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  1. 1. Annmarie ahin A History of My Career
  2. 2. Interactions with an array of personnel Military Air Base Commander Military personnel Military Parents School Administration Superintendency Principals School Directors City Officials Mayors City Council City Manager Media Correspondents Newspaper Television Radio
  3. 3. Computer Program Experience Communication Skills Positive & Innovative Motivational Team Leader District Structural Flow Annmarie Sahin Computer Programs Communicator Positive & Innovative Team Leader DSD Structural Flow
  4. 4. Employment 1983 March 2015
  5. 5. Commencement of Employment Dept. of Defense - Hill Air Force Base, UT Supply Clerk/Data Transcriber (GS-02/05) Input documentation/requisitions in Automated Storage Module computer system, maintain computer printouts, and expedite priority requisitions. Denial research work on microfiche for issuance and location of missing materials. Input findings into Distributions computer system. Analyze reject notices and input corrective actions to clear the rejects and correct computer records to ensure reject notices do not become overage. Transcribe data from 1348-1 documents to keypunch cards for input into mainframe large computer system. Input data into computer system for Allowance and Authorization/Requirements and Requisitioning unit. Physically check all past material locations (various warehouses on Base) for missing or improper placement of materials. May 1983 April 1987
  6. 6. Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools-Mediterranean DoDDS-M) ~ Incirlik Air Base, Turkey Supply Clerk/Technician (GS-06) Accountant of elementary and secondary school supply expenditures. Analyzed demand, delivery schedules, and customer request patterns to create new supply requirements. Applied regulations pertaining to supply systems, i.e., inventory and storage management, purchasing, property accountability, material acquisition, and requirements for unique or hard to find items. Procurement of all school materials and equipment. Inventory & Equipment Manager functioning with the DSAMMS (Dependent Schools Automated Material Management System) program. Initiated and maintained records and reports reflecting requisition, receipt, issue, inventory, and cost of school supplies and equipment. Reported findings to Regional DoDDS-R Office in Spain as required. Supervised services relating to property accountability, property tracking, property disposition and disposal. Provided guidance to hand receipt holders regarding property book transactions and accountability. Maintained liaison with local U.S. Air Force, DGSC (Defense General Supply Center), GSA (General Services Administration), and other supply agencies for procurement of supplies/equipment within authorized funds availability. Maintained and posted all changes/updates in all supply regulations, ensuring all concerned individuals are familiar with such changes. Ensured all fire, safety, and internal control regulations were adhered to. Ensured all postal packages were picked up on a daily basis and distributed accordingly. Supervised two local national employees, one purchasing agent and one storekeeper, ensuring all supply discipline and conservation was adhered to. July 1987 February 1991
  7. 7. Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools-Mediterranean DoDDS-M) ~ Incirlik AB, Turkey Administrative Assistant / Supply Clerk / Acting Superintendent of Schools (GS-07) During the Gulf War, all school administration, personnel, and civilians were evacuated from the Base. I remained as the sole liaison between DoDDS-M and local Military Officials. Functioned as the District Supt. of Schools for all DoDDS schools in Greece/Turkey/Bahrain, maintaining record of all activity regarding the school facilities and employees. To include military activity within our buildings and grounds. Attended weekly meetings (Commanders Call) with the Base Commander and his subordinates to stay apprised of military activity affecting the schools, their occupants, and the three buildings. Reported any unacceptable behavior or actions by occupants of our facilities, to maintain a clean and safe environment. Functioned as building and equipment manager, budget ledger controller, supervisor to four local internationals, and maintained the operation of the District Film Library. Responsible for receiving daily reports from all school principals on status of safeguards being taken and procedures to be followed, during terrorist threats and local bombings that were occurring. Reported on a daily basis to the Supt. (CONUS) of all happenings and events involving the schools, their personnel, and students well being such as bus movement, erratic schedules. Applied regulations or guidance pertaining to supply systems, i.e., inventory and storage management, purchasing, property accountability, material acquisition and disposal, and gather requirements for unique or hard to find items. Issued school property and equipment to military personnel/hand receipt holders, ensuring all proper documents and accountability were accountable. Monitored the activities of military personnel which had temporarily established the local three school buildings as barracks, to ensure all guidelines set forth by DoDDS were followed. Supervised the shipment of films to District schools within Greece, Turkey, and Bahrain, ensuring accountability of property. Maintain confidentiality of military activity (leaflets). February 1991 June 1991
  8. 8. Powder Ridge Village ~ Bountiful, UT Secretary Performed filing, typing, processing of contract deeds, making deposits to local financial institution. Verified information on contracts/deeds for accuracy. Generated collection letters verifying content for grammar and attaching necessary documentation to outgoing correspondence. Received all incoming telephone calls utilizing multi-system phone, directing callers to corresponding receiver. Formatted monthly accounting reports and maintained files on such reports. Attended meetings and prepared minutes, providing concerned parties with copies. June 1991 December 1991
  9. 9. Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Department of Treasury ~ Ogden, UT Secretary (Office Automation Clerk) Received and entered all building trouble calls / work orders, effectively following guidelines & assigning priorities. Maintained control and composure with emergency situations to be resolved, ensuring minor or no damage to building or equipment. Posted changes to imperative filing systems (manual and computerized) accurately in order for all section Foremen/personnel to access. Reviewed all recorded incoming correspondence; distributed to proper personnel, following up with any necessary action to be taken. Maintain confidential personnel files. Scheduled appointments for Maintenance Department Director with daily notification of meetings and agenda. Assist Director with correspondence. Utilized software programs (i.e. Total Maintenance System[TMS], WordPerfect 6.0, Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and FormTool), for input of materials either taken from rough draft or telephone, transcribing directly into final format. Assisted supervisor, other office personnel, and Maintenance Foremen with such software as needed. Established and maintained control logs for meetings and tracking of units job tasks (work orders) and for accounting of requisitions and funds spent daily. December 1991 March 1996
  10. 10. Community Relations, Davis School District ~ Farmington, UT Administrative Secretary First response to all media for school public relations telephone and walk-in customers, Generated and maintain filing system, typed correspondence into final draft, and distributed accordingly. Edited Board Briefs and all correspondence from department. Provided the public with newsletters and information regarding the schools within the Davis District. Compiled statistical and financial information for the districts annual performance report, design and layout for print to community, schools, and students. Monitored department budget and accounts. Generated all purchase orders for Community Relations, maintained budget accountability. Prepared, updated, and distributed all District telephone directories; employee directory, administrative and principal photo directory, district office and school directories. Hall of Fame co-chair, conducting meetings with the Committee, and ensured all details were attended to. Distributed Hall of Fame nomination forms to all school principals and department directors, established and update log of responses. Generated congratulatory letters and invitations, and distributed to all nominees and district personnel. Designed and built plaques for honorees (90+), ensured all names were correctly spelled. Initiated Hall of Fame program and nametags for Hall of Fame ceremony with 400+ guests. Requisitioned catering service, within the budget, set up and attended program and instructed committee with any last minute preparations. Pursued and received donations for the Hall of Fame Awards dinner and program. Generated and maintained the Board of Education and Community Relations websites. Ensured Board recognition, retirement recognition, bond elections, and other official awards and honors to the District and school personnel took place, designing and providing certificates. Assisted Superintendents office with phone calls, conference booklets, board packets, and other duties. March 1996 January 2009
  11. 11. Custodial Services Administration, Davis School District ~ Bldg. F-3 Freeport West, UT District/Administrative Secretary Receive all incoming custodial services telephone and walk-in customers for a school district of 87 schools, providing District and school information as needed. Research and analyze esta