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<ul><li><p>10 TIPSTO BE A BETTERRECRUITER.</p><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>Recruiting is all about finding the best fit, right? If you dont understand </p><p>the hiring managers personality and expectations, how can you possibly </p><p>find a candidate who will fit? The solution is easy: Get to know the hiring </p><p>manager and the staff who work closely with him or her. Consider having </p><p>lunch with the hiring manager and/or their staff once a month. During </p><p>lunch ask them general questions that will help you to understand </p><p>the hiring managers needs better. For example, What do you do </p><p>during an average day?, What are the short and long-term goals </p><p>for your department?, and Describe your perfect employee. This </p><p>information will help you to develop a profile of the hiring manager </p><p>that will help you identify good-fit talent for his or her department. </p><p>HIRE EXPECTATION HIGHLIGHTS</p><p>The bullets on each page marked with a are Hire Expectation Institute highlights for you to take away to improve your recruiting efforts.</p><p>DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HIRING MANAGERS AND THEIR STAFF</p><p>#1</p><p>MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS</p><p>Get to know the hiring manager and the staff who work closely with him or her</p><p>Use this information to identify good-fit talent for your hiring managers department</p><p>Develop a profile of the hiring manager</p><p>RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>Lets face it, hiring managers provide job descriptions in a rush. They </p><p>sometimes miss important requirements or do not clearly define the jobs </p><p>responsibilities. If you want to be a better recruiter, go beyond the </p><p>provided job description and do some research on the jobs you are </p><p>expected to fill. With a little effort, you can identify and recommend </p><p>requirements and responsibilities to the hiring manager. This quick </p><p>and easy process will help you improve the job description, improve </p><p>your screening tactics, and improve hiring manger satisfaction.</p><p>DO SOME RESEARCH AND LEARN ABOUT THE POSITIONS YOU ARE TRYING TO FILL</p><p>MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS</p><p>Go beyond the job description; research each position</p><p>Strengthen your candidate screening and improve hiring manager satisfaction</p><p>Recommend job requirements to hiring managers</p><p>#2RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>Meeting with the hiring manager for each new requisition helps you to </p><p>understand job requirements which will improve your outreach efforts and </p><p>candidate screening tactics. But, why would you need to meet with the </p><p>hiring manager for jobs that you have filled previously? Heres why: You </p><p>can improve quality of hire and employee retention by meeting with </p><p>the hiring manager and asking the right questions. For example, ask </p><p>the hiring manager why the incumbent is leaving the organization.</p><p>Be sure to ask the hiring manager if he or she learned anything </p><p>from working with the previous employee that may impact the </p><p>job requirements. Ask the hiring manager to tell you about his/her </p><p>experience with the type of employee personality that excels or </p><p>fails in the role. With this information, you will be able to identify the </p><p>candidate profile who will be happiest and most successful in the role </p><p>you are filling.</p><p>(YES, EVERY REQUISITION, INCLUDING </p><p>THOSE THAT YOU HAVE FILLED BEFORE)</p><p>Improve quality of hire by identifying the correct candidate profile</p><p>Identify the employee personality type that excelsin the role</p><p>Review previous employees credentials, successes, and failures to define accurate candidate requirements</p><p>MEET WITH YOUR HIRING MANAGER AND ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERY REQUISITION</p><p>MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS</p><p>#3RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>KNOW YOUR COMPANYS GOALS AND ALWAYS BE ON </p><p>The most successful recruiters have a constantly growing pipeline of </p><p>quality candidates. Success can be achieved in two simple steps. First, </p><p>you must understand your organizations strategic goals, know the </p><p>businesss weaknesses, how it plans to improve, and what type </p><p>of talent the company will need in order to execute on growth </p><p>plans. Next, you have to be on all the time. </p><p>Recruiters who are always on are recruiting everywhere, all </p><p>the time, and without anyone knowing what they are up to until </p><p>the time is right. Beyond sourcing LinkedIn, they are making </p><p>new acquaintances at a