what is polimax ® ? = fuente imagen: tetrapak® the recycling packaging tetrapak® gives...

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  • What is POLIMAX ?=Fuente Imagen: Tetrapak

  • The recycling packaging Tetrapak gives place to a new plastic material. POLIMAX is a new plastic material derived Tetrapak beverage containers made of a 75% paper, 20% of polyethylene and from 4% to 8% aluminum. Initially cellulose waste polyethylene and aluminum through a highly technical process, polyethylene and aluminum become separated resulting pellets this new plastic material, composed mainly of low density polyethylene (92% to 96% ) and a small percentage of aluminum (4% to 8%). POLIMAX results from the need to reduce costs associated with disposal of waste polyethylene and aluminum. This process involves the solution of a problem and the emergence of a new subject which previously considered a waste material now becomes an alternative raw material for companies that use plastic materials. Everyday objects in the office, school and home, will be obtained from the waste of today that will be tomorrow resources. POLIMAX is a product that will make your business more sustainable, reducing your production costs with a new and innovative material.

    Transform your waste of today into a new product of tomorrow with POLIMAX !!! Introduction

  • POLIMAX an economic and sustainable alternative

  • Advantages of POLIMAXPOLIMAX has long been a challenge, it is now a reality

    New 100% recycled material with sustainable origin accurate identification Tetrapak beverage cartons, very common type of packaging known to allFlexibility of application in various fields for creating various objects and everyday productsOptimization and cost savings of raw materialsIt replaces the use of traditional plasticIt can provide characteristics of reinforcement to recovered materials aimed at increasing the mechanical strength propertiesIt comes from a recycling process where perfectly identify the waste materials that make POLIMAXVery specific aesthetic, attractive and shiny look in the final productThe gray color of the material is suitable for applications in black, dark tones, or maintain their physical appearance alone in a property of your main color.

  • Possible uses with POLIMAX

  • Possible uses with POLIMAX

  • The colors may be subject to slight variations in tone due to recycled material. The logos and messages displayed in the catalog are examples of print. These items are not available for these prints, and is intended only to illustrate printing capabilities. Only the owners of these logos and trademarks are authorized to use. Those images do not imply approval of the articles of the companies whose trademarks appear on products.The company reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the hue of colors, pack and color loads.

    Possible uses with POLIMAX

  • Data sheet POLIMAX

  • About our POLIMAX Plant

  • About Our POLIMAX Plant

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