6 b., vocabulary corpus, editing conversation starters

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  • Grammar for Interactions 130IECPFall 2015Nikki Mattson

  • AgendaVocabulary corpus presentationsVocabulary and grammar practice

  • What is a Corpus?A very large collection of spoken and written texts that can be analyzed by computers to see how people write and speak in the real world.

    The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is the largest freely-available corpus of English, and the onlylarge and balancedc orpus of American English. The corpus was created byMark DaviesofBrigham Young University, and it is used bytens of thousandsof users every month (linguists, teachers, translators, and other researchers).

    The corpus contains more than450 million wordsof text and is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts.

  • Modelling + Handout

  • Individual Vocabulary StudyLevel (n) - MashariEqual (adj) -ElyasInvestigate (V) NehalConclude (v) - BayanGap (n) MohammadPossibly (adv) - GraceAssertive (adj) -AhmadKnowledge (n) - MohammadAbility (n) - GraceEncourage (v) -Ahmad

  • Individual Word StudyComplete the handout and prepare to teach the class what you learn.

  • Sharing Vocabulary KnowledgeSpeak loudly and clearlyMake eye contactCheck for understandingIf you read your answers first, explain what you have said as well.

  • 130-BCollocation review HandoutIn your groups..1. review the meaning of each collocation2. write a sentence using each collocation (I will come around and check these)3. Quiz each other on the collocation. (On the test on Thursday next week, I will give you 10 words and you will need to write a sentence with one of the collocations on this page for each word.

  • HWTest # 1 = ThursdayGrammar = simple verb tense identification and usage, subject-verb agreement, modal verbs, indefinite pronouns, and inclusive languageVocabulary = using Pathways chapter 1 words collocations and word forms.