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Simple present & present perfect. Vishwasni , Sharifa , Sigma & Feifeng (Jessie) Group 2. Simple present. Form : subject + base form of the verb [s/es for third person singular number] Ex : Ellen wants to go home. Yes/ No Ques : Does Ellen want to go home? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Simple present & present perfectVishwasni, Sharifa, Sigma & Feifeng (Jessie)Group 2

  • Simple presentForm : subject + base form of the verb[s/es for third person singular number] Ex: Ellen wants to go home. Yes/ No Ques: Does Ellen want to go home? Wh Ques: Where does Ellen want to go?Timeframe : presentAspect : simple

  • Simple present1. We often use the simple present with these words. always often frequently usually sometimes every day, week, month, and so on once a week, month, year, and so on occasionally seldom rarely never

    Ex: I often feel tired.Ex: I work every day.

  • Simple present2. The presentation of the group 2 seems wonderful. We believe we can do this presentation very well.2. It is used with a NON-ACTION verb to indicate something that is happening right now.Real life examplesWhy the verb tense is used

  • Simple presentReal life samples3. a. Deepty drinks coffee every morning. b. The sun goes around the earth. c. Vicki loves to teach us.Why the verb tense is used a. Repeated habitually.

    b. A general truth that is repeated periodically. c. A condition that is always true.

  • Simple presentReal life samples4. Sharifa s husband comes home while she cooks for dinner.Why the verb tense is used4. When the simple present is used after while, it indicates a continuous action.

  • Present perfectForm : Has/Have + Past Participle Ex: She has bought a house. Yes/No Ques: Has she bought a house? Wh Ques: What has she bought?Meaning : We use present perfect past action related to the present. Timeframe : presentAspect : perfect

  • Present perfectReal life samples1. He has just gone.

    2. I have lived in Fremont since March 27th,2008. (I live in Fremont. I still live in there. Maybe I will be living there in the future.)

    Why the verb tense is used1. Present perfect indicates activity in the immediate past.2. When the sentence express an activity happening now. The action of the sentence maybe continuous or periodic.

  • Present perfectReal life samples3. Have you ever read "Gullivers Travel? (You read any time, before, or now.)4. I have known him for long time. (An activity beginning at in the past and continuing upto the present moment.)Why the verb tense is used3. Present perfect also expresses past action whose time is not given andisn't important.4. Present perfect expresses the duration or continuation of an activity that began in the past.

  • Present perfectReal life samples5. The army has attacked that city 5 times.Why the verb tense is used5. We also use present perfect to talk about several different actions which have occurred in the past at different time. Present perfect expresses that is not completed and more action is possible.

  • Present perfectReal life samples6. My English has really improved since I moved to the US.Why the verb tense is used6. We often use the present prefect to talk about action that has happened over a period of time.

  • Exercise Fill it in : Fill in the blanks with the following tenses, and explain why.

  • This team girls Vishwasni, Sharifa, Sigma and Feifeng 1_feel___ (feel) happy in Vickis class every day, but not at all because of the class itself. In the past few weeks, Vishwasni _2_has searched__ (search) for funny animal movies online, Sharifa 3_has talked___ (talk) with Sigma, and Feifeng _4has dreamed___ (dream) of the future, so they 5_have not gotten___ (not get) A in any quizzes. Now, they 6_know___ (know) that not paying attention in class 7_is___ (be) terrible, so they 8_have decided___ (decide) to work hard and 9_stop___ (stop) doing what they did before, and they 10 have found more fun than before.

  • Time limit game

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