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  • 1. The Clinical Recruiter Permanent and Interim Placement Firm
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    • The Clinical Recruiter is a national recruitment firm specializing in the healthcare industry. Independently owned and operated by healthcare personnel, our firm is dedicated to upholding the strictest standards of the healthcare and recruitment industries. The Clinical Recruiters focus is on the interim and permanent recruitment and placement of executive and director level healthcare employees. We feel employment is a dual effort between employers and employees. Therefore, we focus on the needs of both these entities and create and execute a search that is based on both perspectives.
    About the Clinical Recruiter
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    • Travel Assignments
      • Short term
      • Long term
    • Interim Placement
      • Short term
      • Long term
      • Temp to Hire
    • Permanent Placement
      • Temp to Perm.
      • Contingency Search
      • Retained Search
      • Local to Nationwide
    Services offered by The Clinical Recruiter
  • 4. The Partnering Process
    • Four Crucial Steps
    • Determine Candidate Qualifications
      • Interactive interviewing process to deliver quality candidates
        • Human Resources
        • Hiring Manager(s)
    • Develop a Search & Promote Strategy
      • Target audiencePassive or Active job seekers
      • Local/Nationwide
      • SWB, bonus structure, relocation, stock, etc.
      • Advancement, career path, learning environment
      • Local area, what does it offer?
    • In todays healthcare environment, there is a documented shortage of qualified employees. Numerous studies and reports indicate the US is in a major healthcare worker shortage, projected to worsen as the baby boomer generation ages. This shortage will also be compounded by todays healthcare leaders retiring without sufficient qualified replacements. Due to these factors, healthcare providers are competing intensely to secure top talent. In addition to employers own efforts, employers have reached out to partner with multiple recruitment firms to assist in the procurement of top talent.
    • The Clinical Recruiter is the recruitment firm to assist you in securing the very best employees. To win your business we need to stand out. We stand out in a number of ways, but most predominant is the fact that we are former healthcare executives who know the skill sets required. Our model is based on four crucial steps.
  • 5. The Partnering Process
    • Execute Search Strategy
      • Database of qualified passive candidates
      • Highly Advanced Sourcing Software
      • Job Board(s)
      • Network of Recruiters
        • Internal Recruiters
        • Recruitment Firms
        • Recruiter Exchange
    • Qualify and Deliver
      • Qualify all candidates and ensure openness to opportunity
      • Enhanced Communication Protocols
        • Candidate presentation delivered in clear, concise detail
        • Interactive Website
    • The Clinical Recruiters four-step process delivers todays top employees to you. First, we jointly develop a detailed candidate qualifications profile or job order. Second, we develop a position-specific search and promote strategy. Third, we execute the search using state of the art sourcing software, internal recruiters, partner firms and our own database. Finally, we qualify all candidates using the jointly-created qualification criteria, our firms 18 years of healthcare experience, and the interview process, to ensure the applicants are a correct fit. Once a candidate is identified, we use enhanced communication protocols to communicate with the employers. Further, we have an interactive website, which employers can access, see their scheduled interviews, and create or delete job orders in real time.
    • Our commitment to you is to guarantee that everyone we send to you, is qualified, pre-screened, and is interested in the opportunity .
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    • Chris Monroe started with The Clinical Recruiter in July 2007. As an account manager, Chris primary role is to develop relationships with hospitals in order to facilitate their recruitment needs. Chris 19 years of direct hospital experience allows him to understand the distinct needs of a hospital organization. This understanding allows him to work with a team of recruiters to qualify and deliver superior employee(s). Prior to presenting you with a candidate, every resume is pre-screened. The candidate is interviewed and assessed as to whether he or she is interested and a correct fit for the opportunity. In todays competitive and transparent environment, it takes great employees to lead your hospital team.
    • Chris experience includes leadership positions with Tenet Healthcare, HCA, and IASIS Healthcare.
    Chris Monroe, Bio
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    • Account Manager:
    • Chris Monroe
    • 1029 Watkins Creek Drive
    • Franklin, TN 37067
    • Office: 800-568-0828
    • Cell: 813-785-8061
    • Fax: 888-226-0953
    • [email_address]
    Contact Information