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  1. 1. Becoming a Better Recruiter of Affiliates
  2. 2. Karen White
  3. 3. Lauren Pfanmiller
  4. 4. Stephanie Harris
  5. 5. Van Chappell
  6. 6. Becoming a Better Recruiter of Affiliates
  7. 7. TO RECRUIT BETTER.. Know your Network Know your Category Know your Competition
  8. 8. Karen White
  9. 9. Affiliate Summit East Karen White - CEO-Founder Recruitment & Optimization Strategies Copyright 2015 Chateau20
  10. 10. Is It better to be a big fish or a small fish?
  11. 11. ANSWER: NEITHER Its better, easier, more profitable to be the Smartest Fish in the sea. Dolphins Not the biggest or smallest fish in the sea. They are brilliant, second smartest being on the planet. Have the largest brains next to humans. So smart scientist suggest they should be considered Non-human beings
  12. 12. Head Top Performers (Big Traffic Drivers) $100,000+ / 100+ SALES A MONTH Belly 2nd Tier Partners (Growth Builders) 10 - 20 SALES PER MONTH Tail 3rd Tier Partners (Incremental Sales Boosters) 1-5 SALES BUILDING SMARTER AFFILIATE PROGRAMS Copyright 2015 Chateau20 4
  13. 13. On this team, we fight for that inch. Cause we know; when we add up all those inches, thats going to make the fucking difference. Between winning and losing. Between living and dying. Al Pacino - ANY GIVEN SUNDAY Copyright 2015 Chateau20 5
  14. 14. Affiliate Program optimization is a one by one effort. Stop focusing all your attention on JUST the big fish. Grow, build, optimize your relationships with the smaller (smarter) partners in your program. Copyright 2015 Chateau20 6
  15. 15. Take a Deep Dive into the make up of your existing program breaking partners into three categories. Active Partners Those driving traffic, clicks Productive Partners Those driving one or more sales per month, consistently Non-active No clicks, no consistent activity RECRUITMENT OPTIMIZATION Copyright 2015 Chateau20 7
  16. 16. 3rd Tier 2 Sales Per month x 50 = 100 New Sales Heres what you want to achieve: 2nd Tier 10 Sales Per Month x 20 = 200 New Sales Top Performers 100 Sales Per Month x 3 = 300 New Sales 600Total New Sales FINDING INCREMENTAL GROWTH Turn active partners into productive partners, help existing productive partners grow. Copyright 2015 Chateau20 8
  17. 17. - 40% Productive Partner Rate - 70% Active Partner Rate - 300% YOY Revenue Growth - 30%+ MOM Sales Growth - Travel 100,000 Room Nights Sold - Entertainment 30,000 Tickets Sold Karen White, CEO Founder Chateau 20 P. 702-949.6129 E. Chateau 20 RESULTS AND that is just this year! Copyright 2015 Chateau20 9 OPTIMIZATIONS WORKS
  18. 18. Lauren Pfanmiller
  19. 19. Make it a No Brainer Competitive Relevant Easy
  20. 20. Review 3-5 Competitor Programs Similar Web 5IQ Affiliate Network Accounts Competitive Analysis Products Offer/ Conversion Point Pricing Commission Structure Cookie Duration Promotions Unique Differentiators Ensure that Your Program Structure is Competitive & Compelling Make It Competitive You are competing against all other affiliate programs in your vertical. Understand your competitors and give pubs a reason to choose yours.
  21. 21. Relevant Seasonality Traditional Holidays Vertical Specific Events Seasonal Themes Promotions Promotional Calendar Seasonal/ Product Specific Promos Unique/ Vanity Codes Sneak Peaks Early Product Reveals Teasers Widgets/ Tools Search Widgets Event Widget Lets give them something to talk about. Sneak Peak
  22. 22. Easy Customize Customize outreach based upon site/audience Clarify unique partnership opportunity One-Stop Shop Send all relevant program details Highlight your differentiators & why youre the clear winner for their site/audience Make sure that they have everything they need to make a decision and post today, including publisher links, promos and banners Make it Easy.
  23. 23. Stephanie Harris
  25. 25. THE RESULTS
  26. 26. 0 10 20 30 40 50 Traditional Content Recruitment Median Case Study: Content Partner Recruitment Non-Traditional Engagement Campaign # WEEKS TIME COMPARISON OF RECRUITMENT EFFORTS DEFINITIONS Initial Outreach: time from first outreach to site, to getting them joined. Activation: time from joined to posting links, content, giveaways, etc. Results: time from activation to results. Net Yield: percentage of total sites targeted who engaged. NET YIELD 18% 5% 2% EFFORTS COMPARED
  27. 27. Becoming a Better Recruiter of Affiliates