas-daq exchange amidrumors the tech giant ispoised to release new ver-sions of iPhone, iPad, andApple TV devices.

tive Phupinder Gill said thecompany was looking at ex-panding the London market'stransactions to other types offutures trading.

"Launching with a suite ofFX products allows us to lever-age our 40 years of experiencein FX futures for customers inthe region who access the fu-tures market during the Londonbusiness day, but we also planto look at expanding into addi-tional asset classes," he said.

Robert Ray, the managingdirector of products and ser -vices, will become CEO ofCME Europe, the companysaid.

from our diverse set of cus-tomers in Europe, with morethan 20 percent of our volumenow originating from the re-gion," said Terry Duffy, CMEGroup executive chairman andpresident, in a statement.

"Having an exchange inLondon that can leverage thecentral counterparty model ofCME Clearing Europe willallow us to align ourselveseven more closely with our re-gional customers in both listedfutures and over-the-countermarkets, and provide additionalopportunities to our expandingnon-US customer base."

CME Group chief execu-

CHICAGO (AFP) - CMEGroup, the world's largest fu-tures market operator, said yes-terday it was seeking Britishregulatory approval to set up aEuropean exchange based inLondon.

Chicago-based CME,which owns the Chicago Mer-cantile Exchange, the ChicagoBoard of Trade and the NewYork Mercantile Exchange,said it was applying to Britain'sFinancial Services Authority tocreate a London-based marketcurrency futures market inmid-2013.

"We continue to see an in-crease in business coming

BEI-JING (AFP) - China's currencyis facing strong downwardpressure this year as the coun-try's once surging growth ratesslow amid a stalling globaleconomy and signs of capitalflight after years of inflows.

It is a new development forthe yuan, once on a steady up-ward trajectory on the back ofexpectations that China's im-pressive economic strengthmade the currency a one-waybet.

The economy, though, hasslowed for six straight quartersand the 7.6 percent year-on-year expansion in gross do-mestic product for the threemonths ended June 30 was theworst since the 2008-2009global financial crisis. Theyuan has dropped just one per-cent this year, but the fall has

month saying markets havenow accepted that the currencyis on a weakening track, call-ing that a potential boon for theeconomy.

A weaker yuan could spurpositive effects such as boost-ing exports, it added.

come after years of gains amidforeign pressure by China'strading partners, especially theUnited States, who claimed itwas undervalued.

The China Securities Jour-nal, a state newspaper, carrieda front-page commentary this

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 11



Crossword Answer


Dutch Antilles









(per 10,000)

















































Current as of:08/20/2012

All rates for amounts up to AWG 100,00 per item.

Apple is most valuable company

ever at $622 bn

China’s currency under pressureas growth slows

CME applies to set up futures

exchange in London

Berlin douses hopes of

quick euro crisis fix

Page 12: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beyoncé performs onstage during the filming of the "IWas Here" video at the General Assembly at the UnitedNations in New York, The video that will premiered on Au-gust 19th, for World Humanitarian Day and inspire onebillion messages for World Humanitarian Day on Sunday.

began to play very young,and I was living inMedellin in the 1980s and1990s, a very difficult erain Colombia."

It was around then thatnotorious drug lord PabloEscobar, who once sup-plied most of the cocaineto the United States,based his operations inMedellin, mastermindinga campaign of kidnap-pings and bombings in

Colombia's capital Bogota andother parts of the country.

He was eventually killed bypolice in 1993.

"I believe that music saved mebecause I could have taken verydifferent paths," Juanes said.

The experience helped himappreciate the significance ofmusic for the kids in LA'syouth orchestra, created by thephilharmonic's musical direc-tor, Venezuelan maestro Gus-tavo Dudamel.

"Their story is incredible,"Juanes enthused.

The youths "come fromchallenging economic condi-tions. They join the programand music changes their life."

According to Juanes, whonow lives in Miami, the bene-fits of the program extend be-yond these young musicians.

"This also transforms acommunity, their families,their friends, their neighbor-hood," he said.

For the 40-year-old fatherof three, who has announcedplans to slow down the freneticpace of his career, the concertis also a chance to go back tothe city that launched him tostardom.

Juanes moved to Los Ange-les in 1998, staying for twoyears. "It was a very difficultperiod because I didn't havemoney or a record deal," he re-called.

