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If you want to be a better recruiter and rise to the top in your organization, you need to manage relationships with hiring managers and candidates, while managing your time effectively. While technology can be intimidating, it is often the best way to streamline your business operations and achieve your goals.


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  • 2. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. Recruiting is all about finding the best fit, right? If you dont understand the hiring managers personality and expectations, how can you possibly find a candidate who will fit? The solution is easy: Get to know the hiring manager and the staff who work closely with him or her. Consider having lunch with the hiring manager and/or their staff once a month. During lunch ask them general questions that will help you to understand the hiring managers needs better. For example, What do you do during an average day?, What are the short and long-term goals for your department?, and Describe your perfect employee. This information will help you to develop a profile of the hiring manager that will help you identify good-fit talent for his or her department. HIRE EXPECTATION HIGHLIGHTS The bullets on each page marked with a are Hire Expectation Institute highlights for you to take away to improve your recruiting efforts. DEVELOP A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HIRING MANAGERS AND THEIR STAFF #1 MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS Get to know the hiring manager and the staff who work closely with him or her Use this information to identify good-fit talent for your hiring managers department Develop a profile of the hiring manager RECRUITING TIP
  • 3. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. Lets face it, hiring managers provide job descriptions in a rush. They sometimes miss important requirements or do not clearly define the jobs responsibilities. If you want to be a better recruiter, go beyond the provided job description and do some research on the jobs you are expected to fill. With a little effort, you can identify and recommend requirements and responsibilities to the hiring manager. This quick and easy process will help you improve the job description, improve your screening tactics, and improve hiring manger satisfaction. DO SOME RESEARCH AND LEARN ABOUT THE POSITIONS YOU ARE TRYING TO FILL MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS Go beyond the job description; research each position Strengthen your candidate screening and improve hiring manager satisfaction Recommend job requirements to hiring managers #2 RECRUITING TIP
  • 4. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. Meeting with the hiring manager for each new requisition helps you to understand job requirements which will improve your outreach efforts and candidate screening tactics. But, why would you need to meet with the hiring manager for jobs that you have filled previously? Heres why: You can improve quality of hire and employee retention by meeting with the hiring manager and asking the right questions. For example, ask the hiring manager why the incumbent is leaving the organization. Be sure to ask the hiring manager if he or she learned anything from working with the previous employee that may impact the job requirements. Ask the hiring manager to tell you about his/her experience with the type of employee personality that excels or fails in the role. With this information, you will be able to identify the candidate profile who will be happiest and most successful in the role you are filling. (YES, EVERY REQUISITION, INCLUDING THOSE THAT YOU HAVE FILLED BEFORE) Improve quality of hire by identifying the correct candidate profile Identify the employee personality type that excels in the role Review previous employees credentials, successes, and failures to define accurate candidate requirements MEET WITH YOUR HIRING MANAGER AND ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERY REQUISITION MANAGE YOUR HIRING MANAGERS #3 RECRUITING TIP
  • 5. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. KNOW YOUR COMPANYS GOALS AND ALWAYS BE ON The most successful recruiters have a constantly growing pipeline of quality candidates. Success can be achieved in two simple steps. First, you must understand your organizations strategic goals, know the businesss weaknesses, how it plans to improve, and what type of talent the company will need in order to execute on growth plans. Next, you have to be on all the time. Recruiters who are always on are recruiting everywhere, all the time, and without anyone knowing what they are up to until the time is right. Beyond sourcing LinkedIn, they are making new acquaintances at a friends weekend barbecue and starting conversations with people browsing business books at the local book store. These interactions, while perhaps wholly enjoyable, are executed with purpose: identify skills and personality traits that support the recruiters future recruitment needs. When you meet someone who might satisfy your organizations current or future needs, invite them to connect with your organization using your companys talent CRM. Understand your organizations strategic goals Look for skills and personality traits that support your future recruitment needs in everyone you meet Be on all the time Use a talent CRM to build talent pools and nurture passive candidates MANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES #4 RECRUITING TIP
  • 6. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. The best recruiters know their success hinges on their ability to develop and maintain relationships, and relationships are all about communication. Active candidates expect that the recruiter will keep them in the loop on developments pertaining to the job and/or their candidacy. While this may seem like a major time investment, the last thing that a successful recruiter wants is to alienate any candidate. Even if a candidate is not be a good fit today, you never know what the future holds. Passive candidates also need communication. It is your job to keep them interested and build their excitement about the possibility of working for your company. That way, when the time comes for you to recruit a passive candidate, you can leverage your relationship and improve your chances of success. To streamline communication, consider automation. Automated responses to job applicants can reduce a great deal of the burden. Further, automated email campaigns can be used to nurture passive candidates en masse. COMMUNICATE WITH CANDIDATES THOROUGHLY AND FREQUENTLY Keep active candidates in the loop on developments pertaining to the job Keep passive candidates warm with frequent communication Automate candidate communication to streamline nurturing passive candidates MANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES #5 RECRUITING TIP
  • 7. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. The best recruiters know that trendy interview styles arent always the answer. The first step in crafting a good interview is to confer with the hiring manager to make sure that you and he/she are in agreement with what is important to the role. Once you are clear on the hiring managers goals and requirements, figure out what information the candidates can provide to confirm that they are the right fit for the job. Next, prepare questions that are likely to elicit the answers you need. Dont be afraid to use a variety of interview styles in a single interview (behavioral, case, etc.). Finally, assess candidates fairly by asking them all the same or similar questions. Maintain interview questions/answers and your feedback in the candidates profile within your applicant tracking system for easy access and side-by-side candidate comparison. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS MANAGE YOUR CANDIDATES Confer with the hiring manager about what skills are important to the role Assess candidates fairly by asking them all the same or similar questions Prepare interview questions that are likely to elicit the answers you need Use an applicant tracking system for easy side-by-side comparison #6 RECRUITING TIP
  • 8. 2014 iCIMS Inc. All Rights Reserved. If you are like most people, you have access to many technologies in the workplace but you arent using them to their fullest potential. Your success depends on whether you can effectively use technology to automate some of your work, eliminate redundancy, and organize your records. For example, are you entering candidate information into multiple computer programs to facilitate applicant tracking, background checks, and assessments? Integration is the solution. Integration will allow multiple computer programs to seamlessly share information, eliminating that extra work and allowing you to focus on the things that are most important to your success, like building hiring manager and candidate relationships. Even if you arent the person responsible for making such decisions, do your research anyway! By recommending ways to streamline operations, you increase your chance of success and look like the office hero. LEVERAGE THE TECHNOLOGY YOU ALREADY HAVE TO THE FULLEST MANAGE YOUR TIME Use technology to automate some of your work Integrate systems to seamlessly share information #7 RECRUITING TIP
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