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10 Tips for better focus in your online business.


  • 1. 10 Tips For Better Focus

2. 10 Tips For Better FocusKeep A Clean DesktopDont have a desktop? Many people dont but thepoint is just the same. Whether you work at a kitchencounter or your bedroom, work in an unclutteredspace. 3. 10 Tips For Better FocusKeep An Uncluttered Eye LineIts not just theimmediatesurroundings of yourdesk that affects yourfocus.You cant workeffectively when youhave clutter in sight. Itonly distracts you. 4. 10 Tips For Better FocusLimit Open ProgramsHaving a lot of open programs on your laptop will distract youfrom concentrating on the one, or few, tasks you really shouldbe focused on completing.Keep open only what you need to attend to the task at hand. 5. 10 Tips For Better FocusLimit Open Tabs In Your BrowserLike the amountof programs youhave open toomany tabs will pullyour attention totoo many differentTo Dos. And theywill hog yoursystem resources.Both will slow youdown a lot. 6. 10 Tips For Better FocusHave One Clear Priority At A TimeLive in the moment be about the onething you are doingand dont eventhink aboutanything else untilits done. 7. 10 Tips For Better FocusLimit Number Of Open ProjectsIt is possible to juggle acertain amount of openprojects that needbrainstorming and actionand implementation.How many can youhandle at a time?Be sensitive to how manyyou can handle withoutmissing deadlines. 8. 10 Tips For better FocusSave Some Ideas For LaterKeep a file of ideas that you get.Dont take any action on them,just store them away for whenyou are finished your currentproject. Getting it off your mindand onto disk or paper helps youfocus better on what you aredoing. I recommend Evernote. 9. 10 Tips For Better FocusLimit The Number Of People YouAllow Influence YouChoose one person to mentor you or a few who arein agreement with each other. Conflicting ideas slowyou down. Stay a season with one mentor beforeYou start followingsomeone else. 10. 10 Tips For Better FocusLimit Number Of Lists You AreSubscribed ToEvery list you are on meanspeople emailing you- some a lot more than others.Multiple offers from multiplepeople sucks your focus.Unsubscribe from as many as youcan.Monitor your email but dont feelits necessary to read it all. Keepyour favourites to read later. 11. 10 Tips For Better focusEmpty Your InboxNot necessarily Inbox Zero,but archive everythingexcept the most importantand deal with those bytaking action on them andthen deleting them ormove them to calendarappointments if necessary.If you have to scroll downpast the page you are on,you have too many emails. 12. Recap 10 Tips For Better focus