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    Parking permits: $274 by FY 2019PAIGHTEN HARKINSDigital Managing Editor@PaightenHarkins

    Two new 1,000-space parking garages will be built on OUs campus over the next five years, funded in part through an average $18 per year parking permit cost increase for students.

    The new garages will be located on either side of Lindsey Street, but their exact location hasnt yet been determined, said Vicky Holland, OU Parking and Transportation services spokesperson. The garages are being built to alleviate con-gested parking lots.

    To pay for the garages, which are estimated to cost $34

    million, student, faculty and staff parking permit rates will increase incrementally, beginning this academic year and for the next four years.

    This year, student parking permit prices increased from $195 to $215 after staying stagnant for nine years. Prices will increase by 5 percent in fiscal year 2016, 10 percent in fiscal year 2017, 5 percent in fiscal year 2018 and end with a 5 per-cent increase in fiscal year 2019. The end price for student parking permits will be $274, Holland said.

    The average rate for student parking permits in the Big 12 is $248.80, according to a memo from Doug Myers, director of OU Parking and Transportation Services.

    Faculty and staff parking permit rates are $244 this year, an increase from $222 last year. By fiscal year 2019, faculty and staff permits will cost $311, according to the memo.

    Two new parking garages to be built on campus over the next five years BY THE NUMBERS




    Price of student parking permits in 2019

    Average student parking permit increase per year

    Current price of a student parking permit



    But the setting was Judge St e v e St i c es C l e v e l a n d County courtroom instead of a professors classroom.

    T h e O k l a h o m a f re s h -man running back trudged through a tunnel of photogra-phers as he was arraigned at 1:30 p.m. Mixon was charged Friday with a misdemeanor count acts resulting in gross injury.

    Hed be in class if he didnt have something else to do today, Kevin Finlay, Mixons attorney, told the judge.

    The Oakley, California native allegedly assault-ed Amelia Molitor, a fellow OU student, at Picklemans Gourmet Caf in the early hours of July 25.

    After being struck by a closed right fist, Molitor suf-fered a fractured jaw, cheek bone, sinus and a fractured orbital bone which caused a hematoma on the left eye,

    according to the affidavit.No plea was entered at the

    arraignment, though both councils met privately with the judge prior to entering the courtroom.

    Mixon was required to go through the booking process but was released on recogni-zance without posting bail.

    After turning himself in willingly on Monday, the running back is considered a no flight risk and is free to resume daily activities until he is due in court at 9 a.m. on Sept. 23.

    He is to have no contact with Molitor or the states witnesses.

    Stice ordered that video of the altercation must not be re-leased during the trial. No one outside the case is allowed to see it and neither party can hold private viewings.

    Joe Mixon, dressed in a blue button-up and khaki pants, sat in the front of the room on his first day of college.

    Freshman running back released on recognizance, due back in court Sept. 23

    Freshman running back Joe Mixon walks into court with his attorney Kevin Finlay after his arraignment at 1:30 p.m. Monday in Norman. Mixon was released on recognizance without posting bail and is due back in court at 9 a.m. Sept. 23.




    MIKE BRESTOVANSKYAssistant News Editor@BrestovanskyM

    Students desperate to print their essay 10 minutes before its due now have more options than a sprint to and from the library

    In a partnership with print pro-vider WEPA , OU Information Technology has installed 11 cloud printing kiosks in 10 locations around campus. Students can log in via their Sooner ID and print any document saved to the WEPA cloud.

    OU students will be given a $5

    print credit for the WEPA kiosks, along with an additional $5 credit toward traditional printing stations. Printing costs per page will be the same as traditional printing costs.

    Even on the first day of class, [the kiosks] have been very successful, said Becky Grant, communications manager for OU IT.

    So far, the kiosk in Couch Center has been the most used, but Grant suspects the kiosk in Bizzell Memorial Library will be more suc-cessful throughout the semester.

    Before the end of the first day of school Monday, over 3,126 pages were printed through WEPA kiosks, Grant said.

    During the 2012-2013 semesters,

    three cloud printing kiosks were placed around campus as a pilot program for the current WEPA ini-tiative, Grant said.

    We just used the $10 tradition-al printing credit before, which we think is the reason [the kiosks] didnt take off before, Grant said.

    Grant added there are currently no plans to allow students to trans-fer credit between accounts, but that they will consider it in the future.

    Students can access the WEPA cloud via a print app for smart-phones and tablets by emailing their documents to print@wepanow.com or by visiting wepanow.com/webupload. For more information, visit wepa.ou.edu.


    Students can now print on-the-goSooners will be given $5 print credit for kiosks


    Kevin Cochran, energy management junior, uses the new printing kiosk in the Bizzell Memorial LIbrarys computer lab.

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    Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society Initiates OU Faculty Members

    The Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society has inducted four current and former OU faculty and staff members to the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame this year for their service to education.

    Twelve inductees make up the 2014 Hall of Fame class, representing OU are Melvin Tolson Jr., former modern lan-guages and literature professor, Mary Jo Watson, Director Emeritus and Regents Professor of art history, Joan K. Smith, former dean of the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, and Sivaramakrishnan Lavshmivaran, com-puter science professor.

    The formal induction to the Hall of Fame and ceremony banquet will be held Oct. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Jim Thorpe Museum and Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

    This is the 21st year the society will honor higher edu-cation educators and administrators, as well as those who support higher education with contributions, according to a press release.

    The Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society is a non-profit organization that preserves the history of higher education in Oklahoma, according to the societys website.

    Biographical sketches and photographs of past Higher Education Hall of Fame inductees are available on the Oklahoma Higher Education Heritage Society website.

    Rosa Miranda, News Reporter

    PARKING: Price of passes to increase over timeContinued from page 1

    We havent had a lot of negative feedback, Holland said. I think everyones willing to pay this increase just to see more parking on campus because it is getting difficult.

    Parking citations and charges for football game day parking will also fund the garages, Holland said.

    Holland said Parking and Transportation Services of-ficials have been discussing building more parking spots for students for about two years.

    Although 2,000 new spots may alleviate some of the parking problems on cam-pus, Holland said they may not fix all parking issues since close parking spots are hard to find on a large campus, and not everyone who parks on campus parks at the same time or needs to get to the same locations.

    Even if we had 20,000 students and 20,000 park-ing spaces, were probably going to have, you know, complaints, Holland said.

    Construction on the new garages should either begin when classes end in May or by the end of 2015, Holland said.

    W h e n M a t t E p t i n g , S t u d e n t G o v e r n m e n t Association president, took office, he campaigned to alleviate parking issues


    Vehicles fill up the spaces in one of OUs three parking garages.

    on campus through a l-ternative means, such as ride-sharing.

    Epting said he supports the permit price increase.

    The costs are going to go up, but I think