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Different Types of Facials offered at Beauty Bazaar Salon

Different Types of Facials offered at Beauty Bazaar SalonBy http://www.beautybazaarsalon.com

Want to rejuvenate your skin? Facials are the best way to treat and reduce the occurrence of any kind of your skin problems. Different kinds of facials are available for different types of skins at salons. Let us know what are those facials that tone, soothe and improve your skin texture.How Facials Bring Skin Rejuvenation?

1. Regular FacialSimple and least expensive facial and good at hydrating your dry skin. Involves exfoliation, scrubbing, cleansing and moisturizing. Adds life to your dull skin.

Suits for normal skin types but not effective against acne prone skin.

2. Classic FacialInvolves cleansing, relaxing massage and toningGives wonderful skin as it is performed in different specific directionsDifferent strokes are applied covering the areas of face and neck.Excellent for people who ever done skincare treatmentsAgeless classic facial is available for sensitive skin

Works great on damaged skin

3. Paraffin FacialMost preferred facial by celebrities Involves application of warm wax over the face. When the wax is washed away, it leaves clear skin with well-hydration as it clears all the blocked pores and cleanses as well.Both the hands and feet are benefited from paraffin facial treatment.

Suits for people with dehydrated and dull skin

4. Fruit FacialCompletely safe on skin with no side-effectsMost preferable and beneficial when used fruits containing vitamin C.Can even try at home to pamper and enjoy radiant skin.Even choose specific fruit according to your skin type.Moreover, it is completely natural and no chemicals are involved.

Suits for all skin types

5. Electric-current FacialsBecoming more popular and referred as Non-Surgical facelift.Uses two types of electric currents namely positive and negative to stimulate the muscles of the face and neck and increase circulation in your skin tissues.Results are effective and leave your facial muscles glowing.

Suits for people with deep wrinkles

6. Antioxidant FacialGives more bright and glowing skinTargets and protects your skin from sun damage and environmental harmful elementsEffective in relaxing your stressed and tired skin due to less sleep and lack of aeration.Various antioxidant facials available at our salon such as enzyme antioxidant mask, green tea and antioxidant berry treatment Helps get rid of sagging skin.Involves vitamin A, C and E

A perfect facial for aging and matured skin

7. Pearl FacialBrightens the skin dramatically by removing all the impurities, tan and dirt from the skin surface.Involves facial massage using pearl cream prior to deep cleansing.Pearl mask provides good moisture to your skin and refines the skin.Results are whiter skin, even color tone and radiant skin.

Excellent for oily skin type

8. Platinum FacialProvides anti-aging experience as it delivers anti-oxidant effects.Energizes your skin using new micro current technology.Face and neck massages are available and retains your hydration levels. Targets your skin at cellular levels to reveal radiant skin.Results are more noticeable after consecutive treatments.

Best suits for all skin types

9. Acne Reduction FacialDo magic on your acne prone skin. Facial involves cleansing, steaming followed by exfoliation.Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid are the reason to leave your skin acne free.Seek dermatologist before getting the facial.

Best suits for teenagers and adults suffering from too much oil accumulation which leads to acne problems.

10. Galvanic Facial TreatmentUses metal rollers to rejuvenate your skin with deep cleansing effect.Uses various products depending on the skin type and effectively removes age spots, dark spots, freckles and blemishes.

Suits for people with oily skin

11. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid FacialOffers surprising benefits of exfoliating your dead skin cells and leaves skin wrinkle-free.As the name itself conveys, it uses acids and enzymes of various fruits and flowers to give radiant and smooth skin.Changes can be noticed when performed regularly Anti-aging properties minimize wrinkles and fine lines

Suits for highly pigmented skin

12. Gold FacialUses creams containing gold that has anti-aging properties thus making it a powerful rejuvenating facial.Suitable for all skin types and is more beneficial for sun damaged skin.Renew skin looking young like radiance, softness and elasticity.Improves skin complexion.

Suits for pigmented and sun-damaged skin

13. Silver FacialOffers anti-bacterial properties to detoxify and removes all the impurities.Mainly targets blackheads from occurring and provides your skin an immediate lift.Also called as 'summer king facial' containing silver, vitamin E and almond oil which are very beneficial for your skin concerns.Relaxes facial tissues, even skin tone, balances your skin and tightens the facial skin.Great for relaxing muscles and nerves in the face leaving smooth and supple.

Suits for all skin types

14. MicrodermabrasionA form of deep exfoliation and removes all the dead cells over the top layer of the skin and supports greatly in creating new skin cells.Improves skin texture and reduces the occurrence of acne scars.Good for many skin concerns such as sun damaged and hyper pigmented skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves absorption of skin care products.Requires no preparation method, comfortable and painless, expect instant results.

Suitable for all skin types

15. Aromatherapy FacialOils are selected by a beautician according to your skin typeGives relaxation, soothes and exfoliates the skinMixture of several essential oils may be recommended if your skin is particularly problematic

Suits for rough, flaky or dry skin types

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