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This slide show will help English 101 students understand the need for effective transitions as well as help them write better transitions in their essays.


  • 1. Transitions ENG 101

2. Transition Words Readers expect linkage between words, sentences, paragraphs and parts. Look for signposts transition words Phrases Sentences 3. Transitions to Signal Relationships Govern relationships between ideas While on vacation, Suzie caught the Chicken Pox. Therefore,_____________ While on vacation, Suzie caught the Chicken Pox. Nevertheless, ___________ 4. Exercise 1. Writing is difficult; therefore ________ 2. Writing is difficult; however, ________ 3. Writing is difficult because _________ 4. Writing is difficult. For example, _______ 5. Writing is difficult. To put it another way ______ 6. Writing is difficult. Likewise, _______ 7. Although writing is difficult, ________ 8. ________. In sum, writing is difficult. 5. Major Transitions Between Parts Pause Shifts a readers attention from a sense of where theyve been to where they are going. Sums up preceding major section, refers back to the essays thesis statement, and then previews the next major section. 6. Major Transitions: Examples So far I have looked at a number of techniques that can help people identify debilitating assumptions that block self- growth. In the next section, I examine ways to question and overcome these assumptions. Now that the difficulty of the problem is fully apparent, our next step is to examine some of the solutions that have been proposed. Obviously, Tuckers style, in terms of his attitude and word choice, is different from Goldblatts; however, the two authors do have some similarities. 7. Binding Sentences Together Old/New contract Old (topic position)-beginning of sentences New (stress position) -toward the end 8. Backward Links Old refers to everything in the text that the reader has read thus far. New refers to new information. 1. Can link to a key word or concept in the preceding sentence (sentence coherence) Example: Another principle for writing clear closed- form prose is the old/new contract. The old/new contract asks writers to begin sentences with something oldsomething that links to what has come beforethen to end sentences with new information. 9. Links 2. They can link to a key word or concept in a preceding point sentence (support point), creating unity. Example: Another example that supports this premise is Goldblatts comment that blah, blah, blah, 10. Links 3. They can link to a preceding forecasting statement about structure (helping readers map their location). Example: Now that weve gone over the cons of letting your kids watch TV, well spend some time on the pros. 11. Strategies Repeat a key word Use a pronoun as a substitute for a key word Summarize, rephrase, or restate earlier concepts Use a transition word (first, second, for example . . .)