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<ul><li> 1. Past simple &amp; present perfect and present simple<br />Andrs Felipe Narvez<br />Mara Andrea Rojas<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. I boughta car last weekend.<br />I'm going to buy a car this weekend.<br />I have bought a car this weekend. <br /> 3. I like to drink guava juice, because is delicious.<br />I drank Guava Juice last weekend , is very delicious.<br />I have drunk guava juice this weekend. <br /> 4. I swim all the mornings , to get in shape. <br />I swam last week in a challenge. <br />I have swum last week for a competition. <br /> 5. She has written five letters for my dad. <br />She wrote a greetingcard to my sister.<br />She likes to writeletters to people. <br /> 6. My mother has cooked dinner.<br />My mother loves to cook paella in december. <br />My mom cooked paella in december. <br /> 7. I have never been in Australia. <br />I wasin Canberra on June 17.<br />I want to go to Australia. <br /> 8. I have begun a course of french.<br />I begin a new job this week.<br />I began last year a course of German. <br /> 9. I have seen the movie amar es cuestin de mtodo.<br />I saw a beautiful movie yesterday. <br />I like to see movies every week. <br /> 10. She had run in different races.<br />She likes to run in different races.<br />She ran in my house last week. <br /> 11. I get a new job at johnson &amp; johnson. <br />I got ajob at johnson &amp; johnson last year.<br />I havegottenajob at johnson &amp; johnson. <br /></p>