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What would you see if you looked into the manger?


  • 1. When You Look Into The Manger ByRose Betcher

2. The inns were full, the streets were bare The night was dark, no one awareThat soon the world, would see His SonThe One on whom all hopes were hung 3. A tiny light begins to shineFrom out the east, there is a lineOf royal men, from far awayTheyll bring their homage here today 4. A sound is heard, so faint but clearThe shepherds turnas it draws nearTheir fearsaroused, theyshrink in frightBut still they watchthe gleaming sight 5. While in a stable, unawarethere waits a humble, quiet pairThe time is coming, oh so nearFor soon their baby will appear 6. The star has found its place of restThe wise men hurry to the west 7. The shepherds lift their faces highAs angels voices fill the skyThen all with one accord they turnAnd rush to tell of what theyve learned 8. The mother groansin great travail She holds fast tothe angels taleA promise that thislowly birth Will bringredemption to the earth 9. As Joseph paced outside the doorNot quite knowing whats in store 10. The camel bells draw closer stillThe shepherds hasten from the hill 11. A silence, then a babys cryThe star glows brighter in the sky 12. The father greets his brand new son,The mother knows that Hes the One But how can one so soft and smallRepay the debt of Adams fall? 13. Upon a bed of hay He laysThe sky is brightening towards the dayThe courtyard fills with sudden guestsA sense of peace upon them rests 14. With gifts inhand, they gather roundAnd for a time, theres not a soundThe shepherds meekly come and kneelAs awe and joyare all they feel 15. Christ is born, the angels singThe blessed good tidings do they bringThe world still slumbers, unaware That He is here, our sins to bear. 16. Can you see Him, sleeping nowAs the wise men humbly bow?Does the scene seem oh so sweet,As the shepherds come to greetThe Babe they heard proclaimed that night In song and with a glorious light? 17. Would you like to have been there?Would you kneel and gently stareAs our Lord lay sound asleepSurrounded by those little sheep? 18. What would you see on that cold night? Just a child in sweet respite?Or would you see a newborn king With Gods great gift of love to bring? 19. Would you see the price God paidTo let His Son go, unafraidInto a world of hateand greedTo live a life of hardpressed needNo home to rest, noeasy wayWith not a place, Hishead to lay? 20. Would you see the scorn receivedAs Satan strives, and mans deceived?Would you see the role Hed play To take us all back home one day? 21. And would youlook into your soulAnd see your need to bemade whole?Would you shed the sinand dross? 22. When you look in the manger, Would you see the cross?