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  • 7/24/2019 WORKSHEET Present Simple Present Continuous Simple Past


    WORKSHEET Present Simple, Present Continuous, Simple Past

    JAMAICA is a large island in the Caribbean Sea. Nearly a million tourists visit the island

    every year to relax in the sun and swim in the clear blue sea.

    For tourists, the island is a paradise, but for most Jamaican people life is hard. There are very

    few obs, except in the tourist industry.Jamaica is also famous for reggae music.

    A) Chillis friend Della was on holiday in Jamaia! Read her le""er "o Chilli and om#le"e i"

    wi"h "he orre" $er%s.

    ! invited!stopped!tal"ed!stayed!travelled!enoyed!didn#t sleep!didn#t get!watched!was!listened

    Dear Chilli,

    I had a fantastic holiday in Jamaica. It was hot and the sea was blue and lovely.

    I by plane from London to Kingston. I really .. the flight. It was eight

    hours long but I all because I . so ecited. During the flight I

    .. to music, .. a film and .

    to the girl in the seat net to me.

    I with my aunt and uncle in Kingston. !hey . me on a trip

    to "ontego #ay. $e . at an %rchid &arm. It was brilliant. %n my last night there I

    to bed until there o'cloc( in the morning)

    *ee you soon)



    A) $nswer the %uestions&

    &! 'id she go to Jamaica(

    '! )ow did she go to *ingston(

    (! )ow was the weather(

    ! +hat did she do on the plane(

    *! 'id she visit her grandparents(

    +! 'id she li"e the rchid Farm(

    ,! +hen did she go to bed on her last night(

    -! +here is Jamaica(

    .! +hat do the tourists do in Jamaica(

    &/! )ow is the life for Jamaican people(

    0) Com#le"e "hese sen"enes in "he 1AST TE2SE3 4sin5 "he orre" $er%6

    ! play ! enoy ! watch ! listen ! tal" ! phone ! stop ! wal" ! travel ! li"e ! stay

    - watched the late film on T last night.

    /. +e really 0000000.. the concert last night. -t was great1

    2. She 0000000 with friends in 3righton last summer.

    4. -taly 0000000 very well in the last +orld Cup.

    5. )er parents 0000000.. by train from Shanghai to 6oscow.

    7. - 0000000.. you four times last night but you were out.

    8. +e 0000000. along the beach yesterday. -t was lovely.

    9. She 0000000. the film but she didn#t li"e the music.

    :. The men 0000000.. wor" at exactly one o#cloc".;. - 00000000. to the new Sting album yesterday. -t#s great.


  • 7/24/2019 WORKSHEET Present Simple Present Continuous Simple Past


    C) Com#le"e "he on$ersa"ion wi"h WAS 7 WAS2T 7 WERE 7 WERE2T.

    $& +here were you last night( - phoned you but you 00000 at home.

    3& - 0000..out with friends. +e 00000. at the 3luenote Caf=.

    $& 00000 Julia there(

    3& No, she 00000 . +hy(

    $& h, - ust wondered.3& She 0000.out with Nic". They 00000at the asis. - thin".

    $& No, they 00000 .

    3& )ow do you "now(

    $& 3ecause - 00000.. there1

    D) Com#le"e "he mans s"a"emen" wi"h "he 1AST SIM18E form of "he $er%s in %ra9e"s6

    >ast night - 000000 ?go@ to my favorite restaurant in +est Street. - 00000.. ?leave@

    the restaurant at about // o#cloc". -t 00000.. ?be@ a warm evening and - 000000..

    ?decide@ to wal" along the beach.

    Suddenly, - 0000000 ?hear@ a noise. - 000000.. ?turn@ and 000000 ?see@

    three boys aged about eighteen. ne boy 000000 ?come@ up to me and 000000.. ?as"@

    me the time. +hen - 000. ?loo"@ down at my watch, he 0000 ?hit@ me and - 00000

    ?fall@ to the ground. $nother boy 00000. ?ta"e@ my wallet. - 0000.. ?shout@ for help. Then

    they 000000?run@ away.

    E) Com#le"e "he s"ory! :se "he $er%s in "he %ra9e"s6

    >ast year - went ?go@ on holiday. - 000000 ?drive@ to the sea with my friend. n thefirst day we 000000 ?loo"@ at the beautiful buildings and 00000. ?eat@ in lots of

    restaurants. The next day 000000 ?be@ very hot so we 00000.. ?drive@ to the sea. +e

    000000.. ?leave@ our clothes in the car and 0000000 ?sunbathe@ and 00000.