But before too long, Juanesmet Gustavo Santaolalla, theArgentine musician and pro-ducer who first signed him.

"Since then, I always cameback to Los Angeles to recordmost of my albums," Juanessaid. The musician said heloves the LA music scene,from the nonstop concerts, tothe fantastic pool of studio mu-sicians.

The singer said music washis life raft.

"Art transformed my life inan incredible way," he said. "I

LOS ANGELES (AFP) -Colombian megastar Juanes,whose hit "La Camisa Negra"topped charts around theworld, tried his hand at classi-cal music for the first time thisweek at the legendary Holly-wood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Juanes and his group com-bined forces for just twonights, Friday and Saturday,with the Los Angeles Philhar-monic Orchestra and the city'syouth orchestra for disadvan-taged kids.

"I've never played on stagewith a symphony orchestra,"Juanes, who has sold morethan 15 million records andracked up more than a dozenawards over two decades, toldAFP before the show.

The playlist features popu-lar songs, along with somemore "surprising, alternativechoices," Juanes said. Theyalso played songs from his firstalbum that Juanes never sungon stage before.

12 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Latin pop star goes classical with LAPhilharmonic

8, 1980, as the legendarysinger-songwriter was walkingwith his wife Yoko Ono totheir home by New York'sCentral Park.

Chapman, who was men-tally unstable and just 25 at thetime, had staked out the musi-cian's apartment building.

Earlier in the day the musi-cian had even autographed acopy of his latest album "Dou-ble Fantasy" for the man whowould kill him.

C h a p m a n e v e n t u a l l ypleaded guilty to the murder,and is currently being held atthe Wende maximum securityprison in Alden, New York.

NEW YORK (AFP) - MarkDavid Chapman, the disturbedman who shot dead Beatlesfrontman John Lennon, is upfor parole for the seventh time,with a decision expected laterthis week, prison officials saidSunday.

The hearing is set to beginon today and will last two tothree days, New York Stateprison service spokeswomanLinda Foglia told AFP, addingthat she expects a decision "bythe end of the week."

Chapman, 57, was sen-tenced in 1981 to between 20years and life in prison forLennon's murder on December

John Lennon's killer up forparole for seventh time

falling ill with Guillain-BarreSyndrome, a disease affectingthe nervous system.

It is thought he may havehad a heart attack in early Au-gust, the site added.

"San Francisco" was writtenby John Phillips, the leader ofthe 1960s group The Mamasand the Papas, but it was sungby McKenzie.

In 1988, McKenzie also co-wrote with Phillips, Mike Loveand Terry Melcher the BeachBoys hit "Kokomo."

Scott spent much of the1990s touring with the Mamasand Papas. Eventually, with nooriginal members left, thegroup disbanded.

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - USsinger Scott McKenzie, whosang "San Francisco (Be Sureto Wear Flowers in YourHair)," the unofficial anthemof the counterculture move-ment of the 1960s, has diedhere at the age of 73, his web-site reported Monday.

"It is with much sadnessthat we report the passing ofScott McKenzie in LA on the18th of August, 2012," said astatement posted on the site.

"Scott had been very ill re-cently and passed away in hishome after two weeks in hos-pital," it added.

According to the site,McKenzie was in and out ofhospital since 2010 after

Singer Scott McKenzie diesat 73

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 13

Whether you’re a first time visitor to the island,or you vacation with us every year we invite youto enjoy one of the most memorable vacationdestinations of your life. We know, we’re DiviResorts and Aruba has been our home for over40 years.

Divi Resorts has 5 resorts in Aruba, in addi-tion to The Links at Divi Aruba golf course, andthe Alhambra Casino. For years we’ve offeredhigh quality all inclusive and timeshare vaca-tions; and over 40,000 members actively partic-ipate in the Divi Vacation Ownership Program.

Many of our guests have found that one va-cation to Aruba per year is simply not enough!Our solution: The Residences at Divi VillageGolf & Beach Resort.

The Residences are luxury full ownershipcondominiums nestled within the lush greens ofThe Links at Divi Aruba golf course.

Make Aruba your second home! Condo-miniums from the $300s.

You can now purchase your own condo-minium and still enjoy the resort amenities of theDivi collection.

