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William Allan Kritsonis, PhD (California Presentation)


  • 1. William Allan Kritsonis, Ph.D.Visiting Scholar Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, 1987Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, 1981 DegreesThe University of Iowa, Ph.D., 1976 Seattle Pacific University, M.Ed., 1971 Central Washington University, B.A., 19691

2. I am a Professor of EducationalLeadership at Prairie View A&MUniversity The Texas A&MUniversity System. I teach in thePh.D. Program in EducationalLeadership. I believe studentslearn best by doing.2 3. In October 2006, I chaired thefirst doctoral candidate to earn aPh.D. in Educational Leadershipat Prairie View A&M University. Ihave chaired 22 doctoraldissertations, along with servingas a committee member on manyothers. 3 4. Courses Taught at PVAMUPh.D. Courses Taught at PVAMU (Doctoral Level)EDUL 7003 Fundamental Components of Strategic ThinkingEDUL 7013 Strategic Planning in Educational LeadershipEDUL 7033 Dynamics of LeadershipEDUL 7043 Organizational Development and ChangeEDUL 7063 Philosophy of LeadershipEDUL 7403 School Law for AdministratorsEDUL 7083 Internship Superintendent/Principal/Higher Ed.EDUL 7213 Educational Laws and PoliciesEDUL 7253 Ethical Decision MakingEDUL 7263 Critical Issues in Educational LeadershipEDUL 7273 Human Resources ManagementEDUL 7333 Grant Writing 4EDUL 8003 Dissertation 5. Courses Taught at PVAMU (Continued)Masters Courses Taught at PVAMU (Masters Level)ADMIN 5513 Superintendent InternshipADMN 5003Fundamentals of School AdministrationADMN 5013Theory, Practice and ResearchADMN 5023Public School LawADMN 5033School Business ManagementADMN 5043The School PrincipalshipADMN 5053Administration of Special ProgramsADMN 5083Special Topics in Educational AdministrationADMN 5153ResearchCNSL 5163Research5 6. Past Professional Experiences (Prior to PVAMU)1990-2004 PROFESSOR (Tenured)McNeese State University (LA)1990 VISITING GUEST PROFESSOR Wright State University (OH)1987-90UNIVERISTY FACULTY MEMBER Webster University (LA)1986-87ACADEMIC DEAN Louisiana Business College (LA)1984-86 ASSOCIATE PROFESSORNorthwestern State University (LA)1981-84ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge (LA)1980-81 DIRECTOR OF FIELD EXPERIENCES & STUDENT TEACHING & ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Salisbury State College (MD)1978-80 ASSOCIATE PROFESSORCentral Washington University (WA) 6 7. Past Professional Experiences (Continued)1977-78 SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLSPreston Community School District (IA)1974-77 ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALWilton Community School District (IA)1973-74 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALAmana School District (IA)1972-73 SPECIAL AREA RESEARCH ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (FELLOWSHIP)The University of Iowa, Graduate School, College of Education (IA)1971-72 TEACHERPeninsula Public Schools (WA)1969-71 TEACHERRenton Public Schools (WA)1969 STUDENT TEACHER Seattle Public Schools (WA) 7 8. Selected Honors and Awards 8 9. The Texas National Association forMulticultural EducationHonors Dr. William Allan Kritsonis for Distinguished Service to Multicultural Research Publishing Texas NAME ConferenceTexas A&M University College Station, TexasApril 28, 2012 9 10. * Successful Post-Tenure Review, Professor, PVAMU (2010)* Received William H. Parker Leadership Academy Hall of Honor,PVAMU, Selected by Graduate Students (2008)* Received the Doctor of Humane Letters, School of GraduateStudies, Southern Christian University (2008)* Lectured at the University of Oxford, Oxford, England (2005)* Recognized as Distinguished Alumnus, Central WashingtonUniversity, College of Education & Professional Studies (2004)* Tenure & Promotion Committee, PVAMU, Elected by Faculty(2004-Current)* Post-Tenure Review Committee, PVAMU, Appointed by the Dean 10of Education (2004-2009 & 2011) 11. Research AgendaBooks Articles Lectures -Workshops11 12. I lecture and conduct seminarsand workshops on a variety oftopics. I am the author of morethan 600 articles in professionaljournals and several books. I amin the process of revising thefourth edition of my book titled:SCHOOL DISCIPLINE: The Art ofSurvival (1986, 1993, 2000).12 13. In 1996, I wrote Philosophies ofEducation. In the book, I includea Philosophical Inventory wherestudents identify theirphilosophy of leadership. I