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Paintings and poetry by AnnMarie Brown


  • A Quiet PlaceP A i n t i n g s A n d A n s w e r s

    Ann-Marie Brown

  • A Quiet Place

    Paintings and Answers

    Ann-Marie Brown

  • A Quiet Place

    Copyright 2010 by Ann-Marie Brown

    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.

    Design and Production: Wendy Crumpler, Author Photo: Krista OckendenPrinted in Canada by.

    Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

    Brown, Ann-Marie

    A Quiet Place / Ann-Marie Brown.

    ISBN xxx-x-xxxxxxx-x-x

  • A Quiet Place

  • winter wood

    these woods become my woods.

    When I run ahead of everyone

    We will be wild together.

    Let the wolf come.

    Where trees

    and stories


  • When I run ahead of everyone

  • A Quiet Place

    This rock is my quiet place.

    On it,

    sheltered by rushes,

    I can

    hear the sound of the creek singin

    g over

    the stones.

  • I can

    hear the sound of the creek singin

    g over

    the stones.

  • A summer Haze

    I run

    towards the warmth of a towel

    in the hot sun,

    but soon

    the salt taste left on my lips

    where, once more,

    I am a dolphin

    tugs me back to the ocean

    in the wa


  • tree girl

    In it I unfurl like one of her leaves, and

    am as content as one of her apples.



    of the


    rushes up

    the trunk

    of this tree.

  • tidepool

    Still on the surface.

    The only way to see a tidepool






    T e e m i n g w i t h l i f e b e n e a t h .

  • Moth

    When you disguise yourself

    as your self

    that nobody sees,

    flowers turn their faces

    towards you.

  • shaping sand

    If you are building

    something that wont last,

    its best to make it

    as Beautiful as you can.

  • Queen

    Cast shadows of leaves

    become shapes of figures,

    beckoning me to be their Queen.

  • A Butterflys wings

    For just a moment,

    My dress,

    I a m a i r b o r n e .

    a b u t t e r f l y s w i n g s .

  • Fall

    Crisped leaves

    under my feet.

  • Ann-Marie Brown is a painter

    who currently occupies a narrow strip

    of land between the forest and the

    sea on the west coast of Canada. She

    has been exhibiting her paintings in

    Canada and the United States for the

    past decade.

    The seed for this book was planted at her exhibition for the Quiet

    Place paintings. The show took place in Montreal at a gallery in the

    Mile End neighbourhood, one of those enclaves sprouting up across

    North America where parents bring the kids along for live music and

    art shows.

    The children at the exhibition were interested in the paintings,

    talked about their ideas of what was going on for the figures, and

    confided about their own quiet places. From these conversations, the

    idea of turning the show into a coffee table art book for kids was born.



    a O




  • Praise for Ann-Marie Brown

    Ann-Marie Brown is an absolute master of visual poetry. Ian MacphersonGo-go Radio Magic ShowCJLO

    Ann-Marie Brown is a new talent. She overlaps layers of molten wax, resin and oil paint to disintegrate and veil her figurative subjects.

    Mia JohnsonPreview Magazine

    Ann-Marie depicts children as honestly as she does adults. Shes impressed with their passions, surprises and how engaging they can be, and brings these aspects to life with numerous layers of material, just until shes captured a single moment in time.

    Milena KatzParkhurst Exchange

    Ann-Marie paints the human figure as it engages her being and her daily movements. She captures the sensation of a human being, becoming, growing, changing, yet simultaneously having arrived in its fullness. Her figurative paintings therefore shift between form and formlessness. She captures a moment of stillness, an image seen, sensed, in the blink of an eye. She paints from the eyes of compassionate experience, witnessing life in its raw infallible beauty.

    Joanna Mackenzie-Enga


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