For more information about The Residences,visit our sales office located in the golf club-house at the Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort.

For questions or to schedule your appoint-ment to view a condominium, contact sales di-rector John Kelly at (297) 583-9971 oremail:[email protected]

We hope you will soon call Aruba home!

AMENITIES:• Covered parking space with elec-

trical outlet • Radio phone to call for transporta-

tion• Complimentary shuttle to beach,

restaurants, and the Alhambra Casino andMall

• Membership with RCI vacation exchangeprogram

• Complimentary use of fitness center• Complimentary use of beach chairs• Beach towels service • 24/7 Security • Garbage collection• Green keeping• Condo Liaison on duty• Discounted green fees• Complimentary use of

driving range • Preferred tee times• Divi managed rental pro-

gram• 24/7 availability of front

desk, maintenance and house-keeping services

• Complimentary use of allamenities at Divi Village

• Reduced pricing on all in-clusive option at Divi andTamarijn Aruba All Inclusives.

Bon Dia and Welcome to Aruba!


Limited time:

Eco-friendly electric car

for every residences owner

A favorite stop for a greatburger for lunch or dinner hasjust expanded their hours andmenu to offer some of thebest breakfast bargains to befound in Palm Beach. Own-ers Aaron and Rosie Wali-sever are living their dream:a home on paradise whilewelcoming all and sundry totheir proud undertaking, 5

Burgers Aruba. The couple’sfanatical dedication to givingtheir customers what they re-ally want has resulted in aunique menu from an interna-tionally known franchisewith a “5”, which now in-cludes breakfast.

“You never get a secondchance to make a first im-pression,” believes Aaron.Upon entering 5 BurgersAruba in The Village Mall inPalm Beach, one is struck byutterly spotless surroundingsand a smiling, friendly, atten-tive service crew. Of course,the main item on the menu isburgers-the way they weremeant to be, thick and juicy,made fresh daily and 100%pure beef, the kind that madethe hamburger a traditionalAmerican treat.

However, beginning at 7a.m., patrons can now order 2eggs any style, (omelets with3 fillings are $7.99) toast andcoffee with unlimited refillsfor the special introductoryprice of only $3.99, ($4.49with bacon) or All-you-can-eat pancakes, for $6.99,again, with free refills onfresh coffee. Breakfast isserved until 11 a.m. Famous

for their fries made fromfresh potatoes, Aaron hasbeen working for months ondevising the most irresistiblehome fries recipe, chunkyand tender with skins still on;after much testing and tast-ing, he got the thumbs upfrom his harshest critic,Rosie; so this is another treatyou have to try.

A glance at their burgermenu will certainly temptyou to return for lunch ordinner, to sample their fa-mous specialty items suchas the Gouda, Farmer’s orMan Burger (almost 12ounces of choice beef), anda Western Burger withAarons’ secret-recipecrispy onion rings. All ofthese can be personalizedwith an incredible array oftoppings, (mushrooms,jala-peño peppers, bacon,cheese, lettuce, tomato…whatever, the list goes on)at absolutely no extra cost. 5 Burger portions are

ENORMOUS! Aaron sug-gests that even their smallserving of fries is enough tobe shared by two. He wasvery amused to watch a fa-mous French chef demon-strating the best way to makefried potatoes on a gourmetcooking show and could onlycomment “He stole myrecipe!”

Try them the English way-with vinegar, and you’ll won-der how you ever ate frieswithout it. This same 5-starchef also swears by Gouda asthe best topping for the idealgourmet cheeseburger.

5 Burgers is now openearly until 10-ish at night; de-livery is available to both thehigh-rise and low-rise hoteland beach district at nowextra cost for orders over$50. Enjoy a great lunchwithout ever leaving thebeach by calling 586-3904.However, we suggest youstop by and enjoy their au-thentic, heartfelt hospitality;it is not unusual for eitherowner to sit and chat, sharingtheir knowledge of the islandwhile making sure patronsare happy with their meal.

