conversation starters easter at southridge: ... 2017/04/09 ¢  conversation starters easter...

Conversation Starters Easter at Southridge: ... 2017/04/09 ¢  Conversation Starters Easter at Southridge:
Download Conversation Starters Easter at Southridge: ... 2017/04/09 ¢  Conversation Starters Easter at Southridge:

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  • Conversation Starters Easter at Southridge: Resurrection

    Sunday Apr. 9th, 2017

    Below is a guide to help start conversation about this week’s message. Feel free to pick, choose, and adapt as you see fit. This is just a guide. Have fun, be real, and know that practicing good conversation is a healthy learning experience.

    Break The Ice: 1. Growing up, what do you remember most about Easter?

    2. What is the most “miraculous” thing you have ever seen or experienced? 3. Describe a time or situation in your life that really changed you. What happened and what made

    the change possible? Why does this experience stand out for you?

    Start The Conversation: 1. Do you find it easy to believe in Jesus’ resurrection, or do you find yourself doubting it? Which

    arguments both for and against Jesus’ resurrection had you heard before? Which do you find more and less persuasive?

    2. How would you summarize what was taught about the afterlife: “going to heaven” versus “a bodily

    resurrection”? How do you respond to it? 3. The death and resurrection of Jesus is meant to give us hope that our lives and the world can

    change. How hopeful are you that change is actually possible?

    Live It Out: 1. What influence does your belief about Jesus’ resurrection have on your life currently?

    2. Read these passages about how God is inviting us to participate in death and resurrection today.

    a. By dying to ourselves and being raised to a new self (Rom 6:2-4) b. By practicing resurrection: participating in justice, beauty, community, creation care,

    evangelism, etc. (1 Cor 15:58) What action steps do these passages inspire you to take in the days and weeks to come?

    3. When it comes to believing in God, where does the “evidence” end and faith “kick-in” for you personally? Where would you like to see your faith grow?