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Welcome to 6th Grade Health Education!2015-2016 School YearMegan Betts, teacher

Meet Your TeacherWelcome, everyone! I am Megan Betts.I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2012 with my Bachelors Degree in Public Health. I received my Masters Degree in Health Promotion from the University of Alabama.I have an adorable six year old daughter named Aubri.I love working with people of all ages, playing the piano in my spare time, and spending time with my family.

Course Introduction:Health EducationFourth Grade Health Education will offer students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, practice skills, and develop attitudes that can benefit them throughout life. Building a solid foundation of good decision-making skills can contribute to a variety of healthy choices for self and others. Although the knowledge components are addressed through seven different content sections, the development of skills and attitudes has been woven throughout each of the seven areas.

Seven areas we will learn about this year:Healthy SelfSubstance Abuse PreventionHuman Development and RelationshipsDisease PreventionSafety and Injury/Violence PreventionNutrition and FitnessCommunity Health

Classroom Expectations, Rules, & Procedures

Please be on time and present for school every day.Greet your teacher, and enter the classroom quietly.Hang up your backpack and jacket/sweater on your assigned hook.Put your blue homework folder in the Homework Basket.Quietly begin your bell work.ALWAYS ask for permission to leave the classroom.

Keep your voices low at all times. In the hallways and during announcements, there is absolutely NO talking.Respect your teacher and each other at all times, as well as all other students, teachers, principals, and visitors on campus.Use your best manners at all times.Please raise your hand if you need any help, and I will come to your desk.

During activities, clean up after yourself, and wash your hands as needed at the sink in the back of the room.Keep your hands and feet to yourself.No running in the classroom or hallways. Running is only allowed during P.E. and Recess.When someone enters the classroom, remember to continue doing your work quietly.Sharpen all pencils before you begin bell work in the mornings.

Please keep THREE pencils sharpened to keep you from having to be get up and be disruptive during the lesson.Before afternoon dismissal, pack what you need in your backpack for home, remembering to get your blue homework folder.Clean your desk and surrounding areas at the end of the day.Remember to follow all classroom rules and procedures, even when theres a substitute or visitor in the classroom.

All homework is due by EVERY FRIDAY! No exceptions!!All classwork is expected to be completed IN CLASS, or you will have to complete it at home, in addition to homework, and should be turned in the NEXT DAY.Please be sure to ask questions if you do not understand the instructions for assignments.

Grading Rubric100-90= A89-80= B70-79= C60-69=D59 and below=F

REMEMBER:We are a school family, and we will have a FANTASTIC year if you remember the Three Rs:be RESPECTFULbe READY learnbe RESPONSIBLE

Contact InformationI can be reached on my cell phone at (769) 223-2014, or by email: megan.betts@students.belhaven.eduI will respond to all email messages within 24 hours.

I look forward to having a wonderful year with each and every one of you!