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By Brenton Roy Oasis Farms and Chairman, WAWGG. By Vicky Scharlau Executive Director WAWGG. WAWGG: A look into 2009. Influence and advocate for a positive environment to triple the economic impact and improve profitability of the Washington grape and wine industry by 2020. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • WAWGG: A look into 2009

    By Brenton RoyOasis Farms andChairman, WAWGG

    By Vicky ScharlauExecutive DirectorWAWGG

  • Influence and advocate for a positive environment to triple the economic impact and improve profitability of the Washington grape and wine industry by 2020

  • watching out for your interests

  • Areas of activity:Leadership within the Industry Unity of the Industry Advocacy on behalf of the industryEducation for the industryResearch for the industryMarketing (grapes)Association specific/good governance

  • WAWGG 2009AdvocacyStateFederal





    Association specific


  • Board-

    Set policy and direction for the Association based on member input and industry needs

  • Executive/Officers-

    Address issues between board meetings

  • Member Services-

    Address concerns of current/potential members and review potential benefits or services for members

  • Research Consortium-

    Identify and fund projects that influence sustainability and address short and long term needs of industry

  • Winewise Working Group-

    To provide input into the initial needs of information for wineries to become more sustainable

  • Vinewise Working Group-

    To provide input on technical needs of the Vinewise website and Guide to Sustainability.

  • NW Foundation Block Advisory Group-

    Represent industry interests, advise WSU on management, direction, selections, distribution, testing, policies, procedures, funding, quarantine, program reviews.

  • Finance-

    Recommendations on fiscal policy and issues to be considered by the board including investments.

  • Outreach and Technology Transfer-

    Provide opportunities that keep growers on the leading edge and making informed decisions annual meeting, trade show, summer tours, grower tours and other special events.

  • Marketing & Profitability-

    Strive to optimize supply and demand. -Grower involvement in public wine events hosted by Commission and Auction of Washington Wines -Supply and demand working group -Crop estimating working group

  • Leadership Council-

    Influence industry focus and direction to meet the needs of a changing future.

  • Northwest Viticulture Council-

    Address regional needs and interests by providing a grower voice on important Congressional and regulatory, as well as intra-industry, issues.

  • Advocacy-

    Provide grower voice on important legislative and regulatory, as well as intra-industry, issues. Address state governmental affairs plus handle legislative tours, PAC funds, lobbying.

  • AdvocacyStateTruth in labelingExtend processor lienGrower paymentsWSU ag initiativeWSU V&E capital budget requestFederalTruth in labelingFoundation block fundingNational Clean Plant NetworkResearch

  • StateTruth in labeling billPattern Oregons 95%, most other countriesExtension of processor lien billAllow growers time during harvestGrower paymentsPaid late or non-payWSU ag initiative supportWSU V&E capital budget requestMove request higher on list to finish V&E building

  • FederalTruth in labelingAmerican appellation defined with %Foundation block fundingEarmarks at risk, funding for operationsNational Clean Plant NetworkProssers role and funding optionsResearchAccess, address priorities, WA needs

  • ResearchNational:National Grape & Wine Initiative (NGWI)Washington participationFarm Bill funding for grantsState:Research Task ForceImplementation planFunding and organization options

  • EducationWorld-class Annual Meeting, Trade ShowWorkshops/Seminars with WSUAnnual Summer TourPesticide Handling in SpanishLatino Ag Education ProgramTechnology session like sprayer dayTailgatesFollow-up from the Wine Industry Summit

  • watching out for your interests