5 Burgers Aruba: Nowyour best breakfast


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OTTAWA (AFP) - A 14-year-old Canadian became theyoungest person to swim across Lake Ontario late Sun-day after completing the 52-kilometer (32-mile) crossingin 27 hours. Annaleise Carr entered the waters at Niag-ara-On-The-Lake and swam north to Toronto's water-front, where she was greeted by her family andhundreds of supporters, according to the CanadianBroadcasting Corporation. The event raised tens ofthousands of dollars for a camp for children with cancer.Carr reportedly visited Camp Trillium last year and wasso moved that she asked to volunteer but was told shewas too young, so instead she embarked on thisfundraising mission. Reports from boats accompanyingthe teen on her journey described her head bobbing upand down with each stroke in the dark, frigid watersthrough strong winds and a tumbling surf. Carr was vis-ibly exhausted by the last leg when the waters turnedchoppy, said the daily Toronto Star. Marilyn Bell was thefirst person to swim across the lake in 1954, at age 16.

possess all these requirementsand is in top condition.

“We are expecting a goodresult at this upcoming compe-tition,” says coach Nicolaas.

Lotto recently donated 1million dollars to the Commis-sion of Sports Subsidies mak-ing it possible for thecommission to give support tothe local sports clubs so theycan keep on developing intheir sport.

letes in running and cycling onthe island says his coachRobert Nicolaas. He is thereigning National DuathlonChampion.

Duathlon is a combinationof 10 km running, 40 km cy-cling and concludes with 5 kmrunning. This sport requires alot of technicality, coordina-tion and stamina. Gino demon-strated at a recent competitionin Puerto Rico that he does

The Duatlon of Barquisimeto,Venezuela is world known, aseach year different athletesfrom different countries suchas US, Brazil, Chile, Ar-gentina, Colombia and ofcourse Venezuela compete.

Thanks to Aruba’s Lottery,LOTTO, Aruba will also berepresented at the Duathlon ofBarquisimeto this weekend.

Aruba’s representative GinoHodge is one of the best ath-

14 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lotto’s Commission of SportSubsidies sponsors Gino Hodgein duathlon competition inVenezuela

TOKYO (AFP) - Up to 500,000 people lined the streetsof Tokyo on Monday to hail Japan's Olympic medal-lists, organisers said, in a boost for the city's bid tostage the 2020 Games. Athletes who returned fromLondon with a national record medal haul were laudedas they rode on open-top buses through the capital'supmarket shopping district of Ginza. The JapanOlympic Committee (JOC) said about 500,000 peoplecrammed into Ginza to get a glimpse of the country'smedal heroes, waving, shouting and taking pictureswith their mobile phones. Japan came home from Lon-don with seven gold, 14 silver and 17 bronze medals,the country's best-ever showing. Japanese medallistsincluded gymnastic champion Kohei Uchimura, whowon the men's all-around title, and women wrestlersSaori Yoshida and Kaori Icho, who won their thirdstraight Olympic golds. The huge turn-out -- police didnot issue their own estimate of the size of the crowd -- will be seen as a fillip for the JOC, which has strug-gled with low public support in its bid to host the 2020Olympics. Tokyo is up against Madrid and Istanbul forthe right to hold the Games.


Contador made repeated at-tacks on the lead in the finalkilometres but failed tosqueeze out Valverde, whosnatched the red jersey fromcompatriot and Movistar team-mate Jonathan Castroviejo.

Valverde said he and Cas-troviejo were satisfied withtheir performance so far.

Dutchman Pim Ligthart ofTeam Vacansoleil-DCM wonthe 'King of the Mountains'polka dot jersey as bestclimber of the stage.

driguez (Katusha) aftera 155-kilometre ridefrom the vineyards ofFaustino V in Oyon.

In the race's first realwork-out for theclimbers, BritonChristopher Froome,runner-up in the Tour deFrance, took third placejust ahead of SpaniardAlberto Contador, backfrom a hotly contesteddoping ban.

Valverde praised run-ner-up 'Purito' Ro-driguez, saying he couldeasily have won thestage.

The third stage, whichpresented riders with fourascents including a cate-gory 1 climb to Arrate just aheadof the finish, began with abreakway group that quicklygrew to eight riders.

The early leaders, includingBelgian Philippe Gilbert(BMC), managed to put morethan four minutes betweenthemselves and the peloton atone point, with the tempera-ture hitting 38 degrees Celsius(100 Fahrenheit) in the mid-af-ternoon.

EIBAR- (AFP) - SpaniardAlejandro Valverde narrowlywon the mountainous thirdstage of the Tour of Spain andtook the overall leader's redjersey in a tough battle in theBasque country on Monday.