friends weekend barbecue and starting </p><p>conversations with people browsing business books at the local </p><p>book store. These interactions, while perhaps wholly enjoyable, are </p><p>executed with purpose: identify skills and personality traits that support </p><p>the recruiters future recruitment needs. When you meet someone who </p><p>might satisfy your organizations current or future needs, invite them to </p><p>connect with your organization using your companys talent CRM. </p><p>Understand your organizations strategic goals</p><p>Look for skills and personality traits that support your future recruitment needs in everyone you meet</p><p>Be on all the time</p><p>Use a talent CRM to build talent pools and nurture passive candidates</p><p>MANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES</p><p>#4RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>The best recruiters know their success hinges on their ability to develop and </p><p>maintain relationships, and relationships are all about communication. </p><p>Active candidates expect that the recruiter will keep them in the loop on </p><p>developments pertaining to the job and/or their candidacy. While this </p><p>may seem like a major time investment, the last thing that a successful </p><p>recruiter wants is to alienate any candidate. Even if a candidate is not </p><p>be a good fit today, you never know what the future holds.</p><p>Passive candidates also need communication. It is your job to keep </p><p>them interested and build their excitement about the possibility of </p><p>working for your company. That way, when the time comes for you </p><p>to recruit a passive candidate, you can leverage your relationship </p><p>and improve your chances of success. To streamline communication, </p><p>consider automation. Automated responses to job applicants can reduce </p><p>a great deal of the burden. Further, automated email campaigns can be used </p><p>to nurture passive candidates en masse.</p><p>COMMUNICATE WITH CANDIDATES THOROUGHLY AND FREQUENTLY</p><p>Keep active candidates in the loop on developments pertaining to the job</p><p>Keep passive candidates warm with frequent communication</p><p>Automate candidate </p><p>communication to streamline </p><p>nurturing passive candidates</p><p>MANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES</p><p>#5RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>The best recruiters know that trendy interview styles arent always the </p><p>answer. The first step in crafting a good interview is to confer with the </p><p>hiring manager to make sure that you and he/she are in agreement </p><p>with what is important to the role. Once you are clear on the hiring </p><p>managers goals and requirements, figure out what information the </p><p>candidates can provide to confirm that they are the right fit for the </p><p>job. Next, prepare questions that are likely to elicit the answers </p><p>you need. Dont be afraid to use a variety of interview styles in a </p><p>single interview (behavioral, case, etc.). Finally, assess candidates </p><p>fairly by asking them all the same or similar questions. Maintain </p><p>interview questions/answers and your feedback in the candidates </p><p>profile within your applicant tracking system for easy access and </p><p>side-by-side candidate comparison.</p><p>ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONSMANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES</p><p>Confer with the hiring manager about what skills are important to the role</p><p>Assess candidates fairly by asking them all the same or similar questions</p><p>Prepare interview questions that are likely to elicit the answers you need</p><p>Use an applicant tracking system for easy side-by-side comparison</p><p>#6RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>If you are like most people, you have access to many technologies in </p><p>the workplace but you arent using them to their fullest potential. Your </p><p>success depends on whether you can effectively use technology to </p><p>automate some of your work, eliminate redundancy, and organize </p><p>your records. For example, are you entering candidate information </p><p>into multiple computer programs to facilitate applicant tracking, </p><p>background checks, and assessments? Integration is the solution. </p><p>Integration will allow multiple computer programs to seamlessly </p><p>share information, eliminating that extra work and allowing you to </p><p>focus on the things that are most important to your success, like </p><p>building hiring manager and candidate relationships. Even if you </p><p>arent the person responsible for making such decisions, do your </p><p>research anyway! By recommending ways to streamline operations, </p><p>you increase your chance of success and look like the office hero.