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2. GOAI PROGRAMMINGAIPNOACETO ACGREGAMPRODUCTIOHPI,AI{NING I A CA,SESIIIDYA Thesls submltted. In Parttallrlfilnent of theReqrrlrementsfor the Degree of}IASMR OF TECIINOIOGY BYYOGESHSA:GNA,idr0 TiIs DEPART}MVT MECHANICAIOF M{G]NEERING ? rNDrAlIrNsTrrutB oF TEcHIIOIocy, DEIHI1982 3. This is to certily thatIlrr Yogesh Sarcenaworked. for hisi{. Tecirr proS ec t rGoal prog ransdngApproaci:. to Aegregate productlonPlanning : A ease strdyrr r:nd.errV sup ervi sion in the i,iechanic aLEngineering Depar tiuento Ind.ianIns titute o f Technologyr Del jrl e I furthercertify thattn-ls proJ ect has no t been takenup beforefor the award. of anydegrer,i ( DF. I,i. SIIIGH) . Deptt. of iieeh. Engg. I.I.TrDellti. 4. g 9-$J E N.pA C_$_N. br_,L D_ 0 I aJngrcattryind.ebtd. to Dr. N.Singhmy pro j ect supervl sor and. express ryg rati tud.e for his af fec tionate and encourag tngguld,anceo Duringthe year in wlrieh I worked.uncler hiln I forrnd. hls invaluableadl.Lce ofg reat he1P.Thanlrs are also d.ue to I4r. GDrSardanaeGen, r"ianasK .Ganpathy r iianager, llalru-"l;pt?;facturingfor provioj-ng roe inva^]-uable Senrices, h elp and. suggestions . I aJ so acls"Ioi^IJ e *[ th t]rank s the he]p eextended by llr. Sond|rl l Indlts trial nngineerand. otherstaffof llj-nd.rrstan BronrnBovffr.Thanks are al-so due tc the s taf f o fC o n r p u t e rC e n t r e , I . I . T . DelhlrI . I. TrDelhl =)*l-f