willbe revising this book under thenew title: Philosophy ofLeadership.13 14. I am the author of the textbookWilliam Kritsonis, PhD onSchooling (2002). This book is beingrevised with Dr. Cheng-ChiehLai, assistant professor at HsiupingInstitute of Technology in China. Dr.Lai plans to recommend the book tobe the national textbook for China.The book covers key concepts ofAmerican schools in the 21stcentury.14 15. In 2006, I coauthored two articlesin the Two-Volume Set of theEncyclopedia of EducationalLeadership and Administrationpublished by SAGE Publications,Thousand Oaks, California.15 16. In 2007, I completed thebook, Ways of Knowing Throughthe Realms of Meaning (858pages).16 17. The book is the product of acollaborative twenty-four yeareffort started in 1978 with thelate Dr. Philip H. Phenix, formerdean of the College of Educationat Teachers College, ColumbiaUniversity, New York. I am in theprocess of revising this book.17 18. In 2009, I coauthored the textbook:A Statistical Journey: Taming of theSkew. I am in the process of revisingthe second edition, along with theInstructors Manual and CDs.18 19. In 2009, I coauthored the bookEffective Teaching in theElementary School. The book ispacked with practical solutions totypical classroom problems. I plan torevise this book in the near future.19 20. In 2011, Practical Applications ofEducational Research and BasicStatistics was published. The textprovides practical knowledge ineducational research for graduatestudents at the doctoral and masterslevel. I am currently revising thebook and expect to complete it by2013. 20 21. I am a National Reviewer for theJournal of Research onLeadership, University Councilfor Educational Administration(UCEA). I plan to continue in thiscapacity. 21 22. I continue to provide seminarsand workshops on Writing forProfessional Publication. Thesehave been popular with bothprofessors and practitioners.Persons in attendance generatean article to be published in arefereed journal at the nationalor international levels. 22 23. Founder ofNational FORUM Journals (1983) Over 5,000 Professors Published 23 24. NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALSFounded 1983National FORUM of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal(1983)National FORUM of Applied Educational Research Journal (1987)National FORUM of Special Education Journal (1989)National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal (1990)International Journal of Scholarly Academic Intellectual Diversity (1996) NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS Online Division (1997) National FORUM of Multicultural Issues Journal (2003) International Journal of Management, Business, and Administration (2004) Doctoral FORUM: Mentoring Doctoral Student Research (2004) National Journal: Focus On Colleges, Universities, and Schools (2006)Schooling (2010) National FORUM Journals Worldwide Website: www.nationalforum.com 24 25. In 2004, I established the DOCTORALFORUM National Journal forPublishing and Mentoring DoctoralStudent Research. The DOCTORALFORUM is committed to publishingcoauthored articles written by doctoralstudents who have been mentored bytheir professors while they are enrolledin course work. 25 26. Goals for Dr. Kritsonis 20121. Teach courses satisfactorily to develop leaders for the 21st century.2. Advise and mentor students satisfactorily.3. Provide service to the College of Education and Integrative Studies.4. Assist colleagues in further refining the doctoral program.5. Assist colleagues in writing articles for national refereed journals.6. Assist doctoral students in writing articles for national refereed journals.7. Schedule time for my own professional development that will enhanceeducational leadership today and in the future.8. Attend departmental, college, and university activities.9. Perform other duties as assigned. 2610. Attend local community events. 27. Words of EncouragementLet no youth have any anxiety about the upshot(conclusion) of his education, whatever the line of it may be. If he keeps faithfully busy each hour of the working day, he may safely leave the final result to itself. He can, with perfect certainty, count onwaking up some fine morning to find himself one of the competent ones of his generation, in whatever pursuit he may have singled out. William James(1842-1910)27 28. I will continue to be dedicated toteaching, research, service, andproviding Leadership throughLearning.THANK YOU 28