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  • Dr Annmarie Bosco

    Network Director of Physician Training


  • Welcome to the ECMN

    Helen Stavrou, ECMN BPT Network Manager

    Annmarie Bosco, ECMN Network Director

  • Overview of ECMN program

    6:12:6 training program (8 terms) with 12 months at

    home base (Prince of Wales Hospital)

    Clinical training across all sites

    Formal exam preparation program

    Professional development opportunities

  • ECMN Overall Curriculum 2013

    Term 1 & 2

    ECMN lectures start in protected teaching time Wed 3 5pm, video-

    conferenced across all sites.

    Term 3 & 4

    ECMN lectures with focus on written examination

    Study courses RPA/Dunedin/Deltamed

    MCQ review sessions

    Term 5

    RACP Written Examination

    Term 6

    Clinical examination preparation program

    RACP clinical examination

    Term 7 & 8

    Professional development

  • Term allocations: where possible, will take into

    account your preferences, career aspirations, college

    requirements & past experience

    Centralised leave allocation with your preferences


    Study leave allocation to attend courses

    Term & leave preferences

  • Port Macquarie


    Prince of Wales Wollongong


  • Port Macquarie Base Hospital

  • PMBH

    DPE Dr Baerin Houghton Respiratory Physician & Oncologist 5 BPTs per term 4 Gen Med with specialty theme 1 Gastro/Gen Med Weekly meetings & teaching sessions with DPE, weekly cardiology teaching, informal MCQ sessions with specialists

  • The Wollongong Hospital

  • TWH

    Largest hospital on the South Coast

    DPE Alistair Reid Infectious diseases & general


    13 BPTs per term: Cardio, Resp, Neuro, Endo/Gastro,

    ICU, ID, Haem, Onc, Renal, Geris, Gen Med, Relief

  • TWH teaching activities

    Monday 8 - 9 DPE Handover & teaching

    Tuesday Clinical skills tutorials in simulation centre, Journal club

    Wednesday 3 -5 Protected Teaching Time ECMN lectures (videoconference)

    Thursday Medical grand rounds

    Friday AT-led case presentations

  • Prince of Wales Hospital

    Adele Roberts, Assistant to the DPE

    Dr Kate Webber, POWH Clinical Superintendant, Medical Oncologist

    Dr Jeffrey Post, POWH DPE, Infectious Diseases Specialist

  • POWH: Terms

    Cardiology, Endocrinology/Obstetric

    medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics,

    Haematology, ICU, Infectious diseases/HIV,

    Neurology, Oncology, Palliative care, Renal,

    Respiratory, Rheumatology/Immunology,


  • POWH: Teaching


    815 9 4 pm

    Clinical Super meeting, DPE teaching Neurology Grand Rounds

    Tuesday 8 9 1 pm

    Cardiology meeting Respiratory Xray meeting

    Wednesday 8 9 3-5

    Medical Grand Rounds ECMN lectures

    Thursday 8 9 1pm

    Oncology Grand Rounds Haematology morphology ID Radiology meeting

    Friday 8 Jaundice breakfast

  • MCQ Review sessions

  • Clinical Exam program

    Rostered weekly long cases with consultants

    Rostered short cases with Ats

    Rostered Saturday practice exams at POWH & TWH

    Long case masterclasses & group long cases

    Short case masterclasses

    Specialty short case days

  • Long Case Masterclasses

  • DPE radiology teaching

  • Success Rates (Clinical exam)

    2012 100%

    2011 83%

    2010 93%

    2009 90%

    2008 82%

    2007 91%

    2006 88%

  • Sydney Hospital

    DPE Dr Greg Kaufman

    Respiratory Physician

    1 BPT per term in General


  • Gateway to the City

    Tropfest Vivid Festival

  • Shellharbour Hospital

    DPE Dr Andrew Jones Respiratory physician

    2 BPTs per term in General Medicine

  • Can I do research?

    From: John Carmody

    Sent: Friday, 9 November 2012 14:59

    To: Amy K

    Subject: Successful online publication - Wollongong Neurology

    Dear Amy,

    Congrats on your successful submission to Neurology which was published online this week


    My compliments on pursuing this during your time with us in the Neurology Department at Wollongong Hospital. Your

    submission was awarded E-Pearl of the Week a great achievement.

    Kind regards,


    Absolutely! Research as a BPT is optional & can be done

    in a number of ways, usually through introductions with

    various head of departments & consultants.


  • Can I do teaching?

    Yes teaching is an expected part of your BPT role

    UNSW clinical school @ POWH

    UNSW Rural clinical school @ Port Macquarie

    University of Wollongong @TWH

    Teaching on the Run workshops

    Conjoint associate lecturer UNSW

  • Do you reserve spots for local residents? No, there is no quota system, all candidates are ranked

    based on merit of application & interview.

    St George





    St Vincent's




    Other states


    ECMN BPTs 2013


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