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Students Declaration

This is to certify that Thesis/Report entitled The study of recruitment and selection policy in real estate which is submitted by me in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree B.BA. ( 6THSEM ) to Mangalayatan university, Aligarh comprises only my original work and due acknowledgment has been made in the text to all other material used.


Supervisors certificate

This is to certify that the thesis/report entitled A study of recruitment & selection policy in real estate which is submitted by SHIKHA SINGH in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree B.BA. to Mangalayatan university, Aligarh is a record of the candidates own work carried out by him/her under my/our supervision. The matter embodied in this thesis is original and has not been submitted for the award of any other degree.



Behind every study there stands myriad of people whose help and contribution make it successful.It has been a remarkable experience of satisfaction and pleasure for me to work out my project under the guidance of JITENDAR SIKARWAR. I am really thankful to him for her valuable guidance & co-operation during the project work.I have been benefited from discussions and would also take the opportunity to thank my friends whose support helped me a lot. A cordial and encouraging environment made it very easier for me to complete the dissertation.So this acknowledgement is a humble attempt to earnestly thank her and all those who were directly or indirectly involved in preparation of this dissertation.



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CONTENTSPage No:Chapter-16Introduction 7 -11Problem Identification 12Need and Significance of the study13-15Review of literature 16-18 Objective of the study 19Hypothesis 20Research methodology 21-22Chapterization 23Limitations 24-25Chapter-226A conceptual framework about the theme of topic 27-39Chapter-340Data analysis and Interpretation 41-56Chapter-457Finding and conclusion 58Chapter-559Suggestions and Recommendations along with future implication of work 60-61Chapter-662Bibliography 63



A wide range of policies and procedures relate to the recruitment and selection process. Although these will obviously vary by company, many policies and procedures are driven by laws and regulations affecting hiring practices. Organizations and their HR departments need to make sure that all hiring managers are well aware of and follow the policies they have in place.Every dynamic organization undergoes transitions that require finding, hiring and initiating new employees. Recruitment, selection and induction is the complete cycle of hiring efficient and effective new employees. When management of an entity follows predetermined policies and procedures of recruiting, they make the process transparent, meaning that they comply with affirmative action, are non-discriminatory and provide equal opportunities to recruits. The processes should be professional and timely. They should comply to certain policies.Real estate can be a very rewarding career choice for just about anyone. Those entering the field have quite varied backgrounds and skill sets. You don't need to be a "salesman". This is primarily a service business, and serving your clients well will contribute to your success.Any given day, you may bump into a real estate agent who's a recent high school graduate or a semi-retired business executive in her second career. Many have found it to be a natural transition from another sales career and more fulfilling to boot! After all, you're helping people in what is usually the largest financial transaction of their lives. That's not to mention the emotional impact of changing homes that may be in completely different areas of the country, or even the world.If you question a group of brand new agents, you'll find very diverse reasons for choosing a real estate career. Many love the "helping people" aspect, while others want to exercise their independent nature and be their own boss. As most real estate agents and brokers are independent contractors, they're able to set their own work schedules and build their businesses in the ways that they want. We'll talk about this and more in "The Benefits of a Real Estate Career".There are also those who may perceive a real estate career as quite lucrative, yielding excellent compensation for working when and how they want. In "The Challenges of a Real Estate Career" in this category, we look at compensation and statistics for new agent income, as well as why many don't make it in the business.If you don't take anything else away from this site discussion, keep top-level in your thinking that your real estate career is a business. It takes commitment and investment of effort, time and money to build a successful real estate business. That's whether you remain a "one person show" or if you start a brokerage with agents later.Too many would-be real estate agents obsess over the licensing test, then fail in their first two years because they didn't develop a plan and follow it for success in becoming a real estate agent. They passed the test, but failed to understand the business, to develop a budget and a business plan, or to learn the ropes that aren't taught or covered in the test.

These are not just tips, but tools to help you to go into the business with a plan in place to be successful. Learning about the pace of the business, the costs of doing business, and getting to the right prospects is critical.1.Basic Checklist for Becoming a Real Estate Agent

This article prepares you for the others to follow. Here you'll learn the major points to consider in becoming a real estate agent and starting your business in the right way. Keeping these tips in mind will help you to use the others that follow to set up a plan that you can follow, but even more important, believe in. A realistic start and plan will give you the confidence to go out and make it happen.

2. Reasons for Failure After Becoming a Real Estate AgentKnowing why others have failed, and a large percentage do, will be an important factor in keeping your new real estate business plan on track. Most successful people in any business will tell you that they are successful not only because they studied ways to be successful, but that they also studied the failure of others in order to avoid the same mistakes.

3. It's a Business - Know Your Expenses Before Becoming a Real Estate AgentHow much are your personal expenses? You need to know, as they go on while you're trying to kick off your new real estate career. Becoming a real estate agent doesn't stop the rent, food, clothing and other expenses. Here's some help in making sure you have a handle on those expenses and a plan to make sure that they're paid while still allowing you to devote time and budget to your new business. There's even a spreadsheet at the link that you can download to estimate your personal and business expenses.

4. Planning Income With a "Sales Funnel" ApproachBecoming a real estate agent requires that you know your present and future expenses, both personal and business. However, that's just half the puzzle. What about your income? Sure, it's sales, and who knows how well you'll do at first, or how many deals you can get done in your first couple of years? You can develop an income budget just like an expense budget, and you'll get a spreadsheet and a step by step process to come up with a realistic estimate of what you can expect for income the first year or so.

5. Develop a Marketing Budget When Becoming a Real Estate AgentNow that you've gone through the steps for estimating expenses and income, you can develop a budget for your marketing efforts. You probably thought about this in the income funnel approach, as the number of leads you'll get from direct mail will be based on the number of mailers. So, you know how many you want to mail, and can determine that expense budget item as well as others in this article.

6. Choosing a Broker When Becoming a Real Estate AgentChoosing your first broker to carry your license could be the difference in success and failure when becoming a real estate agent. Making the right choice requires an understanding of your needs, both income and training related. While one broker may seem to be offering more leads with floor time, are you going to get the training you need to do a good job with those leads? Learn in this article how to work tow