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Welcome to east marion Elementary 4th Grade Class

Welcome to east marion Elementary 4th Grade Class 2015/2016 school yearMs. T., teacher


You are now In the

My Philosophy of Education

Parents are our first teachersEveryone can learn We learn new things everydayLearning will be funLearning will be exciting Learning will be scaryLearning will be an adventure

Attendance*You Must be present to learn*Every day counts: Attend today;Success Grows!


My Grading ScaleA=90-100%B=80-89%C=70-79%D=60-69%F=59% and below

S= Satisfactory, meets grade level standardsP= Progressing, making progress but not meeting grade level standardsU= unsatisfactory, not making progress and not meet standards


F= F.A.I.L.

F= FIRSTA= ATTEMPTI= INL= LEARNINGWe will not fail; We will redo because Failure is not an option!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homework*Improve thinking and memory*Helps promote great study skills*Teaches responsibilty*Sparks childs enthusiasm


Classroom Exceptions:We WillLearn!Let Others learn!Always try our best!!Show respect with our words and Actions!!Be responsible for our words and Actions!!!!


Dress CodeThe way You Dress Reflects who you are!! Be Mindful


Be Smart S ay please and thank youM ake friends and be thoughtfulA rrive on time, prepared, and ready to learnR espect yourself and othersT ry your best!!!


L- Listen to instructionsE- Enter the room preparedA- Always give your bestR- Respect others & YourselfN- NO EXCUSES