Ageless Skin Solutions for the New Year: LED Light Therapy Facials

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  • 1. Ageless Skin Solutions for the New Year: LED Light Therapy Facials As we kick off the New Year, if ageless skin is at the top of your list of resolutions, then start bygetting LED light facials.A radiant complexion is the definition of youth and having it makes you confident in any businessor personal relationships. However, in order to achieve youthful skin youll need to approach thisproblem like you would going to the gym. This means getting regular and proven spa facials thatwill also boost your skin care routine at home.If you think this is just a sales pitch think again. Your skin is constantly changing and like I saidbefore, this is no different then going to the gym or keeping a healthy diet. You must be consistentin your skin care routine in order to achieve the full benefits of your products and regular facials.Visibly and healthy glowing skin can be achieved by you and one way of doing it without surgeryand invasive treatments is to get LED light therapy spa treatments. This is a holistic approach toface care and is a breakthrough in reparative facials that actually reverses the signs of prematureaging as it promotes dramatic results.How does LED repair the skin?LED light therapy boost ATP or Adenosine triphosphate and is the energy that cells use to kickstarts their inherent healing mechanisms. This boost cell turnover which helps to vanish blemishesand flaws from your complexion and facial surface.With these healing qualities, regular applications of LED light will expedite youthful skin, elasticityand reverse overall damage skin. Your New Year emergence will now be with a renewed flawlesscomplexion.According to the American Academy of Dermatology when the deeply penetrating LED lights areaimed at the skin, the treatment leads to tightening, fewer wrinkles, better tone and shrinking ofpore size. Those undergoing treatments should be patient as the results come after a series oftreatments although in the end the changes will become dramatic. With targeted applications ofthis gentle and safe treatment the dermis benefits overall from these cumulative results:

2. Anti-inflammatory properties relieve dry and sensitive skin conditionsIntensified elastin and collagen production spurs cell renewal and restoresresilienceDamaged epidermal layers are replaced with youthful tissueReduces pore size for smoother and more even skin toneWhat spas offer natural LED light facials?One of the best spas in NYC that offers full body LED light treatments and facial is the renownedJoanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary. Ms. Vargas is a celebrity facialist that has designedthese exclusive treatments, like the all natural Vitalight LED treatment. This spa treatment includesmicrodermabrasion and 98% pure oxygen to repair dull weather-beaten skin.The oxygen is infused with a nourishing botanical serum that is rich in vitamins and minerals toleave the face feeling silky smooth, hydrated and looking radiant. Potent antioxidant ingredientsprevent further harm from free radicals and UV solar exposure that affects skin throughout theyear.According to Joanna Vargas, The reason is that LED light therapy increases cell regeneration, upto five times faster than normal. It stimulates the production of ATP, the fuel that powers life at acellular level. The results are evident almost immediately, taking years off your skin, reversing thesigns of aging.JoannaVargas.comLED Light Facials NYCTop Spas in New York