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    Find your name on the seating chart at each table

    and take your seat there.Please have a pen or pencil handy.

  • FIRE DRILLS & PHONES Fire Drill route

    North Wing Parking Lot

    Parking spot #20

    Your phone stays here

    (we will talk about my phone policy next class today I do NOT want to see it!)

  • WHO, WHAT... Who am I?

    What are we going to do today?

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    Mrs. Duckworth Creative Portfolio

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    What is Studio Art? The Syllabus

  • MATERIALS Binder (1-1)

    3 prongs

    2 pockets

    5-tabbed dividers

    Lined paper, approx. 20 sheets

  • MATERIALS Sketchbook min 8 x 10, max 9 x 12,

    with at least 50 pages

    Hard bound is best

    Spirals get tangled

    Glued at the top fall apart

  • MATERIALS #2 Pencils at least 4

    Drawing/sketching pencil pack with sharpener and erasers

  • MATERIALS Optional: Binder pencil case

  • TIME FOR SOME FUNLets get creative and have a Task Party!

  • GUIDELINES Treat others with respect.

    Work must follow the rules of the game or it will be disqualified.

    A high-quality and visually appealing product must be produced.

    Each group will present their work to the class at the end of the game.

    Have fun!!!

    RULES Work must be completed

    in the allotted time.

    Everyone must participate, and continue to play for the entire allotted time.

    You can use anything from the box, or other items from the room with teacher permission.

    Work must be able to be picked up and moved at the end of class.

  • STUDIO - 9/8


    Warm-up: Please hand in contact info sheets if you

    have them. Get out your syllabus from last class and a


    Agenda: Talk about Task Party Review course syllabus in detail Label drawers & create portfolios

  • ASSIGNMENTS Quizzes & Tests

  • ASSIGNMENTS Daily warm-ups and reflections

    Art Cards with vocabulary and process experimentation

  • ASSIGNMENTS Sketchbook assignments related to

    individual projects

  • ASSIGNMENTS Observational

    drawing sketchbook practice

  • ASSESSMENTQuizzes & Tests:

    There wont be many: 1-2 each quarter

    Some will be graded, some will not

    Homework Assignments 1-2 times per month some will be

    completed during class time, others at home

    Includes sketchbook drawing assignments and other tasks related to the project we are working on at that time

    Worth 20% of overall grade

  • ASSESSMENTSketchbooks, Art Cards, & Other Homework:

    To learn more in-depth about art techniques/concepts and to prepare for larger projects.

    Important to save and organize all classwork, homework and projects.

    Serve as a record of what youve learned and a reference tool for future art classes.

    Included in your Quizzes/Tests/Homework Grades

  • ASSIGNMENTS 6 large scale unit projects

  • ASSESSMENTProjects:

    Rubrics provided at the beginning of all projects outlining how they will be graded

    Grades based on how fully you satisfied the expectations of the project, level of effort, creative solution to the problem and your use of all the time and materials provided

    Projects can be resubmitted within 2 weeks

    Worth 40% of overall grade

    30-60 possible points


    Weekly process and participation grades

  • ASSESSMENTWeekly Process & Participation:

    Given weekly based on your work ethic and activities during class time

    Worth 40% of overall grade

    20 possible points

    Includes daily warm-ups and reflections, art cards and technique sheets

    See weekly rubric for expectations and requirements

  • WEEKLY PROCESS & PARTICIPATIONSince we do not have projects due each week, you will

    receive a weekly process and participation grade.

    Every week you will receive a grade out of 20 points based on an assessment of your participation and work ethic in each class.

    In order for skills to improve, you must gain an understanding of information provided and practice the techniques and processes introduced. Class time is for you to apply these skills. It is essential you use this time wisely.

    The weekly grade is meant to reflect the credit you have earned for the skills you demonstrate within your studio time.

  • WEEKLY GRADE, 20 PTSDuring class you have exceeded expectations and excelled in effort. You complete class assignments and begin research or preparations for upcoming projects, help peers, thoroughly clean area, etc. (19-20 pts)

    During class you have put forth best effort. You complete the work assigned and clean area fully, but do not go above and beyond what is required. (11-18 pts)

    During class time you socialize, play on the web, do math homework or anything that is not the class projects. You will receive an automatic 0 for skipping class. (0-10 pts)

  • EXTRA CREDIT For students in good standing

    No missing work

    Good behavior

    Complete all projects on time

    Extra credit will range from helping with additional clean up, to researching an artist or technique, to helping prepare for a project or art exhibition.

    Extra credit opportunities will be posted or announced in classor, if youre ahead on a project, see me.


    You are responsible for knowing where your art binder, sketchbook, materials, & projects are at all times.

    Drawer and class bin should store all of these items. Periodic drawer and binder checks will take place.

    At times you may be asked to put your work in another area of the room for storage or drying. You are responsible for knowing where you put your work.


    Put your name on EVERYTHING to keep track of your projects and supplies. The teacher is not responsible for lost work that you did not directly hand to her.

    You are responsible for turning in completed worksheets, sketchbooks and projects on time and in the appropriate location based on instructions given at the due date.

    When work has been assessed it will be returned to your drawer or directly to you for storage or to be taken home.

  • DEADLINES, LATE WORK Due date given at the start of each assignment

    Expected that you will work both in class and outside of class if necessary

    Points deducted for late projects

    Behind on a project?

    See me about taking project & materials home

    Sign-up to finish it during Advisory, Academic Study or Activity Period

    Plan ahead - this room is not always open to students

  • LATE WORKWont complete assignment on time?

    Your responsibility to communicate with me in advance of the due date with a valid explanation of why you need more time

    If you have not worked to your fullest potential or made full use of class time you will not be allowed extra time to complete the assignment

    Assignments can not be turned after a 10-week marking period has ended

  • CLEAN UP & MAINTENANCE Clean up OWN workspace 5-10 minutes prior to the end of the block (when I tell you!!!)

    picking up all materials and returning them to their proper locations, i.e. where you got them from

    washing tables, chairs, tools, sinks, floor

    logging off and returning computers (if used)

    tucking in chairs/stools

    Clean up early = stay extra time to assist in additional clean up tasks

  • CLEAN UP & MAINTENANCE Clean up jobs may be assigned and rotated throughout

    the year.

    Everyone must complete their clean up task after cleaning their own workspace.

    Personal belongings placed underneath seat.

    Daily supplies should be on your desk when the bell rings this means getting out your binder, sketchbook and pencils from your drawer or bin on your way into class!

  • MAINTENANCE No food or drink is to

    be consumed in the art room at any time during the day

    This rule is for your own safety. There are exceptions to every rule, please see me if there is a need for food/drink during class.

  • OVERALL EXPECTATIONS Victor Central Schools Code of Conduct applies

    in all of my classes

    My class rule: RESPECT

  • DAILY EXPECTATIONS When the bell rings to START class you are in seats,

    quiet and ready to begin class

    When the bell rings to END class you are in seats, cleaned up, ready to tuck chairs in and leave

    Unexcused and repeated lateness will result in contact home

    Absences must be excused and legitimate

    You are responsible for making up class work and reviewing materials discussed in class

    Students found skipping are given a 0 for their weekly grade