    ?swim@ all day. $t six o#cloc" we 000000. ?wal"@ to our car, but the car 00000?be@

    there. +e 000000 ?buy@ some clothes and 000000. ?go@ to the Aolice Station. The

    police 00000. ?be@ nice and we 00000.. ?sleep@ in the police station.

    ;) Ma9e ne5a"i$e sen"enes 4es"ions

  • 7/24/2019 WORKSHEET Present Simple Present Continuous Simple Past


    H) Read "he "e="! Wri"e "he >4es"ions %elow a%o4" Tamsins holiday6

    >ast September Tamsin went to 3ali. She went by plane and stayed in a big hotel. -t was very

    hot, so she swam every day. -n the evenings she went to different restaurants, the food was very

    good. She met some nice people and every night she danced with them at the disco. She was happy

    because she wasn#t alone.

    &! Where did she go?000000000000000000. 3ali.

    '! 00000000000000000000000000 >ast September.

    (! 00000000000000000000000000 3y plane.

    ! 00000000000000000000000000 -n a big hotel.

    *! 00000000000000000000000000 -t was very hot.

    +! 00000000000000000000000000 She swam.

    ,! 00000000000000000000000000 -t was very good.

    -! 00000000000000000000000000 Some nice people.

    I) Ma"h "he >4es"ions wi"h "he answers6

    /. +hen did you learn to drive a car(

    2. +hat did you watch on television last night(

    4. +hat did you do last wee"end(

    5. +ho were you with at 5pm today(

    7. +hen was the beginning of term(

    8. )ow did you come to class(

    9. +hat did you eat for brea"fast this morning(

    :. +hat was the month before last(

    a. 3y bus.

    b. The news.

    c. 8thSeptember.

    d. n Saturday - played tennis and on Sunday - slept.

    e. January.

    f. Three years ago.

    g. John.

    h. Toast and coffee.

    J) Read a%o4" 84ian and Es"elle and wri"e "he >4es"ions6

    >ucian and stelle are from >ondon, but they live in 6adrid. They wor" for pel, the car factory.

    >ucian and stelle li"e swimming and coo"ing. They don#t have a car. They don#t li"e driving1

    /. live B they B do B >ondon( Do they lie in !ondon?000000

    2. 6adrid B do B live B they( 0000000000000000

    4. Ferrari B they B wor" B do( 0000000000000000

    5. wor" B Denault B do B they( 0000000000000000

    7. swimming B li"e B coo"ing B they B do( 0000000000000000

    8. swimming B they B li"e B traveling B do( 0000000000000000

    9. li"e B do B driving B they ( 0000000000000000

    K) Wha" does Ellie as9 Cars"en? 14" "he words in order "o ma9e >4es"ions6

    Ellie6 Sunday time +hat do get you up on(

    What time do you get up on Sunday?00000000. .

    Cars"en6 Ten o#cloc". Ellie6 you brea"fast +hat do have for( 00000000000000000.00000.

    Cars"en6Coffee, cheese and bread.

  • 7/24/2019 WORKSHEET Present Simple Present Continuous Simple Past


    Ellie6 morning you in do the +hat do ( 0000000000000000000000.

    Cars"en6- play football in the par".

    Ellie6do lunch +hen have you( 000000000000000000000000.

    Cars"en6 $t two o#cloc".

    Ellie6with +ho lunch you do have( 00000000000000000000000..

    Cars"en6 6y parents. Ellie6 you afternoon +hat do do in the( 0000000000000000000000

    Cars"en6 - watch football on T.

    8) @ill in wi"h 1RESE2T SIM18E or 1RESE2T CO2TI2:O:S&

    @a"her6 $lice, what are you doing?you B do@(

    Alie6 - 000000000 ?clean@ the house. - usually 00000000 ?do@ my

    homewor" but today - 0000000000.. ?not B go@ to school.

    @a"her6+here#s your mum(

    Alie6She 00000000 ?ma"e@ a ca"e. She usually 00000000.. ?go@ to the

    mar"et but today my friends 0000000000. ?come@.

    M) @ill in wi"h 1RESE2T SIM18E or 1RESE2T CO2TI2:O:S6

    /@ Sarah Star is a singer. She sings 0?sing@ and 000000.. ?dance@ on T. She

    00000000 ?drive@ a red 6ercedes. $t the moment she is with Nic" Aear. They

    00000000.. ?eat@ in a restaurant. Sarah 00000000.. ?drin"@ a coc"tail and Nic"

    00000000.. ?tal"@ to the waiter.

    2@ $nn is a doctor. She 0000000.. ?wor"@ in a hospital but today she 00000?stay@at home. Now she 000000000.. ?coo"@ dinner. )er friends 0000000..?visit@ her

    today. -t 0000000. ?be@ her birthday.