</p><p>LEVERAGE THE TECHNOLOGY YOU ALREADY HAVE TO THE FULLEST</p><p>MANAGE YOUR TIME</p><p>Use technology to automate some of your work</p><p>Integrate systems to seamlessly share information</p><p>#7RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>DONT BE AFRAID TO EXPLORE AND TRY NEW TECHNOLOGIES</p><p>MANAGE YOUR TIME</p><p>If you find that your current technologies are not supporting your objectives, </p><p>start looking for technology that will support you. Here is an important </p><p>tip to keep in mind: When you speak to a technology company, dont </p><p>dictate which product features you must have in the software. </p><p>Instead, tell the technology vendor what problems/challenges you </p><p>are experiencing and ask for their recommended solutions.</p><p>You will find that different technologies address similar problems </p><p>in different ways. By employing this tactic, you will learn multiple </p><p>ways to address a challenge and perhaps even learn better ways </p><p>to address your problems. Once you are thoroughly educated </p><p>about the vendors offerings, you can choose the technology that </p><p>has the best solution for your challenges rather than getting stuck </p><p>with the solution you initially described.</p><p>Look for technology that will support your needs</p><p>Choose a technology that has the best solutions to your challenges</p><p>Speak with vendors about your specific problems and challenges</p><p>#8RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>DEDICATE TIME EACH DAY TO LEARNING SOMETHING NEW</p><p>MANAGE YOUR TIME</p><p>Learning is an imperative part of your success. You need to dedicate </p><p>a little time each day to learn about your companys operations, the </p><p>industry in which it operates, and most importantly, learn about new </p><p>trends in recruiting. While not every recruiting trend will fit your </p><p>organization, you never know what you may learn that will help </p><p>you to save time, improve your candidate screening quality, and </p><p>generally help you become more successful. For example, did you </p><p>know that an increasing number of companies are experiencing </p><p>a tremendous amount of success using video as part of the </p><p>candidate screening process? Advocate for your own learning by </p><p>frequently visiting websites that offer research-based educational </p><p>materials that can help you identify new methods or technologies </p><p>to improve your organizations efficiency.</p><p>Learning is imperative to success</p><p>Use new technologies like video to streamline candidate screening</p><p>Adopting new tactics increases your chance of success</p><p>#9RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p><p>TAKE A BREAK TO REFRESH AND REVITALIZE</p><p>MANAGE YOUR TIME</p><p>Face it! You are busy. At times, you are overwhelmed. You need to take </p><p>short breaks to refresh and revitalize throughout the day in order </p><p>to improve your productivity. Be sure to step away from your desk a </p><p>few times throughout the day. Go outside and take a quick walk or </p><p>go offsite for lunch. Whatever you choose to do with that time, do </p><p>schedule in breaks to make sure you are always playing at the top </p><p>of your game. </p><p>Take short breaks to refresh throughout the day</p><p>Taking breaks helps you stay on top of your game</p><p>Be sure to step away from your desk or office</p><p>#10RECRUITING TIP</p></li><li><p>In the end, you are in control of your career success or failure. If you want to </p><p>be a better recruiter and rise to the top in your organization, you need </p><p>to manage relationships with hiring managers and candidates, while </p><p>managing your time effectively. While technology can be intimidating, </p><p>it is often the best way to streamline your business operations and </p><p>achieve your goals.</p><p>The iCIMS Talent Platform, for example, provides recruiters with </p><p>the tools they need to succeed in a new talent marketplace. The </p><p>iCIMS Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Recruit, incorporates social </p><p>recruitment features that help recruiters master social recruiting </p><p>on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in an effective and automated </p><p>manner. iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software, </p><p>Connect, offers a holistic approach to talent acquisition and enables </p><p>recruiters to tie their talent acquisition processes to the business objectives </p><p>and measure their success. </p><p>FINALTHOUGHTS</p><p>To learn more about theiCIMS Talent Platform,</p><p>call 1-800-889-4422 or take a look at our demo by clicking on the image below:</p><p>Click on the icons below to share this eBook with your network!</p><p> 2014 iCIMS Inc. 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