Movistar's Valverde, 32,crossed the finishing line inEibar just centimetres ahead offellow Spaniard Joaquin Ro-

Cycling: Spaniard Valverde winsTour of Spain stage three

Page 15: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

tuesday, august 21, 2012 15

winner as the new season gotunder way.

While Robin van Persie'sManchester United debutended in disappointment asMarouane Fellaini gave Ever-ton a 1-0 win at GoodisonPark on Monday.

Van Persie came off thebench for the last 22 minutesas United searched for anequaliser after Belgian mid-fielder Fellaini headed Evertoninto a second half lead.

But the Dutch forward,signed from Arsenal for £24million last week, was unableto make an immediate impactfor his new club and Evertonheld on for a well deservedwin in their opening PremierLeague game of the season.

(AFP) Senegal striker DembaBa scored a sublime goal tohelp Newcastle defeat Totten-ham 2-1 on the opening week-end of the English PremierLeague season.

Nigerian Peter Odemwingiewas also on target, convertinga penalty as West Bromcrushed Liverpool 3-0 in theirfirst match under former Redsassistant manager SteveClarke.

Cameroon-born 16-year-oldFabrice Olinga, meanwhile,became the youngest player toscore in La Liga, grabbing theonly goal as Malaga clincheda 1-0 victory at promotedCelta Vigo. The Cameroon-born forward came on as asubstitute to make his leaguedebut and got the 84th-minute

Superb Ba goal getsNewcastle off towinning start

The debate intensifiedwhen women's rights activistMartha Burk of the NationalCouncil of Women's Organiza-tions began publicly urging theclub to include women amongits members and in 2003staged a rally across the streetfrom the club during Mastersweek.

Then-chairman HootieJohnson insisted that AugustaNational might one day admitwomen, "but not at the point ofa bayonet."

Burk said Monday that shebelieved the pressure that sheand others began to applyyears ago paved the way forthe invitations to Rice andMoore.

While Johnson always ar-gued that as a private club Au-gusta National had the right torestrict its membership -- theclub founded in 1932 didn'tadmit black members until1990 -- Burk argued it's role ashost of the Masters and as ameeting ground for corporateleaders and politicians shouldmake it answerable to anti-dis-crimination law.

"The PGA TOUR com-mends Augusta National GolfClub on the news that it has in-vited Condolezza Rice andDarla Moore to become itsfirst women members,"Finchem said in a statement."At a time when women rep-resent one of the fastest grow-ing segments in both playingand following the game ofgolf, this sends a positive andinclusive message for oursport."

Augusta National's refusalto admit women members hadbecome an increasingly con-tentious issue.

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - USPresidential challenger MittRomney was among thosepraising Augusta National golfclub's long-delayed admissionof women members, an-nounced Monday by clubchairman Billy Payne.

Payne said the club thathosts the Masters, one of thefour major championships inmen's golf, had invited formerUS secretary of state Con-doleezza Rice and South Car-olina financier Darla Moore tojoin and both had accepted.

"Congrats to my friend@CondoleezzaRice for join-ing Augusta National & con-grats to Augusta National foradmitting its first female mem-bers," Romney said in a post-ing in Twitter.

US PGA Tour Commis-sioner Tim Finchem also wel-comed the news.

Golf: Romney praises AugustaNational admission of women











W L Pct GB72 49 .595 --

67 54 .554 5.0

66 55 .545 6.0

59 63 .484 13.5

56 65 .463 16.0

65 55 .542 --

64 57 .529 1.5

54 66 .450 11.0

54 67 .446 11.5

50 70 .417 15.0

70 50 .583 --

65 55 .542 5.0

62 60 .508 9.0

58 64 .475 13.0

75 46 .620 --

70 51 .579 5.0

57 64 .471 18.0

56 65 .463 19.0

55 67 .451 20.5

74 48 .607 --

67 54 .554 6.5

65 56 .537 8.5

54 66 .450 19.0

47 73 .392 26.0

39 83 .320 35.0

67 55 .549 --

66 55 .545 0.5

62 59 .512 4.5

53 70 .431 14.5

46 73 .387 19.5

american League





La anGeLeS



national League



ny MetS





St. LouiS






La dodGerS

San franciSco


San dieGo



MLB Standings

x-Clinched Playoff Spot; y-Division Champ

W L Pct GB













Page 16: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

University, moved into a tie withGarica with a birdie at the eighth-- his third hole of the day.

