27. conversation starters, interview analysis activity

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  • 1. AcademicInteractions 130AFall 2014Nikki MattsonIECP

2. AgendaO Discuss Class on MondayO Any Interview Project Questions?O Conversation StartersO Video Analysis Activity 3. Mondays ClassO How did it go?O Do you have any questions? 4. PSU Student Interview ProjectO How is it going? 5. Conversation Starter 1O In my country, there are many people who abandontheir babies. There are several reasons for this,including: they cannot afford to raise a baby, thebaby is born with an illness, or it was an unplannedpregnancy. The government needs to build morewelfare housing to accommodate the increasingnumber of abandoned babies. Do people abandonbabies in your country? If so, what happens? Whatare some solutions for this problem? (Sociology)(Rita) 6. Conversation Starter 2O Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has numerousprojects that are related to obtaining the oiland natural gas from under the earthssurface. These kind of projects involvecareful planning because if something goeswrong, it could cause serious damage to theenvironment. What do you think companieslike KOC should do to avoid damaging theenvironment? Justify your answer. 7. Conversation Starter 3O Consumer behavior is the process thatconsumers go through in making purchasingdecisions. One of the main factors that has asignificant effect on consumer behavior is apersons self-image. It means that a personspurchasing reflect his/her idea of his/her self.Think about some examples. How do you thinkthis factor influences purchasing decisions?(Consumer Science) (Soojin) 8. Video Analysis ActivityO Follow the instructions on the handout. Try tofinish 2 videos during class time today.O Hints:O The video hyperlinks are available on the blog.O You will watch about 5 minutes of each video.O You will need to watch parts of the videomultiple times.O You should read the questions beforewatching the videos 9. HWO PSU Student Interview Project Due 10/24(Box)O Group Speaking Task 3 Due 10/16 (BOX) 10. HWO PSU Student Interview Project Due 10/24(Box)O Group Speaking Task 3 Due 10/16 (BOX)

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