Garcia edged ahead againwith a birdie at the 11th, butafter a bogey at 12 he wasagain tied for the lead.

American Chad Campbellbriefly joined them atop theleaderboard with a thirdstraight birdie at 17, but Garciathen launched his big run.

American Bud Cauley fin-ished third with a 68 for 265.Campbell's 66 gave him ashare of fourth place on 266alongside Jimmy Walker (67)and Sweden's Carl Pettersen(68).

Court of Arbitration for Sport-- or accept sanctions from theagency, which has chargedArmstrong with doping duringthe years he won his Tour deFrance titles from 1999-2005.

Penalties could include alifetime ban from cycling andthe loss of his Tour de Francetitles.

Sparks found Armstrong'sclaim that USADA's proce-dures denied him his constitu-tional right to due process was"without merit".

Otherwise, the judge said,the matter would be "best re-solved through the well-estab-lished system of internationalarbitration, by those with ex-pertise in the field, rather thanby the unilateral edict of a sin-gle nation's courts."

LOS ANGELES (AFP)- A federal judge Mon-day dismissed LanceArmstrong's lawsuitagainst the US Anti-Dop-ing Agency, opening theway for the agency'sdrug case against theseven-time Tour deFrance winner to pro-ceed.

US District JudgeSam Sparks noted "trou-bling aspects" ofUSADA's case againstArmstrong and a "per-plexing" battle betweenUSADA and the InternationalCycling Union over jurisdic-tion in the case, but despite hiscriticism of those bodies hewas firm in his view that theUS courts were not the placeto decide the issue.

Armstrong, who has vehe-mently denied doping duringhis cycling career, had arguedUSADA lacked jurisdiction topursue a case against him andclaimed the agency's arbitra-tion process violated his rightsunder the US constitution.

Sparks dismissed the law-suit, filed in Armstrong'shometown of Austin, Texas.Armstrong can appeal to ahigher court, move on to arbi-tration with USADA -- andperhaps eventually to the

16 Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GREENSBORO (AFP) -Spain's Sergio Garcia won therain-disrupted WyndhamChampionship by two strokesMonday, securing a Ryder Cupberth with his first US PGATour title since 2008.

Garcia, one of 38 playersreturning to the course Mon-day to complete a final roundhalted by rain, carded a 66 foran 18-under par total of 262.

It was Garcia's first US titlesince he won the 2008 PlayersChampionship, and his firsttitle worldwide since his back-to-back victories on the Euro-pean Tour last October.

"Obviously I won a coupleof times last year in Europe,but it's been a while here (inthe United States) and it feelsgreat," he said.

Garcia started the week at11th on the World Points List,with the top 10 on the list earn-ing automatic berths on theEuropean Ryder Cup team totake on the United States inSeptember.

The points for the victorytook him to fifth, and with justone more eligible event re-maining at Gleneagles he can'tbe pushed out of the top 10.

European captain JoseMaria Olazabal will also maketwo captain's picks for theteam for the biennial match-play showdown.

Garcia led after the thirdround and was atop the leader-board when fourth-round play

was suspendedSunday becauseof heavy rain.

After a bogeydropped him intoa tie for the leadthe Spaniardbirdied four holesin a five-holestretch to regainthe advantage.

Garcia beganhis march to thetitle with a birdieat 13, where hechipped to about afoot and made theputt for birdie.

He birdied 15from a bunker,sinking a five-foot putt, andbirdied the par-three 16th afterhis tee shotlanded two feet from the pin.

His birdie at 17 moved himto 19-under, making a bogey atthe last meaningless.

The victory helped erasethe memories of his last ap-pearance at Greensboro, whenhe held a share of the thirdround lead in 2009 but eventu-ally finished fourth.

"That year, I was prettymuch in control and I lost itmyself," Garcia said, addinghe didn't think the Sedgefieldcourse owed him something."The course didn't do anythingwrong to me."

Clark, a local favorite afterattending North Carolina State

Golf: Garcia wins Wyndham,books Ryder Cup berth

Judge throws out Armstrong suitagainst USADA